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Christians Says the Darnedest Things: The Bible is a Science Textbook That Never Changes by Ken Ham


Now, I’m glad the Bible’s not a textbook of science like those used in public schools, because it would change all the time. Many ideas have come and gone. For example, most of the evolutionary beliefs used by scientists in the transcript of the Scopes Trial have been abandoned—but God’s Word remains the same. It is the infallible Word of God—the true history book of the universe.


Secularists often accuse us of reading Genesis literally but not other portions of the Bible. We point out that we should read the Bible naturally. There is history (e.g., Genesis), poetry (e.g., Psalms), prophecy (e.g., Isaiah), and so on. Different genres of writing require different interpretative methods. Historical documents such as Genesis are not intended to be taken figuratively.

Secularists also attack Christians for not following Old Testament laws. But most secularists have no understanding of the Old Covenant and New Covenant—and they don’t want to. They want to distort and attack the Word.

I’m burdened for those described in the Bible as “having no hope and without God in the world”, which is why we boldly proclaim truth. My challenge to secularists is this: the evidence of creation is obvious, so “do not be unbelieving, but believing”  and “lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light”.

When you reject God’s Word in Genesis and interpret it through the lens of man’s fallible, opinionated word, more and more compromise is sure to follow. You see, when you start compromising in one area of the Bible, it isn’t long before compromise shows up in other areas. My challenge to all believers is this: believe all of God’s Word!

People are born and die, but “the word of our God stands forever” — and no person can ever change that! Secularists can’t change this: “The entirety of Your word is truth, And every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever”.

Many people try to change God’s Word, particularly in Genesis, but “forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven”.

— Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, Is the Bible a Science Textbook?, December 18, 2016


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    “God’s Word is unchanging, which makes it necessary to ignore all those parts we don’t really like, such as Jesus’ teaching about loving enemies, not judging, giving everything away to the poor, rejecting wealth, going the extra mile, turning the other cheek… those kind of things. Eternal they may be but there’s no need to pay any attention to them! Christ no! The only bits that really matter are the stories about mythical naturists, floating zoos and Fairy God-Fathers.

    Just wanted to make that clear to any godless heathens out there who might think otherwise.

    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for praying.

    Your Friend, Hammy.”

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    Doesn’t the sun stand still at one point (which would probably have to be the earth that temporarily stops revolving, when you think about it) in Joshua?

    Joshua 10:13 So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day.

    There’s no evidence of that having happened, and I don’t know enough about it but I believe that it could easily have catastrophic results. Think of the accumulated heat on the side of the earth that is covered by the sunlight; the side of the earth that is not, that remains night for a whole other day and cools down more, I assume. But so much more…

    But when you google for religious answers it is much simpler: God can do anything. Miracles cannot be scientifically explained anyway… He creates a huge mess by letting the day last longer (perhaps daylight savings is a better idea?) and then fixes it all again, because, hey, He’s God so he can do anything.

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      Obviously you haven’t heard the sermon preached by Jasper Johns, explaining how the sun moves. I have attached a link for your edification.

      I remember when our church found out about this sermon. The pastor read it and everyone bought a copy of it for their personal use. This was also about the time that everyone bought an 1828 version of Webster’s dictionary. This would have been about ’86 or ’87.

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        Bruce just posted it too. I hadn’t read that before, no, now I’m totally convinced….
        Or wait… It couldn’t be that they didn’t realize a lot of things about astronomy and the universe yet?

        No, of course not 😉

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    “lay aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light”
    So please explain to me how I can walk into the endless lies of belief as if it was, what? Light? Holy shit.
    And I mean exactly that. If the armor of light is belief, then it is blinding light, not any useful wattage.

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    So, … most of the evolutionary beliefs used by scientists in the transcript of the Scopes Trial have been abandoned.”

    Wow, I haven’t heard about this. In fact, as we continue to develop new vaccines and antibiotics for diseases that have adapted to the old ones, as we work to come up with new agricultural practices to cope with insects that have evolved immunity to our pesticides, as we see the increasing evidence of the evolution of life in the fossil record, I thought virtually all scientists working in biological sciences were passionate about the facts their research has revealed. I must have been misinformed…

    Or, Mr. Ham is full of bologna. Yeah, that’s probably it

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    “the evidence of creation is obvious” – nope sorry Kenny boy, ya gonna have to explain this one to me coz I’m still not seeing the obvious. Oh and by the way, we took a vote, and all agreed that Australia is now has a ‘No Ken Hams’ policy coz your a wanker.

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    The word of god never changes, i thought something gets lost in translation everytime something gets translated into a new language. Does ken ham support conservapedia’s laughable attempt to create a properly conservative bible. Hogwash all of it?

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