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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Dennis Prager Blames the Left for the Sexual Liberation of Women

dennis prager

Note: Dennis Prager is a Jew, yet his beliefs differ little from those held by Evangelicals.

As I have documented on a number of occasions, the Left ruins everything it touches. There is no exception. From universities to high schools and now including even elementary schools, to late-night TV, to sports, to the arts and, increasingly, science, the Left is a destruction machine.

And nowhere is this damage more evident or tragic than with regard to women.

In fact, nothing demonstrates the power of left-wing ideology as much as what this ideology has done to women. So powerful is leftist ideology, it is more powerful than women’s nature.

Here are five examples:

No. 1: The Desire to Bond with a Man 

For all of recorded history, virtually all women sought a man with whom to bond. Of course, a progressive would argue that this was true only because all societies implanted this desire in women or because societal pressure gave women little choice about the matter. It is not, progressives would argue, innate to female nature to yearn for a man. 

But whatever the reason — innate nature or societal expectation — it is a fact that women desiring a man was virtually universal.

Then along came modern left-wing feminism, which communicated to generations of young women through almost every influence in their lives — most especially teachers and the media — that a woman doesn’t need a man. In the witty words of one feminist aphorism, “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”

Unfortunately, however, the reality is most women need a man just as most men need a woman. Most men don’t fully grow up without a woman, and most women don’t fully grow up without a man (I am, of course, referring to heterosexual women and men). If you need proof, ask almost any married person, man or woman, if marriage matured them. 

No. 2: The Desire to Marry 

Along with wanting a man, the vast majority of women wanted to marry. It was assumed that wanting that public commitment to and from a man was part of female nature. Yet, the Left has successfully undone that part of women’s nature, too.

As a result of feminist and other left-wing indoctrination, the belief that a woman doesn’t need a man led to the inevitable upshot: marriage isn’t necessary. And it might even be a tool of oppression. And as a result of that, a smaller percentage of American women are marrying than ever before.

This has serious social consequences. We have long known that single men perpetrate most of the violent crime in society. Single men are a societal problem. What we have not acknowledged — and perhaps not even known — are the deleterious effects of women not marrying. 

While single women don’t commit nearly as much violent crime as single men do (though they may be starting to catch up), single women are increasingly a societal problem. The most obvious problem is that women who have children without ever marrying their children’s father — or another man — produce a highly disproportionate percentage of social misfits. But many women who never give birth nor marry also constitute a societal problem. They are more likely to be angry and to express that anger in support of radical causes that undermine society. As Barron’s reported, while overall a mere 14.2% of the population contributed to “racial justice causes” such as Black Lives Matter in 2020, “nearly half of single women in the U.S. — a larger percentage than single men or married couples — supported or were actively involved in racial justice protests.” 

As reported by one women’s activist organization, Women’s Voices Women Vote, already in the 2012 election, “the marriage gap dwarfed the gender gap…”

No. 3: The Desire to Have Children

At least as much as wanting to bond with a man and wanting to get married were deemed a part of women’s nature, the desire to have children was regarded as even more embedded in female nature. Yet, incredibly, leftist ideology is even succeeding in eliminating that part of women’s makeup. More women than ever before — abroad as well as in America — are choosing not to have children. See, for example, the article, “More women like me are choosing to be childfree. Is this the age of opting out?” published, appropriately, in The Guardian. The author ends her piece this way: “I’ll say it plain: I don’t want children, I never have, and it doesn’t feel like any kind of lack. To me, it just feels like being alive.” She speaks for an increasing number of women.

No. 4: The Desire to Have Sex with Commitment

Another part of women’s nature that the Left has undermined is the desire of women to have sexual relations with a man who might commit to her. Or, at the very least, to have sex only with a man to whom she has some emotional attachment. Left-wing feminist ideology has even been able to undermine that. Three generations of American women have been indoctrinated into believing that their sexual nature is the same as that of a man. Therefore, she can have “hookups,” i.e., non-emotional, non-committal sex, just like men can with no emotional fallout. And so, many young women do. But a far greater percentage of them experience regret or even depression than do young men who engage in “hookup” sex, a form of sex that is indeed part of male nature.

