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Donald Trump, Thieving Democrats, God is Pro-Life, And Jesus is the Cure for Heroin Addiction

Welcome to Defiance County, Ohio, home to Jesus and Donald Trump.


Evidently, the person who put up this sign has never read the Bible. Had they bothered to do so, they would have found out that God is definitely not pro-life.


This sign would be hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact that the person who put it up really believes these things. Come Wednesday, I am sure she will be screaming long and hard about how Democrats stole the election from Donald Trump.


Gamerz is a Defiance, Ohio video game store. While I certainly believe that every American has a right to voice their political views, it is not good for business to do so when you own a small business. Earlier in the day, the owner of Gamerz unfurled and hung two anti-Clinton banners above the sidewalk in the front of his business. He had taken them down by the time I took this photograph. Evidently, the owner is more interested in supporting Trump and disparaging Clinton than he is making money. He shall, most certainly, NOT get any of my money.



The Gathering Place, Defiance, Ohio is a frequent contributor to my church sign series: On the The Road Looking for God’s True Church. While these signs wisely do not mention Donald Trump, rest assured Gathering Place congregants and pastors support Donald Trump. Those voting for Hillary Clinton will keep their heads down and mouths shut lest they give the appearance of standing against God’s chosen one, Donald, Pussy-gabbing Trump. Turning back our nation is code for “time to evict the Negro from the White House and replace him with an orange and white “baby”  Christian.”



V.I.P Nails (and gym) in downtown Defiance wants passerbys to know that Jesus is the ONLY answer for those struggling with heroin addiction. In fact, their banner suggests that local police and drug rehab centers should STOP fighting against heroin and instead lead addicts to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Imagine a man jonesing for a heroin fix — willing to do ANYTHING to feed his need. Get saved? Sure, now can I have some s-m-a-c-k? Telling addicts that only Jesus can cure them is not only dangerous, it could also kill them. Yes, Defiance County has a heroin problem, but the solution is NOT a soul-saving experience with Jesus. What happens when the Jesus-fix wears off? Addicts go right back the streets, looking for the only God who can satisfy their needs.


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    Religioneering and flag-waving and it is all lies. If God is love, then God is definitely hate too in the outcomes I observe in this world… but the facts seem to indicate that God is neither because God isn’t… poof!
    Dear Christian America, Because you can create a sign saying something, that does not make the statement more true than before the sign existed. Ditto for your hands over your hearts when the anthem blares over the stadium. Your Bible is a blank template for abusers: They define the word, love and then they go on to abuse you with the definition, to beat the devil into you, so to speak.
    Tomorrow Donald Trump is going to show you the not-so new world of the home of the brave and land of the free. Will it give anyone pause to consider, to reconsider? Even if Trump does not sweep the race, he will have changed the orbit of American political life forever and his minions will not disappear. I really don’t know what to say now. I am just an outsider, a Canadian on a hill looking south in wonder and horror.
    Remember, dear friends here of the American persuasion, no matter what happens tomorrow, “I’m wit-chew fellers!”
    Love from above the 49th, Brian

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      Thank you Brian! It was my fear of the “Religious Right” that brought me here in the first place and this election has only confirmed those fears. I actually fear for my well-being if Trump is somehow elected. I live in “Penceville”- aka Indiana. Trump is clearly a mental case and Pence is a religious demagogue of the first order who knows how to speak in a relatively sane manner, but will support the radical Dominionist branch of Fundamentalism at every turn. (He signed an abortion bill that tried to require all “fetal remains” be cremated or buried. There were no exceptions or assistance offered to those who could not afford to do so.) Just help the world remember that there are a lot of us in the USA who find Trump just as horrifying as those outside our borders rightly see him to be. We aren’t all “deplorable”.

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    I think familiarity breeds contempt. I grew up in the South in an IFB church. A conservative place. I now live in Northern Delaware which is liberal. I can say that long, close-up exposure to either extreme of the groups is a turn-off for me. Neither group loves everybody. Neither group is tolerant of the opposite opinion. If you don’t think like them in either group, you’re not gonna fit in. So, I’ve found that when I’m in one group, I start longing for the other, cause they’re both damn annoying. I think there are nice, wonderful people on each side, and there are also plenty of assholes on each side.

    Bruce, at the risk of annoying you, do you like anybody in your county? I know you don’t like their religion and politics; but do you keep that separate from how you feel about them as people? Do you hate the sin, but love the sinner? lol

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    I wouldn’t punish a business for being anti-Clinton. While the world will be (a lot!) less scary with Hillary at the helm, mark my words her administration will be fraught with a lot of problems all related to her lack of character. Her administration will be lackluster, just like her time as secretary of state. She’ll be a competent wonk and, no doubt, secretly feathering her nest. Will there be a real scandal? No, I’m not talking about these manufactured issues like email and Benghazi. Well if she stays clean and runs again, I’m promising to vote for her then. I don’t think I’m going to have to deliver on that one.

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    I stumbled across your blog when trying to understand the “evangelical” side to the election outcome. You do a great job presenting the truth about organized religion using their own words much the way Trump was laid bare by his own words. This election is potentially the most divisive thing to happen in the world in a long while, creating a rift between the populace based on gender, race and religion, that may not heal.

    I am a middle age female, Canadian citizen, with creationist beliefs whose opinions of the election and outcome align strongly with yours. Perhaps this is because I am independent of organized religion being unwilling to mindlessly support their doctrine which I have found largely disagrees with scripture. My husband and son are atheists who believe Trump was the best candidate for change irrespective of his sexist and racist character. My dilemma is that I believe a vote for Trump was a vote for hate in its purest form and as a result I am questioning the moral foundation of all who support him including my immediate family.

    I was aware these Trump like characteristics exist in the world and were even on the increase (a narcissism epidemic so to speak) but was completely and utterly shocked that the election results may reveal the majority are possibly infected. I’m trying to see a bright side to this revelation. Maybe its a way of easily separating the lovers from the haters with a simple question – Clinton or Trump.

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