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Pastor Steven Anderson Hates Bruce

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Snark/sarcasm ahead

Steven Anderson, pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church, Tempe Arizona, has a huge hard-on for Caitlyn Jenner. Well, I shouldn’t  say huge hard-on because Anderson is a small-minded, small dick narcissist who loves to say outlandish things so he can continue his five minutes of media fame. While I would love to say that Anderson is an outlier, his type can be found in every Evangelical sect. Anderson happens to hail from the Jack Hyles wing of  the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist church movement. He prides himself in being uneducated, as does his wife Zsuzsanna. If you have not read my post Understanding Steven Anderson, Pastor Faithful Word Baptist Church, Tempe, Arizona, I encourage you to do.

When I first read Anderson’s quote, I thought to myself, Anderson is upset at me. After all, when you do I Google Search for Pastor Steven Anderson, my post about him is usually in the top five to fifteen search results. The ranking varies depending on if the news media has done any reporting on Anderson.  Sadly, Anderson had BRUCE JENNER in mind, not Bruce Gerencser, even though, as one Facebook commenter said, “Don’t feel bad, Bruce. I’m sure he hates you, too!


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    One of my friends who’s a Z-list former rock n roll almost star took one look at that Anderson pic when I had the story on my FB and proclaimed that Anderson is very gay. I was glad that I was not the only one picking up the raging closeted self-hating possibly homo vibes from the guy. I feel pretty certain that some point in the future he’s going to get caught in a bathroom somewhere cruising for men or something else he rails against. I only hope it ends up in the press so some of us can snicker and point.

    Did you see the threat on his blog he claims to have gotten about ex Mossad coming to kill his family and torture him?

    Being hated by Anderson would be like making the Westboro Baptist picket your funeral. You’d obviously done something right in your lifetime.

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    It is foggy here this Sunday morning and so I am malingering, ignoring the need for more firewood before the snow flies, yard cleanup, the unbuilt shed that means many of my tools still live under tarps; well, it is foggy!
    I find myself thinking about implicit bias this morning after rereading this post and Suzanne’s comment. Because I have been reading her posts here and there a decent period of time, I know she is sharp and able to express a good range of feelings along with her intellectual take on things. I much appreciate both, Suzanne.
    Today, reading your old comment regarding a third person’s comments upon seeing Steven Anderson, I found myself a bit startled and had to slowly reread to get to the point you were making, which I believe was, among other points, that Pastor (sic) Anderson expresses such an excessive hatred for gay people that it makes one wonder if in fact he has gayness that is denied, or perhaps a horror of same-sex relations fed by past experiences in his life. The way it was expressed in your comment seemed to me somehow derogatory towards homosexuality, towards ‘cruising’ bathrooms and so forth. This was not intended to disparage gays as a group but a cursory reading would easily do so for some of us. It got me to wondering about implicit bias and how it affects me. I carry some for evangelical Christians and I have to be cautious not to raise an eyebrow when they begin to sermonize nearby. Those near and dear to me see me react and THEY raise their eyebrows at me as a warning: Here he goes again!
    Steven Anderson was harmed in some serious way and it was something related to homosexuality. How else could he focus with such a viral fury on gay life? And when I first heard him speak, I thought to myself, is that voice purposely affected to seem nasal and frenetic? There are gay people whose voices are particularly nasal and who feel most comfortable with a limp-wrist presentation so to hear Anderson sound as if was doing that, set me off. Implicit bias.
    It could be that Anderson has struggled with his feelings around sexuality and that he has buried much of that so that it comes out uncontrollably. In saying that he might be discovered cruising bathrooms, one could easily be misunderstood to mean that cruising is the gay lifestyle when of course it is only a segment of a much larger gay culture. Implict bias affects us all. Women, any woman can tell you when they are experiencing it. You throw like a woman! Look at him crying like a little girl.
    Implict bias is particularly onerous to me when it comes from evangelical Christians like those writing here to tell Gerencser that he was never a Christian, that he is still a Christian and in denial, that he deserves to be hated. Implicit bias is always a sure way to harm because bias harms. Science has long been aware of this fact and even religion has warned, judge not, meaning be discerning and know that you harbor extreme bias.
    Steven Anderson is one of the sickest men armed with a pulpit that I am aware of… I suspect there are many more like him who do not seek the fame he so craves. I remember one such guy from the sixties who was IFB and preached like a thug against gays. His son was the church organist and gay.
    Not to completely derail the original post, I want to say, I hate Steven Anderson with a perfect hatred. What Stevie means when he says he hates Bruce Gerencser with a perfect hatred is that the KJV written by Jesus himself tells him he must hate Bruce. Therefore, hatred in this specific instance is not only acceptable, it is perfect. Steven, have ever heard the term mind-fuck? I pity your progeny, Steven. What horror they know already and so much more to come.

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