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Liberal Redneck Hilariously Explains Ken Ham’s Monument to Human Ignorance — Ark Encounter

Ken Ham

By now, everyone knows that Ken Ham, the CEO of Answers in Genesis, has opened his latest monument to human ignorance — Ark Encounter. Countless articles have already been written about Ham’s Ark Park, so there is no need for me to write another one. I do, however, want to post a  video by the Liberal Redneck that hilariously explains Ark Encounter. I hope you will widely share this post/video, especially with your Fundamentalist friends. Enjoy!

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    LOL, I wonder why he just didn’t get Mitch McConnell to donate one of his cocaine toting dry bulk ships… oh well you know the saying “If you build it they will come”.

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      This was hilarious. Bear with me on this slightly long comment. If you build it they will come may be true, but if you want to stay open, you need to keep people coming back. With ark encounter, I don’t see that happening. Going back to 2001 Disney opened a $600 million dollar theme park across from disneyland called california adventure. The park was immediately criticized for having subpar themeing by disney standards, mostly off the shelf rides, and overall poor guest experience compared to the 45 year old park that was just a short walk away. The next twelve years saw this park get some new rides and some minor enhancements but overall, the main repeat guests were all annual passholders who liked the short lines and could get in for free(take that with a grain of salt). Disney a couple of years ago finally bit the bullet and spent a billion dollars to upgrade the park with a new completely immersive land based on the movie cars, rebuilt and rethemed the whole entrance to the park as well as upgrading themeing in rest of the park to bring it up to the standards that a disney park should be. Lets just say the lines are a lot longer and the park is more crowded and passholders arent the only repeat guests. Disney had to own up to the fact that they failed and they turned california adventure from the elephant in the room int a swan. It just took a lot of time and money. I dont see that happening with ark encounter especially if the attendance figures dont get close to expectations, and on aig’s shoestring budget. The pirates in pirates of the caribbean look better than the figures in ken hams ark and they were made 50 years ago. Ark encounter is probably going to sink in debt faster than the lusitania.

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        Comparing a secular park like Disney to a religious park like the Creation museum and the Ark Experience is a bit like comparing apples and oranges, they are completely different. For example I bet I’m not alone in thinking church services are boring, yet people continue putting their butts into pews. I’ve always been baffled how the Creation museum stays open, but I think I’ve figured it out.
        I was a teenager when “Autoworld” opened in Flint, Michigan. Since my Dad worked for GM we got free tickets for the opening. We knew it would the first time would be the last time, yet our butts were in the pews almost every Sunday (late unless the clocks changed in the fall but there.) (Autoworld went to limited operation 6 months later, then closed shortly after that. It was closed in 1994 and demolished in 1997)
        At any rate I think it’ll be marginally successful at least as long as Ham is alive. (And despite being a business will continue to solicit and receive donations)

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