No. 5: The Desire to Protect Children’s Innocence 

Perhaps the most amazing thing progressive ideology has done to women is to subvert the innate female desire to protect children, specifically children’s sexual innocence. The movement to teach very young children about sex, about “gender fluidity,” expose them to “Drag Queen Story Hours,” etc., is overwhelmingly led by and composed of women. 

— Dennis Prager, RealClear Politics, What the Left Has Done to Women, April 12, 2022


Bruce Gerencser, 65, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 44 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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    He’s blind to the great variety of women’s interests (I avoid the word “desires” here!) for anything else in life. And by extension, just as blind to the great variety of men’s interests for anything else in life. Sad.

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    He’s blind to the great variety of women’s interests (I avoid the word “desires” here!) for anything else in life. And by extension, just as blind to the great variety of men’s interests for anything else in life. Sad. Just sad.

  3. Avatar
    MJ Lisbeth

    Ok, I confess: I “changed” my sex because, as Praeger points our, most crimes are committed by young men. And, in “becoming “ a woman (I always was one; I just lived as a man, well, because) I am protecting the innocence of children. Then again, I never had any.

    When I read stuff like this, I wonder whether to drink or to abstain so I can experience the lunacy in its fullest.

  4. Avatar

    Funny how there are no citations from which to reference his claims, with the exception of one honorable mention of an article supposedly written by “The Guardian”, He just pulled a rabbit out of a hat and decided to come up with his own “facts” as to why women are rejecting marriage and traditional relationships. Not once did he attempt to actually ask a real woman how they felt about it. Again, some domineering religious zealot trying to tell the rest of us how to live, breathe, think and feel and apparently, his opinion is that of women being too frail or stupid, that we “need a man” so we can exist. In all actuality, he needs a woman to validate his misogyny and bigotry and to protect his fragile ego and illogical political views.

  5. Avatar

    I feel like I have just been mansplained to by someone who has a certain patriarchal view that it behooves him to uphold in order to protect his fragile male privilege. Where’s the research supporting his claims? Did he even bother to talk with women from a broad range of backgrounds? Has he not read history regarding the origins of marriage as a social institution, women’s rights and lack thereof? (And why are all these white conservatives starting to chirp about how awful it is that women are choosing to have fewer children?)

  6. Avatar
    Brian Vanderlip

    Prager corrected:
    ‘As I have documented on a number of occasions, the fundamentalist ruins everything it touches. There is no exception. From universities to high schools and now including even elementary schools, to late-night TV, to sports, to the arts and, increasingly, science, Fundamentalism is a destruction machine.

    And nowhere is this damage more evident or tragic than with regard to women.

    In fact, nothing demonstrates the power of fundamentalist ideology as much as what this ideology has done to women. So powerful is fundamentalist ideology, it is more powerful than women’s nature.’

    Continue, if it amuses you, to read this Prager drivel while inserting ‘Fundamentalism’ wherever this shallow puddle of a thinker uses ‘the Left’ and it soon becomes clear that… No, wait: I can’t give him this much credit. The man is actually stupified in his expression and maybe even plain stupid. I cannot seriously respond to a fool running silly errands to disprove common sense, simple Reason.
    This muddle of a biped begins his five reasons for being a mud-puddle by stating: “For all of recorded history, virtually all women sought a man with whom to bond.”
    Why you twittle-blink dimwit! Wherever did you dig up this spittle and muddy my day? For all of recorded history virtually all women what??? Did some dionosaur whisper this to Ken Ham so he could Instagram you? Don’t be so dull as to prevent a common reader to even endure Point One! Stupid, stupid man. My farts are aweeter than your ideas!
    (And MJ, please don’t get pie-eyed over mud-puddle men! You are probably in jest but I want you to know that your writing on Bruce’s blog is much anticipated and welcomed. Dennis Prager is soo dim that when you speak, he entirely disappears in shadow! You brinbg light, my friend. You inform me while Prager harms from his very first phrases. How do people sit quietly and be insulted by Prager. How can they endure? Oh, oh, the damage done…
    And Bruce, please, please just beat me with a fat telephone book why don’t you? Sheesh.

