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Ms. Susan-Anne White Thinks I’m a Despicable, Obnoxious, Militant, Hateful Atheist

Susan-Anne White, a True Christian, So True She Can't Find Any Church Pure Enough For Her
Susan-Anne White, a True Christian, So True She Can’t Find Any Church Pure Enough For Her

Susan-Anne White, a resident of Northern Ireland and a Fundamentalist Christian who believes homosexuality, adultery, divorce, abortion, and rock music should be outlawed, thinks I am a despicable, obnoxious, militant, hateful atheist. She’s taken to her blog to denounce me. Here’s what she had to say:

I have already mentioned the Ex-Pastor Bruce Gerencser in a previous post, and since then, I have continued to read some of the posts on his blog and posted comments when I felt it was necessary and, indeed, my duty to do so.

This man Gerencser, is one of the most despicable, obnoxious individuals I have ever encountered. He is militant, hateful atheism writ large.

He refers to himself at times as Bruce Almighty and when he does so, he adds blasphemy to his many sins. He has now made it impossible for me to post comments on his blog, so obviously, he could not handle the truth contained in my many comments. I also think it likely that I was influencing (for good) some of his regular readers and commenters so he had to silence me. He cannot silence me on our own blog however.

Before he banned me from commenting, I confronted him about his use of the designation “Ms” in reference to me, a designation I abhor. He admitted that he did this to annoy me! I asked him about his wife’s designation i.e is she referred to as “Mrs.” Gerencser or “Ms.” Gerencser. I had to force the issue to get an answer from him and what do you think he said?  “Her name is Polly.”

So there we have it. That being the case, we must assume that on their wedding day, they were pronounced “Mr. and Polly Gerencser” and that, ever since, when they receive any official letters etc, they are addressed to “Mr. and Polly Gerencser.” I think not.

Methinks the EX-Pastor is telling a fib.

Please read all the comments I posted on his blog post (link below) because some of the things he says to me and about me are violent, shocking and slanderous.

By the way, White is not banned. Her comments are moderated. She is free to pontificate and excoriate, but I must approve each comment.  As far as her blog post is concerned, I think it speaks for itself.

You can read White’s comments on the following posts Blog News: I Need Your Help, Why Do Fundamentalist Men and Women Dress Differently?, and An Email From a Fundamentalist Christian.

In an October 2015 blog post, White had this to say:

I have been commenting on the blog of a former Pastor turned atheist called Bruce Gerencser for a few days. He also has a Facebook page and he posted my Manifesto on it. You will notice that he made three points about my Manifesto and, taken in order, they are as follows,

1. I am a “fundamentalist crazy”
2. I live in England
3. I’m running for political office

 He is WRONG on all three!

1. I am not crazy
2. I do not live in England (I live in Northern Ireland)
3. I’m not running for political office as the election took place last May.

He also posts a comment from someone calling himself Marc Ewt who states that Northern Ireland is his home country and then proceeds to utter nonsense about NI (some of his assertions are hilarious.)

 Ex-Pastor Bruce Gerencser is gullible enough to believe that every word Marc Ewt utters is the truth and tells him that reading his comment about the state of things in Northern Ireland helps put people like “White” in context. (Note how the former Pastor refers to me as “White” not “Mrs.White” and I don’t like it.) Read the ex-Pastor’s facebook comment below, followed by the comment by Marc Ewt, followed by the ex-Pastor’s response to ignoramus Ewt…

White mentions her Manifesto. Here’s a copy of it:


According to an April 2015 article in the Belfast Telegraph:

…Susan Anne White, who caused a stir when she stood in last year’s council elections, is now aiming to become MP for West Tyrone.

The devout Christian says her campaign will focus on moral issues including society’s “dangerous” homosexual agenda.

She also wants to outlaw rock music, saying it fuels sexual anarchy and drug use.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, Mrs White, who is standing as an Independent, denied that her views were extreme.

“I don’t consider myself extreme – not at all,” she said. “It is society that has moved. Not so far in the past, most people would have shared my views.

“My views only seem extreme because society has moved away from God’s principles.”

Mrs White, who is from Trillick in Co Tyrone, is one of nine candidates standing in West Tyrone on May 7.

The outgoing Sinn Fein MP, Pat Doherty, has a comfortable 10,000-plus majority. Last May, Mrs White stood for the new Fermanagh and Omagh Council, receiving just 67 first preference votes.

Mrs White said she opposes feminism “with all her might”, and says it is to blame for the recession.

“Feminism is responsible for many of the social ills we see all around us,” she added.

“They [feminists] are responsible for the economy – they destroyed the whole concept of a family wage with the father as the bread-winner and the stay-at-home mother. They make women feel they have to be out in the workforce.”

Mrs White is also “absolutely opposed to the homosexual agenda” in today’s society. If I had the power, I would certainly re-criminalise homosexuality, along with adultery,” she added.

