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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: If God Doesn’t Get You Now, He’ll Get You Later by A.W. Pink


The sinner sees little cause for alarm and fails to apprehend his imperative need of promptly accepting Christ as his Saviour. He imagines himself secure. He goes on in his sin, and because judgment against an evil work is not executed speedily he increases in his boldness against God. But God’s ways are different to ours. There is no need for God to be in a hurry – all eternity is at His disposal. He is in no haste to execute judgment because He knows the sinner, cannot escape Him. It is impossible to flee out of His dominions! In due time every transgression and disobedience shall receive “a just recompense of reward.

— A.W. Pink, The Wrath of God


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    It’s all hate and jealousy isn’t it? At its core. The sinners do the things you want to do-but your God doesn’t let you-so all that’s left for you to do is to strike out at them and enjoy the prospect of them ending up in hell.

    So mature! /snark.

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    Pink was a patriarchal prick of the first order. He knew what real Christianity was and it was his weapon of choice in going after people. One has to allow for the typical myopia of a time and place but for goodness sake, miserable shame-monsters like Pink just ruin my evening. Pink was a creep, plain and simple and Christianity gave him his gun.

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    The quote makes no sense in its own right. He says that god is in no hurry, as he has all eternity at his disposal. Well that’s okay for god but about we poor mortals, who have a very limited lifespan? We have to prove ourselves in this short time, then what does god do then? Does he spend aeons deliberating over his judgements! Does he give some flexibility? Above all, does he exercise commosense and judge people on how they act and behave, rather than what they believe?

    Because the god Pink describes isn’t someone with whom you’d want to spend an hour, never mind eternity.

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