  7. Avatar

    I occasionally torture myself by listening to the Wind Bag Prager’s radio program. Salem Radio Network runs his show week days. He really is just your basic right wing pundit. Prager claims to be deeper than most as he says he seeks “clarity”. It’s his favorite word. Prager is pretty much a homophobe and misogynist. He does not believe that either racism or white privilege exist. I consider him poster child for confirmation bias. He only sees stories that confirm his own belief’s and ignores those that don’t.

    His radio program has some standard theme hours. Two that he loves are the “male female hour” and the “happiness hour”. On the second, Prager does not believe atheists can be happy, because well people die and atheists don’t believe in an afterlife.

    I refer to him as wind bag as he seems to love the sound of himself pontificating on all his favorite subjects. If your constitution can stand it, try listening for an hour. However remember, we the readers and supporters of Bruce’s website will be unable to bail you out if you drive Los Angeles and do him in. Though I can’t blame you for doing it, not that I advocate violence.

  8. Avatar

    Prager’s argument works and the counter does not.

    Hell is not a myth. Lies are your ticket.

    Truth is not relative to views, nor feelings.

    Crazy is the lie and everyone in hell convinced Jesus is the devil, completely.

    You can’t win against the Truth and soon.

    If heaven and Hell is impossible then nothing matters. Nothing. However since they are LOGICAL; no one has an excuse.

    Do you expect me to believe there is nothingness after our body dies? That is very dull. That takes an evil faith in an obvious lie.

    Why? Because we all see Life and death mixed in this short time. It’s axiomatic. And anyone saying they know nothingness must follow our time here is simply denying the obvious. Beside being extremely depressed and pessimistic without cause there. The question is why do people lie and spread this poison. And we know there is an alternative lack of reason. Hiding. However when we pass there will be zero hiding. Life and death with be accurately separated. Any feeling otherwise is solely because you do not know what He is doing. And the reason for it all is TRUE LOVE. So you MAY volunteer for that Heaven/Life pure with God. And you may keep with hell. Because God is only Good. Even good science proves this and is not counter to The Bible. Hawking the Atheist showed all time had a beginning and we CAN see all things were originally created good. How dumb do you have to be to see a Good Spirit was required for creation. You see if little green space alien landed and shook your hand then they to had to start somewhere. So aliens are NOT a plausible excuse for eons of time randomly making us. And even with eon’s then their is no creative primordial soap that is chemically possible, according to known chemistry. Yes we can and do know that. So if your are wrong about hell; you will exist their forever. I say hedge your bets. WAS Jesus That Lord creator and showed mankind His power of Life over death is His historical resurrection? YES Jesus is actual Lord. Even if you reject Him. His living Spirit who with each heart beat every day of your life is knocking on the door of your heart. Turn to Him and ask His to be The perfectly good Lord of you and you voluntarily each day, will live forever. And get this. Jesus will tell you in your own heart (spiritually), whether you are all in, or just playing at it. If you are a “Christian” and don not know for yourself, then you are not. All may repent. It’s all up to you. Because Jesus calls EVERYONE and yes you must say yes; else you said yes to hell. Anyone capable and once of age, however old that may be.

    • Avatar

      Really, Pascal’s Wager, that’s all you’ve got. Not even. A good try.

      Take your threats and run along. I’m not impressed. Your cheap threats are easily handled by my phasers. And they’re just toys.

      Now run along and go learn the difference between “their”, “there” and “they’re” and how to use them in a sentence. We’re not impressed.

    • Avatar

      Wow, that’s a lot of meaningless, illogical, drivel. Who says an argument should be coherent? That creates too many limitations.


    • Avatar
      MJ Lisbeth

      “Truth is not relative to views, nor feelings.”

      Ok, Spanky, tell us what is the basis of your “truth.” Those of us who are atheists did not come to our non-belief through “views” or “feelings.” We came to our conclusions because we could find no empirical or even epistemological basis for the belief you, Praeger and others promulgate as truth, whether with a small or capital T.

      Now, as for how the universe (what you call Creation) began: Just because we can’t answer (at least, not yet) the question of “Where did it come from?,” it doesn’t automatically follow that there MUST be a God, Creator or whatever you want to call it. Hawking has his flaws, but he isnat least honest enough to admit when he doesn’t have the answer. That is part of the truth, not a made-up creation story.