She said anyone involved in homosexual or adulterous practices should be jailed.

“I would stop the funding of gay pride parades and other depraved art and cultural events,” she added.

Despite her strong views, Mrs White claims she is a “true friend” to the gay community.

“I tell them the truth,” she added. “The person who is not a friend, the person who is the enemy to the homosexual is the person who pats them on the back and says their lifestyle is perfectly normal and acceptable.”

While campaigning last year, Mrs White spoke out about rock music, saying acts like Iron Maiden and Kurt Cobain promoted anarchy in society. She said she remained opposed to these and other “vulgar acts”.

“A lot of rock music is dangerous for the hearing,” she added.

“That is not the only problem with it. There is an ideology which permeates rock music and it is sexual anarchy. It is also linked to drugs.” She said rock music had “a terrible effect” on young people.

Mrs White blames the EU for much of society’s “decadence”, saying she would withdraw from Europe “tomorrow”…

Here’s a video of White making inflammatory comments about homosexuals:

Video Link

Here’s a wickedly wonderful bit of satire someone at the Waterford Whispers News wrote about White:

A MONSTER five-foot long rat has been found swimming in the Irish media for the past fortnight, and it’s looking for a good home.

The vermin, a Caucasian Christian bigot, was reported to be dwelling in West Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

It is believed to be the worst of its kind found in recent years.

Nicknamed ‘Susan’ by its minders, the rat is not believed to be physically dangerous but its spine-tingling screams have begun to upset locals.

“It just slithered out from underneath a rock somewhere,” constituent Gerry Kennedy told WWN today. “The vile yoke just sits there screaming nonsense all the time. I’ve called the local animal welfare group to see if we can get rid of it.

“Hopefully they can put it out of its misery.”

The animal is presumed to have escaped or been released by a a local Christian breeder.

Witnesses say the rodent is about the size of a dog, weighs in at 60kg, has a tartan coat and white mane and is thought to feed on those it doesn’t agree with.

Locals have called on anyone that comes in contact with the creature to just ignore it.

According to Wikipedia, Susan-Anne White is in her sixties. While it would be easy to dismiss White’s vitriol towards the human race as dementia, the fact is she is a perfect example of someone who has taken her Christian Fundamentalist beliefs to their logical conclusion. White, like the late Fred Phelps and his demented family, says in public what countless Evangelical and Independent Fundamentalist Baptist preachers and church members say in private. I’ll give her credit for being willing to display her homophobia and bigotry for all to see. I wish more of her ilk would do the same.

White’s two posts about me generated no traffic to this site. In another post, White stated her blog readership numbers were decreasing. I wonder why? Like Steven Anderson, the infamous pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church, Tempe, Arizona, Susan-Anne White has followers who think she is spot on. Not many, but a few. I hope she will continue to write and speak out about the evils of this fallen and depraved world. The more people such as her talk, the easier it is for atheists like me to make a case for the bankruptcy of Evangelical Christianity.


Wikipedia article about White


Bruce Gerencser, 65, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 44 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar

    How despicable of you to call your wife by her name. You should be ashamed. 😉
    You are being far kinder than Ms White deserves. If she thinks she is influencing anyone here she is very sorely mistaken.
    Keep up the good work, Bruce.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      I called her Ms. because I knew it would irritate her. She also got upset over me calling her by her last name; which is strange since doing so is proper usage.

      As far as Polly is concerned, she was always Polly or Miss Polly. Neither of us used Mr. or Mrs. She was Polly and I was either Bruce, Pastor Bruce, or Preacher. I also hated being called Reverend.

      Evidently, Susan-Anne White, due to where she lives and her age, sees things differently.

  2. Avatar
    Michael Mock

    I, um, yeah. Okay, if Mrs. White doesn’t realize that you’re being ironic when you refer to yourself as “Bruce Almighty”, then I’m even more worried about what she might overlooking when she reads the Bible. I mean, there’s an awful lot of text in there that depends on allegory, metaphor, allusion, irony (and in a few places, outright sarcasm), subtext, and various other textual subtleties — and that’s just the text, that’s completely ignoring the possibility that there might be some sort of historical background and context which might help to understand the purpose and meaning of various passages.

    Blasphemy, indeed.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      I will admit that I was a bit snarky with her. If it hadn’t been for you engaging her in a discussion, I would have probably sent her packing. Too many years of dealing with the Susan-
      Anne’s of the world. I’m grateful I have helpful supporters who are willing to wade into the bullshit pond and engage Christian zealots. I think the discussions are helpful for those who lurk.

      • Avatar

        Yes, the cut-and-thrust of logic versus nonsense is indeed helpful, thanks.

        *waves foam finger of gratitude in general direction of Ulster.*

    • Avatar

      By claiming that a noun-plus-adjective construction makes Bruce a blasphemer, she gives us all a new supernatural power. We can make Susan a blasphemer by putting adjectives in front of her name. That’s how imaginary power works, right?

