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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: Ken Ham Lies About Secularists Wanting to ‘Ban’ Christianity


Just today, Ken Ham, the CEO of Answers in Genesis, released another screed about the supposed outlawing of Christianity by secularists. Ham wrote:

Little by little, the secularists have been outlawing Christianity from the culture. Through misinformation, bullying, and intimidation, they have been succeeding. And because so many Christians have been so secularized by the public education system, they have largely not put up a fight.

And if this trend keeps happening, do you want a picture of where America is headed in the future? Just look at England.
Warning! What is happening in the United States has already happened in Britain. That’s where America is heading.

I would say the decline is happening for the same basic reason: God’s people didn’t stand on God’s Word from its beginning. In this era, the compromise between evolution/millions of years and Genesis began in England and spread around the world. Really, what’s happened to the church throughout England is actually the outworking of a church that has compromised God’s Word with man’s fallible ideas. Furthermore, the church has largely handed over the education of generations to the state.

This same compromise is rife in the church in the United States. At the same time, generations of children in America have been educated in schools that have increasingly outlawed anything Christian.

I believe this is why the Lord has raised up ministries like Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum, and the new Ark Encounter. God is using these outreaches to equip Christians to stand against the secular attacks of our day and to challenge (in a very public and bold way) non-Christians with the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.

God has allowed AiG to build the Creation Museum and the Ark because I believe there are many godly people who will take a stand on the authority of the Word of God.

While we still have the freedom to boldly proclaim the message of God’s Word to the world, I pray you will support us in prayer to do whatever we can to embolden God’s people and reach millions with the saving gospel. I urge you to help us to stand against those who would try to completely outlaw Christianity from the culture.
If God’s people don’t contend for the faith, we will see Christianity outlawed even further in our culture! I implore you to stand up for your faith. In a very public way (with an increasing number of scoffers trying to stop us), AiG is contending for the faith through many ministries like the Creation Museum and now the Ark Encounter.

Is Christianity being outlawed? Of course not. Christians are free to worship whenever, however, wherever, with whomever. Christian public school students are free to individually pray and read the Bible in school. Evangelicals are free to send their children to Christian schools or home school them. Christians are even free to build monuments to ignorance such as the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. Evangelicals are free to evangelize their neighbors and stand on street corners preaching the gospel. Christianity is freer here in America than any other country on earth. Christian ministers get special tax exemptions/deductions, as do the churches they pastor.

Despite freedom of belief, worship, and practice that all Christians (and non-Christians) enjoy, charlatans such as Ken Ham continue to say that their brand of religious Fundamentalism is under attack. Ham says secularists are trying to ban Christianity. Knowing everything that I have mentioned above, how can Ham continue to lie about this? The very fact that Ham can build a damn wood boat on dry Kentucky land and say it is a testament to God’s saving grace is proof that secularists are NOT trying to ban Christianity. Most secularists don’t care about with whom, where, and how people worship their respective deities. Simply put…WE DON’T CARE!

We do, however, care about Evangelical (and Catholic and Mormon) attempts to breach the wall of separation of church and state. We do care when Evangelicals ignore the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, saying that God’s law trumps man’s law. We do care when Evangelicals attempt to sneak creationism and its gussied-up sister, intelligent design, into SECULAR public school classrooms. We do care when Evangelicals wrongly assert that America is a Christian nation and that the Bible should be the law of the land. And most of all, we do care when Evangelicals attempt to hijack local, state, and federal government for their own purposes.

Secularists stand resolutely against ANY attempt to merge church and state. We are students of history, knowing that when church and state are one, freedoms are lost and people die. If anyone is a threat to America and human freedom and liberty, it is theocrats such as Ken Ham. Does Ham want more or less freedom for those who do not share his religious sentiments? Less! Does Ham support the wall of separation between church and state? Does Ham think people should be free to live godless, heathen lives? Does Ham think consenting adults should be free to do sexually as they please? Does Ham support fairness, justice and equal protection under the law for all? No, on all counts. It is Ham and his Fundamentalist horde who want to rob Americans of their freedoms, not secularists. The real enemy, Ken, is You!


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    Not my original phrase, but “Christianity now has to compete in the marketplace of ideas”. We’re such a smaller world now with technology-Americans are realizing that this “Jesus or Hell” theology is bunk, as they learn about other cultures. Couple this with the apparent high need of entertainment (sports, movies, etc.) for so many Christians I know; folks can see right through this “Jesus is Lord of my life” fallacy. Not that there is anything wrong with entertainment per se, but don’t tell me you are totally sold out to Jesus when you write so many passionate tweets and Facebook posts about your favorite team’s exploits, for example. The hypocrisy is so apparent..