  9. Avatar

    ” You see if little green space alien landed and shook your hand then they to had to start somewhere. So aliens are NOT a plausible excuse for eons of time randomly making us. And even with eon’s then their is no creative primordial soap that is chemically possible, according to known chemistry. Yes we can and do know that.”

    I thought all you do-gooder Christians typically abstained from mind altering substances? Guess I was wrong.

  10. Avatar

    Here is something I never understood. Assuming the men he refers to are straight, how is a “hook up” supposed to work if it is acceptable for men but not for women? It seems he is implying it is a man’s nature to desire sex so overwhelmingly that it can only be controlled in marriage. In fact, one might think he has little regard for a man’s ability to control himself outside of marriage. Should men find this perception of their innate weaknesses as being offensive? Are men really so weak they cannot function properly without a woman?

    As far as his bias that conflates, as he calls it, “gender fluidity” or drag queens with sex, neither of these are sexual in nature. Trans people and drag queens are not the same thing, (a trans person is a human, a drag queen is a performer) though bigoted, religious people often join the 2 groups and claim they are driven by some sort of sexual deviance. His ignorant, ill informed, religious inspired, hateful bigotry especially shows when he associates these groups with sex. This is an old, tired, dangerous, deadly, utterly stupid stereotype. It grows out of the idea that being trans or a drag queen is driven by sexual perversion and an uncontrolled sexual desire (not to be confused with a male hooking up regularly which is apparently ok)? This repugnant lie has led to endless problems, even death, for trans and non-binary people around the world, including struggles in my own life.

    I find this whole screed disgusting, and it shows his shallowness. He has nothing to fear from women, trans people, or drag queens, yet he prefers to attempt to keep them “in their place.” Is equality for others so terrifying??

    • Avatar
      MJ Lisbeth

      Sage—Thank you for your Gender and Sexuality Primer. Pretty much all homo/transphobia with a “because the Bible” rationale (at least, all that I’ve heard and read) begins with equating gender identity, gender expression and sexuality with each other—which, of course, allows only for a gender binary and one kind of sexuality. And any departure from that binary and sexual monotheism can only be the result of perversion, in the minds of the haters, however much they couch their bigotry in “God’s Love” (TM)

    • Avatar

      Ignoring the fact you are making false assumptions in the form of your questions really, and then inferring that’s what others said or meant the real issue is sexual confusion.

      There is no need to kill yourself over this confusion and fear of living up to the gender role you are. BECAUSE ANYTHING can be forgiven if YOU ask Jesus will agree it is wrong and intend to stop it. You are actually spreading poison when you type that people who disagree with your false ideas of inequality are killing sexually confused people with so called bigotry (or xenophobia) and whatever you want to call it. FORGIVENESS; that I subscribe is actually the ONLY solution for suicide and lack of hope. I strongly assert HOPE is ALWAYS available and especial with any sin that leads to death; once we realize we were wrong about what we only thought was OK and doing supposedly no harm. Whether that be sexual offenses of any type or other types of moral off target troubles eventually come to exposed and the counterfeit pleasures they really are. That keep us from the authentic blessings; including pleasures. And I did not define what is acceptable, God has. So whosoever rejects God then know that rejection is your real problem absolutely. We are ALL inclined to vanity; which every sin is based. Every sin/deed. See technically sin is the stinking false thinking. The lie. But we mean the sin and following deeds most of the time when we say sin. No thought police here! Thinking does not condemn you until you follow it in deed; lets be clear. But Jesus is not here to condemn you; but to forgive you and not condone ANY sin/deeds. The accuser of all mankind is really the devil(active in the lost enslaved); that’s what devil means. The head fallen messenger, death/suffering and your only limit.