    • Avatar
      Susan-Anne White

      Mr.Mock, I noticed that you refer to me as “Ms” White on Mr.Gerencser’s facebook. You have not done this before so why now? Also you say I am “trolling.” What do you mean? You are showing yourself to be almost as unpleasant as Mr.Gerencser and co.

      • Avatar
        Michael Mock

        Honestly? I probably wasn’t thinking about it. (I don’t find “Ms” to be insulting or inappropriate — among other things, I’m blithely unconcerned about the marital status of essentially every woman in the world save for one — and it makes a convenient shorthand. I’ve attempted not to use it here solely because you’ve said that you consider it offensive.)

        Trolling (used precisely) is adopting a conversational position designed to cause an argument. I was using it a bit more generally, to mean “deliberately seeking attention”.

        And… unpleasant? Now you find me unpleasant? I’ve disagreed, in considerable detail, with essentially everything you’ve ever said, derided your view of yourself as “formidable”, dismissed a fair chunk of your moral views as misguided and/or superficial, and stated outright that I think your representation of Christianity does the religion more harm than good… and what finally renders me unpalatable is that I referred to you as “Ms” and opined that both you and Bruce were, to some extent, seeking attention for its own sake? …Seriously? That’s the part that crossed some sort of line?

        I’ve gone back and updated my comment on Bruce’s link on his Facebook page to say “Mrs” instead of “Ms”, because if I’m going to insult somebody I’d prefer to do it deliberately. As for the rest of it… I confess, I’m baffled.

        • Avatar
          Michael Mock

          Bruce has pointed out to me that accusing the both of you of mere attention-seeking is neither fair nor true, and on reflection I think he’s right. Which means, of course, that I am wrong, and I owe you both an apology. I’m sorry; I should not have written that, and honestly I should have seen at the time that what I was saying was not really what I was trying to get at there. I can only plead massive fatigue, and hope you’ll forgive me (both of you).

          “I was using [“trolling”] a bit more generally, to mean ‘deliberately seeking attention’.” No, no I wasn’t. I used the term “trolling” because I think you both take a certain enjoyment in trying to provoke each other — but that’s not to say that you weren’t trying to make actual arguments about actual issues that you actually care about. Apparently, though, I hit a point last night where I actually couldn’t remember what I’d been thinking, and fell back on “seeking attention” as an explanation, which was foolish of me.

          So… Gah. Mea culpa, folks. Mea maxima culpa. Sorry.

  3. Avatar

    She wants to ‘outlaw rock music,’ huh? Yeah, good luck with that one, Susan-Anne.

    Oh, and pro-tip: ‘Outlawing’ rock music won’t actually make sex, drugs, and rock and roll disappear. Never has.

  4. Avatar

    Bruce, your only error is to have paid her any attention at all. It is all that she craves.
    Her 3 points:
    1. I am not crazy
    2. I do not live in England (I live in Northern Ireland)
    3. I’m not running for political office as the election took place last May.

    1. Fundie crazy is different than having an organic mental illness.
    2. American’s often call any part of the United Kingdom “England”, the same way that the Netherlands are referred to as “Holland” It isn’t much different than referring to the United States as “The States”
    3. The distinction of past tense here is trivial. She’s a politician, and an unsuccessful one at that.

  5. Avatar

    There’s some confusion as to Mrs White’s age. In one Wiki article it says she was born in 1925 but another indicates 1959. To be fair, I really don’t think she looks 90.

    I do regard her as crazy, but I rather liked her commenting. It added some ‘colour’ to things. I think she’s been a little shocked by Bruce’s direct approach, but Bruce is positively charm itself compared with some of the really vile, vicious fundamentalists. Nothing I’ve seen competes for sheer nastiness with the delightful Daniel Knight

    I do note that she doesn’t seem to respond to logical criticism, rather just that which she can use the bible as a support. She’s also, ultimately, fighting a lost cause. Ireland has now legalised gay marriage. It’s only a matter of time before abortion becomes fully legal.

  6. Avatar
    August Rode

    I have to stand up here are defend Susan-Anne White, I’m afraid. She most definitely does not live in England. Otherwise, carry on…

  7. Avatar
    Aram McLean

    Absolutely barking she is, mad as cheese. The world must seem very strange and unfriendly from the confines of her mind. Being forced after death to live inside a brain such as hers would surely be hell.

  8. Avatar

    How can a stay-at-home Mrs be running for any political function??? And would the Mr White get the salary that goes with it? Or maybe he realized living with another man was way better than staying with Susan-Anne and left her fending for herself? Sigh. Some people just seem to have too much time on their hands. I could use some help with the cooking and cleaning and taking care of the children (I admit, I also have an out-of-the-house job), but I’ll survive without hers, thank you very much!
    Long live Bruce Almighty! And Polly!

