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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Atheists Always Support Perversion Says IFB Pastor Tommy McMurtry

pastor tommy mcmurtry

Recently, Pastor Tommy McMurtry, pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Rock Falls, Illinois, said:

The atheist religion always is a supporter of perversion. They are always the biggest supporters of the LGBT, the trans rights, and all that because it is an anti-God religion. And unfortunately for them, the preaching of the truth that we do exposes the filthiness of their lifestyle, the filthiness of their belief system, and they don’t like that. They just hate light. That’s all there is to it.


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    HUM! Atheism as a religion is contradictory for sure, but I’ve commented before, I’ve known atheists who were evangelistic about it, never missing a chance to proselytize for their (lack of) religion. It’s never been anything I promote having had unpleasant conversations on the subject. My go to answer now if its brought up is to say “I don’t do religion”. This usually shuts the subject down. Only once did it lead to further discussion, that with a Muslim Palestinian gentleman, who was discomfited by my answer and sincerely advised me I would do better to follow a religion no matter what, just some religion. Perhaps praying six times a day does that to one’s attitude about prayer.

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    Atheists don’t support perversion, they support human rights (at least most I know do). Now, according to the Black Collar posts, lots of Christians not only love perversion, they frolic in it. Consensual sex? No. Preaching any sex outside of heterosexual marriage is a sin, hiding it, lying about it, getting caught and repenting? Go for it! Abusing minors in church? Only perverted because those nasty girls keep tempting those poor, innocent men.

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    The word ‘perversion’ might almost have been invented by Christian obsessives….well they do obsess about it. The irony is that if Christianity stands for anything then, to my mind, it is tolerance. Isn’t that what Jesus taught? Not just turning the other cheek (which those like McMurtry have managed to disparage), but in helping others, even those you see as your enemy, and at least recognising those who are weaker and more needy than yourself. Of course, the reality is that any behaviour that doesn’t comport with their own sense of ‘normal’ is somehow perverted, not natural. These uneducated and hateful people have been nurtured in an environment in which sexual depravity has been somehow normalised, but it’s sexual depravity that works within certain boundaries, and certainly male to female. What their nurture does not develop in them is an understanding of consent, and so they associate anything that doesn’t fit with their own rules of conduct as being all in one barrel. Homosexuality and LGBTQ is not in the same arena as sex with animals or sex with minors, as neither of these ever involves consent.

    If there’s a pervert in the room it’s McMurtry.

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    Atheism is not a religion. It’s merely the lack of belief in deities.

    LGBTQ rights are not perversion. They’re human rights. LGBTQ people are humans who deserve rights.

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    Burr Deming

    It isn’t exactly and expression of Christian love.

    The temptation comes with any religion: lapsing from a search for spiritual truth to tribalism.
    In our case, Christianity without those pesky “teachings” from that bothersome Messiah character.

    After all, what the hell does Jesus know about Christianity?
    Us v them is more fun

    I find it hardest to embrace the whole forgiveness part of my faith:
    Particularly, but not exclusively, accepting it for myself.

    I try to start with the intrinsic value of every human being.
    That doesn’t remotely depend on any human’s faith or lack of it.

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