      So everyone’s problem is determining what’s REALLY the Truth, aprt from the false doctrines that’s killing us anyway it can. And ONLY by your permission. So get serious about what’s really right and wrong and stop insanely saying nothing is wrong or that evil does not exist. WE already know THAT’S not true! The real question is why we think it’s OK to lie to our own self? But even there by who’s standard? Are you standards-less? Really? So then just any evil is OK for you AND others to do, just the same? Why? Because you are able. WRONG. You know it may be a stretch for many here; but if you can’t EVER say you are flat wrong then you found the problem. I’m wrong a lot; because I am learning a lot. Why have you stopped learning? Do you actually think that is OK. I do not mean just college; I mean wisdom. That is character. The kind that knows; that God said to avoid sin including the actual offense of man lying with man, etc.. and not to put a damped of your weekend party; but TO SAVE YOU FROM DEATH. This is NOT about whether any groups think is bad this week, or not. This has everything to do with whether you respect God’s LOVING guidance to you personally, and all mankind each. Which does have everything to do with where you WILL spend eternity SOMEWHERE.

      I set before you this day Life or Death. Choose Life.. READ your Bible. It’s not a book based on a book. It’s based in THE RISEN Jesus who is The Beginning and the end. The maker of heaven and The earth. Including all of you. The One before our time; who obviously made EVERYTHING made well, to start.

      I fault NO ONE for confusion in this world, especially at puberty. Nor of any thinking; if you care to vet what is good thinking and what is FALSE. And if old you best examine what happened to you personally then. Time is very limited. But LISTEN. Most folks of the “homosexual revolution” learned the hard way AND LEFT IT BEHIND. Preferring by changing their minds; a Holy relationship. And why is this not all over the news. They lie and you KNOW they do. Dig honestly (see that’s is the problem).

      People have STOPPED hunting for the truth; preferring the lie. We all do it; don’t get vain. But it is VERY VERY BAD for us. Who hasn’t taken the counterfeit and just because we wanted some relief, or to ease the abuse, or to “try anythings once”. DON’T BE STUPID!

      I do not care if you absolutely HATE the Bible and were beat with a stick; you best go back and pick up an easy to read Bible (or search it) and really read it ALL TOGETHER. You know for balance and why? Because the devil is all over the Bible spinning it into good sounding BS and that is what’s killing us all. For real. It’s time for you to leave behind your parents interpretation and get it for yourself. Because even the best Godly parents make mistakes. This is not about family physical blood because that WILL be some divided between Jesus and not.

      This is Solely about Jesus blood; because you are not going to make it home without Him. If you are breathing you need The Lord and right now. You can be too late and God is not unfair.

      • Avatar

        Spanky, didn’t you get the memo? If there ever was a “Jesus,” he died nearly 2000 years ago. Dead people can’t forgive. They can’t do fuck-all. They’re dead. End of statement.

        (Not that that actually matters, of course. If you hurt someone, the appropriate thing to do is to make restitution to that person. Just saying “Sorry, Jesus!” and expecting the real victim to forgive you is odious. It’s a cop-out, a declaration of moral bankruptcy.)

        And stop pretending that you know anything at all about human sexuality, psychology, or “the truth.” You’re just a disgusting little mythology-peddler pretending to be helpful but doing untold damage in the real world. No one needs “the Lord” and we certainly don’t need you shitting all over Bruce’s blog. Fuck off.

        • Avatar

          Oh spanky, you really don’t want to take on this battle. It is best you move on before your bias and hatred is displayed openly for all to see..

          You know nothing about me or my life, yet you make many, many assumptions. It is good you recognize you can be wrong, because you showed that ability to be wrong several times in your judgmental diatribe.

          Your life has zero relation to mine and you have absolutely no comprehension of my life and the challenges I have had to deal with. You have no right to assume and judge my life. You style of witnessing is full of bias, judgment, assumptions and projection, but lacking in one key ingredient, love. That is a great way to win people over to god. Is the plan of salvation to attack, belittle, judge, scare, guilt, and bully people into the kingdom of heaven.

          You judge me as being less than, because of the person I am. You judge that I must be fixed. You judge that the person I am is evil. You also tell me that all I have to do is live a life as you see fit, through your god, by rules you interpret and explain. Hmm..what is the word for someone who judges another persons existence as wrong? Could that be bigot?

          My existence and life has zero impact on you. Yet you want to come here and tell me how evil I am and try to tell me how I must change. But I would be happy if you just went off to to your like minded friends, where you can’t share about your myths, biases, and bigotry, and leave me, and others of which you disapprove, to live our lives without your judgement, rules, or control.