  9. Avatar

    I think Mrs. White has a valid point: When Pastor Bruce was racking up credits in the pulpit, he was bringing delusion to the world; this delusion is ultimately harmful. Mrs. White is all for harm and now that Gerencser the Despicable Almighty has taken over, he cannot accomplish the same harm he did while Pastor Bruce. This makes Mrs. White very very angry because Bruce has stopped harming church-goers and is now offering them a caring message, free of charge. Mrs. White sees him as a traitor a Christian soldier who has set down his automatic weapon and lost the will to harm for God. He’s a deserter!
    That woman is a fuckin’ visionary.

  10. Avatar

    You know, in some odd way it is comforting to know that the U.S. is not the only country infected with bats–t crazy fundamentalist Christians. I think I prefer the NI way of dealing with them (that bit of satire was rather brilliant.)

    Perhaps we should introduce Ms. White to Christine Weick; they’d probably get along swimmingly well. (Then again, that much fundamentalist crazy in one place might cause a major disruption in the space-time continuum.)

    • Avatar

      That’s just scary. I’ve seen Katy Perry in concert and she’s not that great of a performer. To be fair, I had seen Bruno Mars just a few months prior at the same venue. After seeing that performance, everyone else is “meh” at best.

      I have two parents like that lady. It took me 40 years to get away from them and their god. The atmosphere changes dramatically whenever people like that show up. It’s like drowning emotionally when they “show up and show out” like that. As awful as she was to the Hudsons, I guarantee you she’s much more abusive as a mother. She’s ultimately saying that Katy Perry is more powerful than Jesus. She’s also jealous that Perry has much more influence than she does in her son’s life. I didn’t even notice what the Hudsons said to her, but she sure let us know who she is. If you let people talk long enough they will tell you who they are.

      The sad thing is she will reflect upon this as righteous indignation and that’s always justifiable in her eyes.

      • Avatar

        A Susan-Anne White, who’s 56 and from N. Ireland, was over at Steven Anderson’s Family Blogspot, demanding an explanation from Anderson’s wife Zsuzsanna concerning his wearing a ‘Free Palestine’ t-shirt. She also took them to task for going out to a restaurant on Sunday because it wasn’t ‘necessary’ (being the Lawrd’s day, an all) and they could do that any other day of the week. So they need to stop doing that, and Anderson needs to burn that t-shirt of his, because the ‘formidable’ Susan-Anne White from N. Ireland said so her own self.

        I don’t think Zsuz (I’m not spelling all that out again) is going to deign to answer her, but it would be ROTF funny to see these two get into a big ol’ “no true Scotsman” catfight.

        White’s is the last comment.

        • Avatar

          Oh boy, I made the mistake of clicking the link to the Steven Anderson blog (isn’t that the ‘vacation’ family that Bruce blogged about?), intending to go down to dear Mrs White’s comment. Unfortunately I found myself looking at pictures of the creation museum, titled a great day out!

          I couldn’t stay on the site. I wanted to retch. Mrs White (I hope she appreciates I call her Mrs, if she ever stops by these days) warns about going to a restaurant on Sunday, objects to a t-shirt that could have several meanings, but sees nothing wrong with the child abuse implicit in teaching them the ‘truth’ of creation. I despair!

          • Avatar
            Susan-Anne White

            I do appreciate you calling me Mrs. We are young earth creationists so why we would see anything wrong with the Pastor and Mrs.Anderson teaching their children the truth of creation, and, by the way, the word truth does not need to be in quotation marks as you have it.

        • Avatar
          Susan-Anne White

          Whilst we agree with some of the Anderson’s views, we strongly disagree with others and we have the right to post questions to them via their comments section. They appear to be anti-Jewish and pro-Palestine. We are pro-Israel, although we are troubled by and oppose liberal Jews who are pro-gay and pro-abortion. However Israel has the right to exist and the right to defend herself against Muslims who want to annihilate her. It was shocking to see a Christian Pastor wearing a “Free-Palestine” t-shirt. It was tantamount to him stating that he was pro-PLO. The Andersons (and other Christians) do not need to go to a restaurant on a Sunday. They can eat at home or eat at a friend’s home. They should cease doing their own pleasure (the Bible’s words) on the Lord’s Day. The Andersons hate homosexuals and think they should be executed. We do not hate homosexuals. We would make homosexual activity a criminal offence but we are not calling for their execution. Steven Anderson and his friend Kent Hovind would have the state execute homosexuals, murderers and adulterers. We would execute murderers only, We would make adultery and homosexual activity illegal. Pastor Hovind and Pastor Anderson would release all non-violent drug offenders, so they appear to be soft on drugs. Yet so many murders are drug-fuelled and drugs-motivated and many of the “non-violent” drug offenders will likely go on to commit acts of violence including murder. Unlike Pastor Hovind and Pastor Anderson, we would keep/make drugs illegal and punish offenders in prison.

