Beyond An Absence of Faith

beyond an absence of faith

Beyond An Absence of Faith: Stories About the Loss of Faith and Discovery of Self, edited by Jonathan M.S. Pearce and Tristan Vick, is an anthology of deconversion stories, including my own. In the book, you will find the deconversion stories of:

  • Sarah Sabella
  • Bud Uzoras
  • Saleha M
  • Sergio Paulo Sider
  • Alicia Norman
  • Arsalan
  • Vyckie Garrison
  • Counter Apologist
  • William Lucas
  • Tristan Vick
  • Mindi Rosser
  • No Cross No Crescent
  • Rebecca Bradley
  • Mike Doolittle
  • Bruce Gerencser
  • Beth Ann Erickson

Beyond An Absence of Faith is not a book written to defend atheism or attack religion. It is 263 pages of everyday people detailing their journey from belief to unbelief. Since I have a chapter in the book, and many of you know some of the people listed above, I thought I’d let readers know how they can get a copy of the book.

The book is available through Amazon, paperback or Kindle.


  1. Steve

    WTFF?? Why am I not in this book?? Think of the SCANDAL it would be here in my area!! Mwahahaaa!!

    1. Jonathan MS Pearce

      You are most welcome to write a deconversion account for my blog (if you have something to say!) as I run a series of them, some of which were expanded into some chapters. Here is my dconversion category if you are interested.


      Jonathan MS Pearce

  2. Zoe

    It was the first book I read in 2015 and not knowing you were in it surprised me at the time Bruce. I highly recommend it and truly enjoyed hearing these stories of those you listed above.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      As I told you, at the time, it was weird for me to see my story in print after it had been edited. Part of me thought, who would want to read my story. Another part of me thought, well I might tell my story a bit differently now. But, I am grateful Johno and Tristan asked me to participate and I think, like you, others might find the stories helpful. It is not a polemical book…just good people sharing their stories. It reflects the way I blog, just one person with a story to tell. Accept it, don’t, it’s my story.

      1. Zoe

        I’m glad they included you Bruce. Who would want to read your story? How many readers do you have here? How many lurkers? 🙂 Apparently a lot of people are wanting to read your story.

    2. Jonathan MS Pearce

      Thanks for the feedback! If you would care to put a review on amazon etc, that would be awesome!


  3. Becky Wiren

    I bought it through the link. I hope you get something for that!

  4. Jada

    Oh, great, another good book I don’t have time to read! Well, maybe if I stopped binge-watching stuff on Netflix . . . 😉


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