          But we both know that you and those who think like you cannot coexist.

      • Avatar

        So Spanky (where did you dream this nym…perhaps I shouldn’t ask) I don’t hate the bible. I do, however, see it for what it actually is: it’s the work of Satan, perhaps his greatest ever achievement, disguising the most evil book in history as God’s word. Get out whilst it’s not too late. Heaven is waiting to welcome atheists.

  11. Avatar

    somehow Prager’s words remind me of a woman of my mother’s generation (born about 100 years ago) she loved school , did very well, but could not afford college. as was expected, she worked as a secretary, married early, had a couple of children, but tried to reshape them into some mold she chose. her daughter belonged on a soccer field, but wore ruffles and got piano and French lessons at Mother’s insistence. following the “traditional” path left this person miserable, and she made several other people unhappy. Is that the goal of monotheism??

    • Avatar
      MJ Lisbeth

      Lee—Yes. If people are miserable in this life, they’ll look forward to going to Heaven. Why do you think there are storefront churches in low-income neighborhoods?

      • Avatar

        You are not even paying. My whole point was the real crutch is the completely dumb poison that there can be nothing after passing, just EXACTLY as a way to make yourself feel better about our pending terminal(body) result. You are guilty of what you falsely accuse; which is always the case for those with eyes/ears. And the whole reason I then got into; how are you going to feel IF you miss your chance to live forever?

        Take heart. Nothing NOTHING you have done, is keeping God from loving you. You simply have to change your mind. Leaving all shame and guilty behind. Thus freeing you from the slavery of sin and it’s deaths. NOT measuring us BS. But how to be excellent ANYWAY. In God’s arms. See it’s a lie; taht God’s would not have you. He already died for you.

        And yes thinkers. God ALREADY knows what we are going to choose! But what you know you missed, is that does not make our real limited varying choices under His untrue. YOU have an obvious freewill for MANY things and you can never diminish God’s by exercising it.

        The recursive fact that God had us in mind, before anything existed (so including us) is NOT a reason to blame God for everything. It’s ACTUALLY a proof God’s loves us far more than we thought. And more than that.

        Don’t get twisted (in time) thinking about how God’s already knows if you are made to be a saint or not. It’s more than knew. It’s knows and will know too, and perhaps more, for HIM. Not for us now. We think and write in terms of past, present and future, of course. God’s doesn’t have that problem and has zero limit; because only evil is limit. Yes God exists in ALL moments as One. He is not a thing. He is Holy Spirit. The I am.

        If you missed the big picture it is this: Good purpose is only voluntarily being God’s child like Him. And THAT hope under His authority forever; not beside Him, and never over Him. That’s not possible. Man(kind) is man and God is God(3 in 1). There is a difference. While we may at best attain His ways, finished only and YES FULL GLORY (dear Christian) in heaven; we are never God. We are child of God. And that’s just fine with me.

        At some point you got to realize we are not qualified for God’s job and the position is filled. This is real humility and that’s not vain. Not Facebook awards given, by lip service. But really being FOR someone; like God is really FOR you. that is real honor, respect AKA and uplifting. Same thing. Again NOT that counterfeit. Their is zero honor is sin. You better learn what thinking is right, plumb and true and what is really good to do. You only restrict your choices if you don’t. A lot.

        Everything does not wait for heaven. God is acting justly today. You WILL NOT see blatant sinner last. It’s just a matter of time and VERY observable. Wild 20’s given way to the price beyond that; for one example. And yes you can think it’s grand to sin and fix it later; but you are mistaken. Always hope yes indeed. But you will NEVER wish you sinned more, just to learn and experience. Not sanely.

        STOP right there is consider. There is NOTHING more important than your being able to see how things really are. Storms are coming and that’s a NICE way to put it. Hell itself is coming for us all. All the messengers of death, legion combined. What ever age and stage you are in. You need to full armor of God.

        Increase in knowledge. Where talking about the vetted accurate data to sort right from wrong. Then you need to understand it more and more. And wisdom is what you do with it then. Don’t wait until you’re last breath to grab a Bible. that’s not likely and you know it.

        Fix all my errors with The Bible. Then do it; stop just talking. Jesus deserves all praise!