          • Avatar

            I always find it extremely difficult debating someone who is a young earth creationist.

            You see it highlights a basic philosophical concept, that can become paradoxical. I respect your right to hold an opinion; if I didn’t then I would be unable to have one myself. However, holding an opinion is one thing, expressing it is another, but most important is how that opinion is regarded in the wide community. So, for example, there are those who believe still that the earth is flat, that the earth revolves round the sun, or that leprechauns exist. Yet nobody right thinking will consider such people anything but deluded, because the evidence is so clear or so lacking. Of course, it is almost certainly impossible to alter the opinions of these people; precisely because they are necessarily evidence averse to hold the view in the first place, so they are not amenable to challenge.

            And that, Mrs White, is how I think the world at large views you. ‘Young earth creationism’ combines two falsities. The earth is some four billion years old and biblical creationism is not true, because all life on the planet evolved. Both these are regarded as factually established by science; not a single, legitimate, scientist doubts this. Science isn’t denied when it’s in your face; without science there’d be no television, internet, antibiotics or food. So we know it works when it gives us things, but people seem to be prepared to become irrational on those things that are a little less obvious, such as evolution. The same scientific thinking and approach that gave us all these things we like, or at least can’t deny, says the earth is old and that evolution is real.

            The problem then that you have is that if your opinion is wrong about something so simple as the age of the earth or evolution, then why should we take notice of any other opinions you express?

  11. Avatar

    On the other hand, while I poke a bit of fun at the cartoonish stance of Mrs. White, I am also concerned with exposing and condemning extreme beliefs, and particularly where they impose themselves on children. It horrifies me to think what a mind like Mrs. White’s could and would gladly do to an impressionable young mind and body. I just watched a recent German film called, Stations of the Cross, and it portrays the life of a young woman about to be confirmed in the Roman Catholic faith. It shows quite starkly, using 14 static camera shots, how this young person is abused by her mother particularly and by the church too. For me it was clear that abuse began at home and was only confirmed by the church doctrine as interpreted by a zealous, young priest. I think the film (in German, with English subtitles) is very well written, very theatre-like and a powerfully expressed story of this young person’s life. I mention it because it brought Mrs, White to mind, her intractable, abusive ideas that she brings directly from God to straighten us out of our crooked lives. I thought what it must have been like to be a child with her as a mother, the terrible harm of her love and correction and how those beliefs seemed far and beyond any human love felt for anyone, even one’s own child. We can laugh at a Mrs White because we are able to defend ourselves. Imagine what she would do to a child, the incessant hatreds and verses to support her own feelings, the punishing days of hearing her oppose pretty much of life in general, her hardly hijabed hatred of Muslims, her sick views of same sex relations… It is so very sad that children must be sacrificed to extreme believers, that there is no way to help them.

  12. Avatar

    “Can you google heterosexual abuse?”

    Best line ever! I wish more Americans would respond to fundies the way that audience responded to her.

  13. Avatar
    Susan-Anne White

    Mr.Gerencser, I hope you will permit me to make a few comments to you and some others who have commented on this post. Firstly, whilst I do believe that adultery and homosexuality and abortion should be illegal, I do not believe that rock music and divorce should be illegal. I believe that divorce is permissible in cases of adultery. The Belfast Telegraph misrepresented me when they said that I would outlaw rock music. I did state that rock music is dangerous and can lead to promiscuity and anarchy and, according to doctors, it can damage hearing, but I did not say I would ban it. The Belfast Telegraph were having fun at my expense and are NOT to be trusted. Secondly, on your facebook, someone commented on my hair style i.e that it was too short. I had my hair clipped back when the photo above was taken. The video of me at the debate was taken a couple of weeks later and it can be seen that my hair is not short. Thirdly, I am not 90. I was born in April 1959 and I am 56 years old. The photo you have of me above was taken by the Ulster Herald and my husband is standing beside me. It was taken on the last day for nominations for the election and I got my 10th signature with only hours to spare. If I had not got 10 signatures, I could not have been a candidate. My husband and I were dressed casually because we were not expecting to meet the press. They were waiting for us as we made our way to the Electoral Office, ready to interview me and photograph us BEFORE I was nominated as a candidate, so obviously someone tipped them off that I was hoping to stand in the election. We were taken unawares by the press and were at a disadvantage, unlike the other candidates. By the way, your readers might be interested to know that it cost us £500-00 to stand in the election which of course we lost because I did not get enough votes, plus we had to pay for my campaign literature and the Manifesto publication etc so it cost us a lot of money. Yet it was worth it to give people who would not have voted if I had not stood, someone they could vote for. I endured a great deal to stand in the election being ridiculed and vilified and threatened, yet despite this, I would stand again if God gives me the health and strength to do so. You have a comment on our blog Mr.Gerencser but we don’t know what to do with it as you don’t actually say anything in it, you simply quote from your post about me.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      I corrected your age after I read your insightful comment on Anderson’s blog.

