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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Contraception and Abortion Lead to An Irrelevant, Ungrounded, Self-absorbed, Empty, Mournful Existence

lori and ken alexander

“This feminist ‘freedom’ didn’t really arrive at its sad, frenetic decline until the birth control pill hit the scene. Contraception and its evil twin, abortion, paved the way for an irrelevant, ungrounded, self-absorbed, empty, mournful existence. So much pain. God’s Word, His people, and the precious family are places of true joy and experience that has value that lasts. Even the barren are set in families and find a place to ‘give and receive’ if we trust Him.” (Lauren Channon)


In general, women are short-sighted. Some will claim that the [sic] birth control has helped them with some disease or problem that they have in the same way women will be angry if I suggest that women should have never had the right to vote. The [sic] birth control kills babies. It causes abortions. Millions upon millions of unborn babies have been slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs because of the birth control pill.

How, you may ask? The pill itself can cause abortions. It has also caused almost everyone to have a birth control mentality. “We get to decide when, how many, and if we’re going to have children.” God has been completely left out of the conversation, even among Christians. Now, pregnancy is called an “accident” or an “inconvenience” when discussing a human being [sic] being formed in the womb rather than a blessing from God. The pill has also led to massive fornication which leads to a massive number of abortions to cover up the couple’s immorality. Women have also decided they want careers rather than having babies. Why do you think we’re at the point where doctors and parents can decide to cut off a five-year-old boy’s male anatomy? Life is no longer valued. This is [sic] path that the pill has taken us down, and it’s horrific.

What about voting? Women overwhelmingly vote Democrat. There would have been no Democrat Presidents without women voting. It’s mostly the single and liberal women who are voting for large, intrusive government programs. They don’t have husbands, so they want everything free from the government. Instead of depending upon a husband to provide for them, they prefer an impersonal, corrupt government do this for them. It’s also the Democrats who are trying to vote in the right to be able to murder a baby weeks after it is born. Wouldn’t you all gladly give up your right to vote so women wouldn’t vote anymore and more babies would be given life??? I sure would in a heartbeat. Beside [sic], most voting is fraudulent now.

— Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, Feminist “Freedom” Arrived With the Birth Control Pill, May 3, 2022

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar

    If women shouldn’t be allowed to vote then nor should they be allowed to run blogs.

    Lots of crude and vulgar thoughts come to mind with this ridiculous woman that include words like abstinence and only on 29th of February, but I’d best not utter them.

  2. Avatar

    There is already a housing shortage even with the US birthrate way down. If every woman was having 12 kids like in the old days we would be out of land, water, food, in addition to housing and the roads would be even more crowded than they already are.

    And what are women who have ectopic pregnancies to do if abortion is completely banish as the mother will die if the baby develops outside the uterus? If birth control is banished how will PCOS and hormonal imbalance be treated? How will men support all women financially when most men under 50 aren’t earning enough to even support themselves let alone a wife and kids? And if women aren’t allowed to work are they expected to starve if they are widowed or considered undesirable or just can’t find a man since there is more women than men in the population? Instead of outlawing abortion and birth control, maybe we should force castrate all males.

  3. Avatar

    When I first read this woman’s take on other women and their place in the world, I was furious. So much so, that I had to calm down before I unloaded on her and her blog. Her claims were ridiculous, ludicrous, asinine, stupid, ill-informed and just WRONG. How does one go through life with that much hoity-toity holiness and be able to look their fellow human in the eye?

    She doesn’t.

    While she sits in front of her computer’s camera spewing that monologue she keeps telling herself and others-“Look at me and my perfect life. You can have it too, if you only repeat the sinner’s prayer and follow our white Jesus, submit to your abusive, cheating, lying, alcoholic husband and let our divine savior and your knuckle dragging man take the lead-just like me”.
    Then, she turns off the camera, walks into her empty kitchen and empty nest, cracks open that bottle of cheap Merlot and has a healthy glass while waiting for her husband, who will be late coming home again because “he had to work late, again”.

    In some ways, I found empathy for her and her plight, after much thought and several hours of cooling off. Although, my fury rises to the surface when I re-think about her biting words about women shouldn’t vote and single women are all on welfare and have empty lives looking for a man to take care of them…we all seem to vote “democratic” and our lives are empty and have no meaning, having children out of wedlock-(so much judgement from a woman who thinks abortion is murder)

    I’d like to know where she gets off and where she gets this misinformation? She doesn’t leave citations and probably doesn’t know how, why or what they actually are or why she should use them, since education is only for white men and everyone else doesn’t need to know.

    I so very much want to tell this poor, deprived woman that this generational Texas woman will NEVER vote red again because of women like her, I’ve never been on welfare and don’t need some man to take care of me. I also want her to know that I will NEVER-and I mean NEVER-vote for DJT, their big baffoon of a demi-god, EVER and I will NEVER give up my right to vote, much like her lying, cheating husband. I will cast my ballot, even if I am the only one in line in my VERY conservative county, and fend off all the rude, hateful comments from the others in the peanut gallery, by letting them know WHY this Texan is standing alone in the democratic aisle…because of people like HER.

    When my parents are gone-so am I. I will be leaving my home state for more reasonable, rational neighbors who are more accepting, generous, kind and less religious.

    I’ve watched my state become something horrible and hate-filled. Those of us who once believed in a world full of different cultures, ideals and kumbaya- filled sentiments have been replaced by religious zealots just like this lady. It is intolerable. Texas is now, ” God, guns and the holy bible”. lower case letters intentional.

  4. Avatar
    Ben Berwick

    What Lori has to say reads a lot like brainwashing. She has been manipulated into believing she has no value outside of being a wife and mother, that she can find no joy in having any other kind of life. Now she’s regurgitating the arguments that keep her shackled, to try and grant her masters even more control over the lives of others.

  5. Avatar

    At least Lori is saying out loud what followers of anti-choice want – CONTROL OVER WOMEN and DOMINANCE OF THE GOP OVER THE US.

    • Avatar

      It’s a funny thing I recall men being all for birth control the past several decades so they could have sex outside of marriage and not have to be responsible as a man and support the child. Funny they seem to have forgotten how much it has benefited them.

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