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    Way to be a liar yourself, demonizing your opponent without giving us any reason to believe so. Your last paragraph was nothing but blind accusations with no quotes or external sources to believe you.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      The subject of this post is Ham’s lies about secularists. He lies, lies, lies. (See quote at start of this post) As far as the last paragraph is concerned, it is my opinion (conclusion) based on reading Ham’s blog and other writings.

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        Secularists ARE trying to ban Christianity. They outlawed discussing religion in the workplace, sue private business/property owners for “offensive” christian items/practices, and ban christian students from attending universities.
        People consistently accuse Ken Ham of lying, but I’ve read them all, and they’re all to moot.

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          Bruce Gerencser

          No, actually we are not. Secularists defend the freedom of and from religion. What we fight is the theocratic tendencies of many sects (Particularly Evangelicalism). These sects want preferential treatment. They wrongly believe that the United States is a Christian nation. They demand Christian Bible reading and prayer in public schools. They demand scientific ignorance — creationism — be taught in public schools. Secularists fight these things because they know when church and state are one, freedoms are lost and people die.

          As far as businesses are concerned. We have in this country what is called the Civil Rights Act. We also have laws that govern how businesses must conduct themselves. If a person wants to operate a business, he or she must play by the rules. This means not discriminating against people. If Christians don’t want to play by these rules then they can’t operate a business. If Christians don’t like this they are free to work towards changing the law.

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          Bruce Gerencser

          Please provide we links to stories that detail secularists trying to remove Christian anything from PRIVATE property. Government property, yes, private property, no. If you want to put up yard displays that promote your blood cult religion, you are free to do so. But, governments are not permitted to do the same (Separation of church and state). I suspect, like most Evangelicals, you confuse public and private.

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    Ah, So there it is. The truth comes out. According to your civil rights act, shouldn’t Chridtians be allowed to attend and teach at universities? It would be discrimination otherwise.
    And in America, don’t we have the right to refuse service to any customer? Or is that right to moot as well? Sounds like even more discrimination.
    And how is it porn stores can conduct under the first ammendment, but christians are forced to remove crosses from public view of their stores because others find them “offensive”?
    Thank you for exposing how much of a hypocritical bigot you and others like you are. Have a good night.

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      Bruce Gerencser


      It is the U.S. Civil Right Act (and subsequent amendments). Perhaps you need to read it. Don’t like the law? Change it. Want to legally discriminate against non-Christians, atheists, pagans, witches, Satanists, LGBTQ? Change the law. And good luck doing that.

      It is evident you do not have the capacity to have reasoned, rational discussions with people you disagree with. Please consider your previous comment your last.


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    jim leblanc

    ?…separation of church and state. THOSE WORDS ARE NOT WRITTEN IN THE CONSTITUTION….You also state…

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      Why do all of these people feel the need to use capital letters?

      I guess if you are going to make laughably incorrect statements then you might as well scream it so everyone knows how intelligent you are. Nothing like being grossly misinformed and loudly proud.

      Also, the Declaration of Independence has no legal power in the United States. It was only intended to…well… declare independence, I mean, it’s kinda obvious since it’s in the name.

      And no, there is no mention of any god in the Constitution. It clearly states there is to be no connection between government and religion. Had you the tiniest comprehension of American history you would understand why there was a desire to keep this separate. But instead of wasting time explaining it to you, I will just explain it to my cat, who will understand better than you

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      Jim, the Declaration of Independence is not the ruling document of this land, the Constitution is. The bill of rights prevents the Federal government from establishing a religion and protects your right to practice yours as you see fit. There was a period of time the US was run under a different form government, the Articles of Confederation. Please read the constitution and see where in the entire document it mentions, God, Jesus, or the Bible. The document in many respects also contradicts the ten commandments. While the Declaration of Independence does mention God or a creator several times, it was written approximately 12-13 years before the constitution with a different goal entirely. While they are linked by history, they have two separate goals and one is the law of the land and the other isn’t. Lastly, the declaration was written by Thomas Jefferson who held some very heretical beliefs by your standards of christianity. Look up the Jefferson Bible if you want an idea about it.

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