      I’m at a loss to understand why you think anyone would want to know about the process and money involved in your failed campaign. Perhaps you should write a comprehensive ABOUT page for your blog. Either that or find someone with the technical skills necessary to edit your Wikipedia page.

      You mention the cost of your campaign as if it was a great sacrifice on your part. If you want, I can share stories of my own about giving thousands of dollars to various church projects, including starting churches that were funded totally from our household funds. Unlike you, I can look at the money spent and say, what a waste. You, on the other hand, think your “sacrifice” made a difference. It didn’t. All you accomplished is making yourself the poster child for religiously motivated bigotry.

      I wish you well Susan-Anne. You have so little of your life left. I hope you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy life and the common humanity you share with others before you die.

  14. Avatar

    “by the way, the word truth does not need to be in quotation marks as you have it.”

    Yes, as a matter of fact, it does. Geoff rather handily explained exactly why.

  15. Avatar
    Susan-Anne White

    Mr.Gerenscer, I’m concerned that you think I have so little of my life left. I could live to be one hundred or I could die today or tomorrow. My appointed time of death is known only to God. As the hymn writer put it, “My Times are in Thy Hands.” You mentioned in your post that I must not have encountered many atheists. Well here is something that might just interest you and your readers. In 2012 I had a heated exchange with Richard Dawkins on a radio phone-in programme. He stated, on the programme, that no reputable scientist believes in a young earth. I knew that his statement was untrue so I phoned in to refute his assertion and I named four reputable scientists who are young earth creationists. I could have named more. At one point in the exchange, Mr.Dawkins can be heard to say “Oh God.” The link to the programme is My contribution begins at 12.07 minutes and ends at 14.45 minutes. Please note that Richard Dawkins accepted my point that the four men I mentioned are reputable scientists.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      You will die when your your heart stops beating, no God needed. Yes, it could be today , tomorrow, or 40 years from now, but you will eventually die. And then the book of your life will be written and your biographer will spend time detailing how you spent most of your life trumpeting bigotry and hate. Perhaps he might even write about how your life was similar to that of an American fundamentalist named Fred Phelps. Most of all, your biography will detail what happens when a person is given over to xenophobia and religious fanaticism. And you will know none of this because you will be dead, silent in the grave, never to be seen or heard from again. In a hundred years you’ll be but a short footnote in human history, a few paragraphs in a Wikipedia article. If this is how you want to live your life, so be it, but don’t expect others to follow in your steps. You represent the base nature of not only humanity, but fundamentalist Christianity.

      You do know your illustration about Richard Dawkins actually proves my point? You really don’t know any atheists, and if you did, you wouldn’t have written what you did about me. What your illustration really sounds like is a PSA for Susan-Anne White. Perhaps God isn’t paying attention and you need to remind him of all the wonderful works you are doing in his name.

    • Avatar

      I tuned into the recording of that radio phone-in when you “challenged” Dawkins. You made an utter fool of yourself, insisting shrilly that you are “an intellectual who reads books.” When Dawkins asked which books these were, you responded without any irony whatsoever that they were publications by the Biblical Creation Society!

      It wasn’t a heated exchange. It was a programme in which a highly-respected scientist writer and broadcaster sensibly and concisely stated what evolution is (did you really never hear about it at school? I’m amazed. Perhaps you weren’t listening?) and several people phoned in with a variety of standpoints and you phoned in and made a complete twit of yourself. You named four scientists (forget about the “reputable”, what counts as that to the outer fringes of the young earth movement doesn’t count as that to most other folk.) And no, Dawkins did NOT accept that these men were reputable; at that point he was (wisely) allowing you to hoist yourself up with your own petard.

      You have NO self-awareness, Susan Anne, and I do mean none. If you think that this was you coming over well, putting over a cogent case for your standpoint, and that we might be persuaded by such ill-informed, poorly-argued, arrogant nonsense, you are even more delusional than I thought. I’ve met delusional people before, obviously, but I don’t think I’ve met a single delusional person who is quite so unpleasant as well, bitter, twisted and full of hate-speech.

