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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Danger! Will Robinson, Hillary is Coming! by Nancy Campbell

nancy-campbellWords in [words] belong to Dr. Snarkapus

It’s hard to believe what is happening [liberals, communists, socialists, atheists, secularists, and humanists taking over America] in our nation, isn’t it? It’s difficult to comprehend the corruption in someone [Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump] who wants to lead our [Christian] country! There was a time [when exactly?] when America was the least corrupt nation in the world. Now it is rife at the top [especially since Obama took office]! But we thank [the Evangelical] God for answering prayer. We have been praying earnestly and consistently [look at us, so faithful in serving Jesus] for [the Evangelical] God to expose all deception, corruption, and the hidden agendas in our government. God is answering prayer and exposing it [exposing meaning Benghazi and Hillary’s emails].

We must keep praying. Praying begins with families, not the church. Are you praying earnestly [for Donald Trump to be elected] as a family each day for these coming elections which are just about upon us? This country is at tipping point [tipping point being Christianity losing its preferential seat at the cultural and political table]. These elections will determine the course of this nation and ultimately the world.

We must pray and we most vote against evil—against corruption [Hillary Clinton], against the murdering of babies in the womb right up until the day they are born (which is Hilary’s [sic] agenda) [which is a bold-faced lie Nancy Campbell keeps repeating over, and over, and over again] , against euthanasia, against the appointment of liberal Supreme Court judges (which Hilary [sic] plans to do) and it goes on and on [as does Nancy Campbell’s whining].


If you are not currently praying, can you begin today? [not today, my favorite TV show is on] Gather your family together at your evening meal tonight and PRAY TOGETHER, Everyone around the table. Don’t just pray. CALL out to God to save our nation [from Hillary Clinton]. You may have to rearrange your whole schedule. We can’t even consider that sacrifice when we consider that our nation hangs in the balances.

Can you imagine what could happen if every God-fearing, Bible believing family began to gather their family together morning and evening and cry out to God for this nation. [ yes, absolutely nothing]

— Nancy Campbell, Above Rubies, Are You Praying?, November 2, 2016


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    i agree that hillary is corrupt as heck, and owned by wall street. i think trump gets his support from people that hope he’ll reform the system. alas, just today trump announced his treasury secretary pick, and i’d say from his choice that he’s not going to really take on wall street. you could see the same thing with obama — as soon as i saw his cabinet picks, all establishment players, i knew obama wasn’t going to make and substantive reforms (and he didn’t).


    Mnuchin, a former partner at Goldman Sachs Group Inc who also founded and runs the hedge fund company Dune Capital Management LP, joined Trump’s campaign in May as his chief fundraiser. [….]

    Mnuchin previously spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs and has helped finance numerous Hollywood movies, according to Bloomberg. He also previously worked for Soros Fund Management LLC, a hedge fund firm led by George Soros, a Clinton backer.

    if the fundamentalists would stop their screaming about gays and abortion, they probably could have partnered with the liberal left to take on wall street, and we’d all be better off (except the 0.1%) but they didn’t/haven’t.

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    How is the country more corrupt in the last eight years? There’s no evidence for that. In case anyone is interested, here’s a site that monitors corruption around the world:

    The U.S. is in the middle for lack of corruption. You generally don’t have to pay bribes to get a business license/building permit/marriage license/driver’s license. Most governmental benefits are paid based on need/specific rules, with no favor given to certain groups. However, our justice system is heavily weighed against the poor and racial minorities, and we use prisoners for profit, both in our for-profit prison system and for slave labor. Our society in general is not so much corrupt as focused on wealth, and uninterested in fixing inequity. These trends have not changed much in the last eight years.

    Apparently, when the Campbells refer to “corruption” they mean not getting their way.

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