        • Avatar

          Spanky, I’ve read the Bible. It was completely unconvincing. It is no more than an anthology of eastern Mediterranean folktales that has been forced upon multiple cultures literally at sword-point, and it is long past the time for the book to be rendered into literal mulch.

          You seem to be convinced that you’re qualified to speak for your alleged god, but it’s coming across as pure hubris on your part. A god worthy of the name would be able to communicate with everyone on Earth without having to resort to scriptures or precious little fuckwits like you.

          Oh, and I don’t want eternal life, either. What a horrifying idea. Maybe the idea of not existing scares -you- silly, but I ‘m cool with it.

        • Avatar

          Sparky, seriously, your writing is incoherent. It is nothing but a jumble of words and, from what I can understand, limited theological understanding.

          What I don’t understand is why you make yourself superior to your god. If your god gives me free will, and I exercise that free will by saying your god does not exist and is of no value, then why do you blather on endlessly? Your god has accepted my decision and moved on, why can’t you? My decisions have no impact on you, and your opinion – whatever it is – won’t change my mind if your god could not change it.

          • Avatar
            MJ Lisbeth

            “You are not even paying. My whole point was the real crutch is the completely dumb poison that there can be nothing after passing, “

            Translation, please.

  12. Avatar
    MJ Lisbeth

    Spanky—First of all, you need an editor, and possibly a translator. Much of what you write is simply incomprehensible—not because we don’t know the Bible (I took classes in it and led a
    Bible study, by the way) or won’t accept your God, but because your language is indecipherable.

    I suspect that if you wrote more clearly, you could say your piece in about a quarter as many words as you use.

    Second, you commit the same sin—if you’ll permit me a religious term—as Praeger and too many others who preach to us: You allow yourself no respect for your audience, or whatever you imagine it to be. That is why you presume to know about us, assume that we are unhappy because we are narcissistic evil-doers. In short, you, Praeger and others gaslight us because you know nothing about our lives.

    If you were to actually listen to someone whose life experience is different from what you imagine it to be, or your own, you would actually start to live what we read in Colossians 3:12, Ephesians 4:12 .

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      Yulya. Sevelova

      I hear Praeger on the radio once in a while. The AM stations, in the Los Angeles area. He had Eric Metaxas on for his segment on Thanksgiving a few years back,with Metaxas calling the Native population ” sore losers.”. Yeah right ! Given the era of pre- women’s lib, during my mother’s youth, the blatant hypocrisy of that time comes to mind. Many couples had children they didn’t want,and resented. The laws of that time trapped people in abusive marriages,and with abusive parents. There was a real ” surplus ” of unwanted babies for adoption, too. One shouldn’t marry if they fear the institution or repeating parents’ mistakes- likewise with having kids. The Neoliberal policies of the last 40+ years, that’s what triggered the poverty we have today. And not just in the States. It looks like we are caught between the extreme Right and Left. Look at Russia,a land of both the controls of Communism and economic grind of Neoliberal politics. Kids need both protecting of their innocence,along with knowing how the body works,as a science. Not promoting any agenda of any kind. Doesn’t take a genius to figure THAT out. Praeger represents an idealized age, where important issues were denied, swept under rugs,until the rage under the surface seeped out for all to see. American society is rotten, not because of liberation, but the history that won’t be silent anymore. I live in the region, and witness this sad fact daily. And as for abortion, most of the crimes are committed by unwanted and abused children who grow up to be dangerous youths. Abortion is too expensive for most people, so they have the kids,which Medicaid does pay for. And keep them for the benefits, while doing drugs, family chaos,etc. It’s a literal industry in poor neighborhoods. In rural towns,too ! Many kids are found in the forest or deserts, dead and abandoned there. And now, there’s a move to revisit the legal right to contraception of any kind! Like it was before 1965. It was contraband before that year. Miscarriage can be criminalized soon, is anyone paying attention ?? Drugs,greed,and meanness is why things are how they are now. Had I lived as an adult in the 50’s and 60’s, I’d still be single, and content. I don’t knock marrying, but it’s not for everyone. For economic reasons,I wish I could go back in time. Food was better and way cheaper as well. Yeah, I’d do it. Not for cultural reasons,not so much

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