  16. Avatar
    Daniel Knight

    Why is this even worth commenting on, as in on Susan? The Bible says the last days would be “perilous”, it says that there would be many false Christians who would infest the true church as in imposter true Christians as in Christians that are genuinely forgiven, have had their hearts changed by God for the better and are permanent citizens of his eternal kingdom (I explain all that for the morons that don’t bother researching what a Christian is supposed to be, according to the Bible), it says that God’s punishment would first begin with the church, NOT the world, so aaaaaall the bad things happening in the world, tho much no doubt provoked by Satan and or via his fellow fallen angels, God does not call that punishment against the world, it’s not directly of God, rather God is intentionally punishing the church throughout this time, and WWWHHHHHYYYY would he be doing that unless it was because the church had all kinds of problems itself with sin? SOOOOOOOO, if Susan can’t find a church PURE enough for her, BIIIIGGGG DEEEAAAAAL, because the Bible itself sin would be throughout the church (let alone false churches), so why is that news do you think, atheist? News to people ignorant about the Bible and obvious apparently. FURTHER, why would it be news she couldn’t find one in her small land of North Ireland, we aren’t talking about THE WORLD or all of UK that she can’t find a good enough church. I live in Vegas and it’s not even worth looking for a “pure” church here because no one seems to want to give consistent rides to theirs, and that tells me something about their church if everyone is tooooo busy to set up rides for me (I’m disabled and homeless, and yes, I have asked) and further, N. Ireland like Vegas is known by Christians for being polluted. FURTHERMORE, the Bible says the true church would be a minority people in the world, strangers it says, a “peculiar” people, regardless of them being spread all over and everywhere. And by the way that is a good point for people who think stupidly that God loves every single person and has saved or will save “the world”, because that is a figure of speech, just as that the church would be everywhere in the Bible’s prophecies it doesn’t literally mean at every single space occupying the smallest spaces possible throughout the planet, that humans would be shrunken down occupying the smallest particles and standing on them or that every single person would be a Christian, because CLEARLY OBVIOUSLY that isn’t true, so then there is no reason either to believe something nonsensical anyways, that God loves the world and will save it all. The point is: what’s the surprise or wow that she can’t find a pure enough church? There can be a few rotten apples in a “good” church that make it unbearable for whoever can’t get along with those people, especially if it’s some leader in the church. The same applies to non-church organizations and places to live, you have a bad neighbor? He might be so annoying you decide to move, and it can be like that in a city that attracts morons and mentally ill people like Vegas, it makes life Hellish here, there is strife all over this city, it won’t take much to make various cities boil over.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Sigh, and Daniel Knight, like a case a reoccurring case of jock itch, shows up again. You do know that I am an atheist, right? If anything, you and White are two peas in a pod; the White Knight pod. For readers who don’t know Daniel, please check out his website

      Daniel is homeless, so I do feel sorry for him. He does seem to love and care for his cats, so that’s a plus too.

  17. Avatar

    Oh, good old Daniel Knight!

    I first encountered this blithering idiot (sorry for the intemperate description, but nothing else fits) several years ago when I politely queried an article he wrote regarding Carl Sagan. The reply I received was the most vicious and vile combination of expletives I’ve ever seen.

    But as Bruce mentions he is homeless and I feel a little sorry for him. He openly admits to being physically disabled, but his total inability to engage in rational discourse suggests he may also have other problems.

  18. Avatar

    Hello, Bruce. I came across your blog after encountering (online) Susan-Anne White during the election campaign. I think we are all aware of how the Internet can attract folk with all kinds of weird opinions but Susan-Anne White’s blog takes some beating, I don’t think a single entry is about anything positive. She attacks virtually everybody and everything. And here’s the thing: I’m not defending her at all, or excusing what is clearly bigotry, but this is someone in the grip of what psychiatrists call obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. She corrects spelling mistakes and grammar “mistakes” made in newspaper columns, as if the survival of the world depends on it, check. She even removes words from comments on her own blog if they are words she doesn’t like, check. She quite often says “It’s my duty to respond to what X is saying” etc, when it really isn’t; check. A personality that sees everything in totally black-and-white terms. No wonder she’s a biblical literalist; people with this profile do take things literally. Along with all this, this kind of personality has very little self-awareness and no humour, comes over as cold, doesn’t show affection. (There’s quite a lot online about it all.) The really sad thing here is that this woman is the mother of a teenage daughter who is being home-educated. What hope does this child have of growing into a well-rounded, emotionally healthy human being? It is actually child abuse, and I think in quite a few jurisdictions within the United Kingdom, social services would be involved. I wonder if they have been here and if not, why not.

    • Avatar

      Greetings Rachel, I certainly agree with your observations regarding our Susan-Anne. But in answer to your question about intervention, how do we intervene when as modern folk we not only condone such talk and attitude but allow it a tax-free status in our society. How would we intervene? The best we can do is speak the truth in response to it and trust that people who are in bondage, like Susan-Anne’s teen, will happen to hear and be able to grasp a thread of hope and freedom. If the youngster rebels and says, NO!, then we can be there to support and help bandage up the terrible harm that has been done.
      Will government ever even challenge tax-free abuse? I kind of wonder about that…. seems to me that there is so much damage passed on through generations, that we might never be able to even agree that the world is older, somewhat, than a few thousand years…

