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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Women Wearing Yoga Pants Causes Men to Stumble by Lori Alexander

Male Commenter on Lori Alexander’s post (protect yourself from what, rape?)

Many women are rebellious today and want to do what is right in their own eyes. They are rebellious to all types of authority and they don’t want to be told what to do: what to wear, what to do with their bodies, and what to do with their lives. They want to do what they want to do regardless of who it hurts in the process. One example is from a man who wrote about his disgust with so many women wearing yoga pants.


Yes, this is very foreign in today’s culture since most women are taught to be independent and do their own thing since the women’s liberation movement freed them from the shackles of modesty, motherhood, marriage, and all the other things that they believed held women in bondage.


I wrote an entire chapter in my book on modesty since women are not taught modesty anymore. I warned about yoga pants since I know they are not modest and cause men to stumble. It’s a little tough on guys to continually avert their eyes when almost every single women they see is wearing them no matter what they look like in them.


Most everything that is good, decent, and the Lord’s ways are offensive to women today. Try to teach Titus 2:3, 4 to younger women and see all the offended women come out of hiding. The things that should offend them, like evil, don’t offend them anymore…. No, never tell women what is good and right and what the Lord requires of them since they are their own god now and decide what is right.

— Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, Women Wanting to Do What is Right in Their Own Eyes, October 25, 2016


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    lol. he didn’t complain about women wearing yoga pants, he complained about women *OVER 20 YEARS OLD* wearing yoga pants. the complaint seemed to be about they didn’t have the body for it any more, ie, it was about asthetics, not modesty. alas, i don’t know that it caused him to stumble, because i think i saw somewhere that he was an openly gay man, which the evangelical lady didn’t mention either. (he also now says it was written as a joke.)

    so i just find it humorous that the evangelicals take bits and pieces of news and make it fit their world view, without considering the details that are at odds with their view. par for the course i guess.

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    Both yoga and pants are okay with me. I have been blinded on the road by yoga pants and whispered my rejoicing, not openly and rudely but quietly: Rejoice, sweet bliss of being! Holy smoke! I faint, I die, I die (in a most Victorian sense!)
    It so saddens me that Lori hates herself and other women, that she writes at length about self-harm and how wonderful it is that God directs us to hurt ourselves. Modesty is something we all benefit by, meaning not humping around blowing our own horns, yet living fully and freely and not believing bullshit about poor men stumbling and evil, selfish women.
    The fact is that human beings must do what is right in their own eyes even when they kneel down and whip themselves with whips because they are sinners! They do it because it is right to do and God wants them to beat the livin’ bejeebers out of themselves! It is odd to actually observe but it is definitely bipeds doing what is right in their own eyes.

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    I don’t know about yoga pants, but I wear tight fitting Lycra tights and shorts for running. To be fair, my wife says they’re a bit ‘revealing’ but I find they are very comfortable and, most importantly, prevent chafing.

    I haven’t been accosted by any uncontrollable young ladies, so far. Pity…

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    John Arthur

    Hi Lori,

    Which planet have you been living on in the last 50 years? I can’t see anything wrong in a young adult lady, with a good figure, wearing yoga pants.. If this is evil, there are far worse evils like inaction on climate change, economic exploitation, political oppression in many countries, family violence etc. which Fundamentalists fail to recognize or ignore. Such Fundamentalists divert attention from urgent issues that need resolving and put their emphasis on trivia such as women wearing yoga pants.


    John Arthur

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      Hi John, Lori Alexander is, IMO, certifiable, check out her blog Always Learning, she promotes child abuse, domestic abuse, theocracy and many other scary ideas.

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    Dear Lori,

    Just because the miserable, puny little god you believe in has turned you into a puny, miserable, nasty little prig, doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be. Please seek psychiatric help. You need it, desperately.

    Dear male commenter on Lori’s blog,

    I am assuming you are a grown-ass man….physically, anyway. Regardless of your physical age, it is clear you are still a 12-year-old mentally and emotionally (heck, I think my own 12-year-old nephew may be more mature emotionally and mentally.)

    Two words: Impulse. Control. It’s what real, mature, thinking men have, and they excercise it on a daily basis. (But oh wait, you are a “christian,” aren’t you? That means you checked your brain at the door a long time ago.)

    If the mere glimpse of a young girl in yoga pants is enough to turn you into a horny, raging rapemonster (at least in that brain you don’t use) then, quite frankly, you shouldn’t be allowed out of your own home. You are a danger to the community. Small wonder; those who study such things claim that the vast majority of sex offenders are professing christians.

    Please grow the hell up.

    A woman who is done with chrisitanity and its modesty/purity/antisex/antireality bullshit

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    Dear lori
    I think your priorities are messed up. I think the bigger problem is that they are wearing mixed fabrics. Its an abomination according to the bible so why arent evangelicals going after this grievious sin, which most of them commit on a daily basis. Its almost like they never read their holy book( not that I should comment i havent read the whole thing yet?)

    Ps isnt one of the fruits of the spirit self control, men apparently in this form of christianity are sadly lacking it.

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    Lynn 123

    As mentioned above, I think the original article was basically saying women don’t have the bodies to wear such and look good in public. I need to find the original.

    I heard about it on the radio, and that a bunch of women then walked by his house in yoga pants. lol Seems like an over-reaction to me, but…I think a woman should have just written an article complaining that men should avoid shorts and sweatpants in public if they’re over, say, 25 yrs. old. There are things we don’t want to see either. lol

    “let’s be frank, will think of you and your yoga pants at home in the dark”–This cracked me up. I’m 59 yrs. old, slightly overweight, do occasionally wear yoga pants (always with a long top) to the grocery store. I’m now imagining various men in the store going home and thinking of me in the dark-hey, sounds kinda flattering to me! Alas, they probably aren’t.

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