  19. Avatar

    Hello, Brian. I’ve just read your comments upthread expressing similar concerns for the welfare of this woman’s child. You’re quite right, religious convictions are given pretty much a free pass in the UK, whatever they are, whatever abuse they underpin. And there’s a wider issue too, I think: emotional abuse within the home still isn’t given the same weight by most outsiders, including most professionals, tho’ the evidence is mounting all the time that growing up in an emotionally abusive home is every bit as damaging as growing up in a home where there is physical or sexual abuse. I speak from personal experience here. Part of the problem is, such abuse is often hard to spot from the outside, esp if it is couched by the parent (it so often is) in terms of “love” and “parental duty”. My own parents were highly skilled at presenting a very plausible front to the rest of the world, they genuinely did come over to others as good neighbours, caring colleagues, etc. But with Susan-Anne White we are hardly confronted with someone putting on a front: she is totally open about what she thinks and whom she hates (almost everybody.) I daresay people who are in contact with the family tell themselves that S-A W is a “strict” and “no-nonsense” parent; these are just the kind of comfortable fictions people so often tell themselves. I wonder if such an overtly intolerant and angry character would be given quite such an easy time in England tho’, England being less overtly religious than NI. If concerns were raised to the social services here, there would be some intervention at least. (Sadly, probably not enough, unless the Whites are living in squalor which they probably aren’t.) Of course, home-schooling is the ideal set-up for a parent like Susan-Anne White; it’s horrifying the extent to which home-schooled children are allowed to slip off the radar. There have been several cases before the British courts of parental abuse committed by home-schoolers. A woman who belonged to the Jehovah Witnesses abused two or three foster-children for most of their childhood, with the co-operation (mainly through passivity) of her local congregation. She home-schooled throughout. It was only when the children reached adulthood and went to the police that the story came out; by then, huge damage had been done.

  20. Pingback:The Infamous Fundamentalist Susan-Anne White Has Given Up on Blogging | The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser

    • Avatar

      She’s just as bad as ever, if not worse. This was a reply to a comment I made about her just three days ago

      “ You are a liar Sir. I have never called for the execution of homosexuals. I have stated that homosexual activity should be a criminal offence and for the banning of “gay pride” parades and even someone dim like you can surely see the difference between imprisonment and execution. You are obviously too dim to see that there is a difference between a “sceptic” and a “denier”. You are a waste of my time. Go to hell you liar and if you think Christians should not say such things, you have the wrong idea of true Christianity. I hate (yes hate) people like you.”

      I’m pretty disgusted that people can still hold her sorts of views whilst considering themselves ‘decent’, which she clearly does. She’s outraged when people refer to her as Ms rather than Mrs, yet sees nothing untoward in her view that homosexuals and adulterers should be imprisoned, as though it’s a casual issue. I have little doubt that she has no children: she has too little empathy and understanding of human nature. She’s a pretty vile human being basically.

      • Avatar

        Even then, if one follows her line of reasoning, one can still accuse her of presuming to be more merciful than God himself.

        In the OT, God presumably decreed that homosexuals and adulterers should be stoned to death. And he cautioned his people against showing pity on false prophets or any woman who seizes the genitals of their husband’s opponent during an altercation.

        Indeed, true Christians most likely curse at their enemies. The number of times John Calvin calls those who disagree with him “petulant dogs” testifies to this fact.

        • Avatar
          MJ Lisbeth

          What a piece of work is that woman!

          First of all, her manifesto contains a number of contradictions. But one in particular leapt out at me: She urges compassion for people with “confusion “ about gender identity. (I, a trans woman,
          know exactly what I am, thank you.) Yet she wants to criminalize everything about LGBT identity and life.

          It makes me wonder whether the real reason she wants CCTVs in the abattoirs is that she believes the gay people working in them are pleasuring themselves with the animals before slaughtering them.

          Interestingly, as the rest of the United Kingdom became more liberal socially (heck, Elton John was knighted!) and the Republic of Ireland, one of the major bastions of Catholicism a generation ago, became, arguably, even more liberal, Northern Ireland clung to its social conservatism. If I’m not mistaken, the Protestantism of Northern Ireland is more Calvinistic than that of England, in part because of the large numbers of French Protestants (who were mainly Calvinists) who fled during the religious wars. (They founded the city of Belfast.)

          Back to Ms.White: She is living proof that one cannot be a Christian who believes in the inerrancy (or even authority) of the Bible if one has any sense of irony or context. I mean, how can anyone who takes the laws in Leviticus or the dictums of Deuteronomy or Numbers at face value see the tongue of “Bruce Almighty “ in his cheek when he so “anoints” himself.

      • Avatar

        What a thoroughly unpleasant “lady.” That whole “love your enemies” thing is completely lost on her–along with the concept that Bruce thinks of her as merely irritating and wrong, not some mortal enemy. She may think of herself as a Christian, but I suspect that Jesus (should he actually exist) thinks of her as a goat.

    • Avatar

      Ms White seems like a sad, miserable person. I recently watched “Midnight Mass” on Netflix, and the character Bev who was the assistant to the priest seems like a younger Ms White.

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