Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Donald Trump is a REAL Man by Jesse Lee Peterson

jesse lee peterson

I want all men to pay attention to the president. If you want to know what it was like in the good old days when boys were boys and men were men, look at your president. If your daddies failed you by not being a real man, God has given you another example.

— Jesse Lee Peterson, Right Wing Watch, Jesse Lee Peterson, God Has Given America An Example Of What A Real Man Is In President Trump , February 17, 2017


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  1. Trenton

    Apparently real men are big giant insecure man babies who use money and power to bully everyone into submission and twitter tantrums when they cant do that even. Snark???

  2. Steve

    God I so agree! He’s so HOT! Wish he would grope me (or foreclose on my house;)

  3. steve

    thinking of you bruce and your adoring wider family haha from 6:07 ooooohhhhh but i suppose thats hateful and so unchristian

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Nah, Steve. You’re just an asshole, just like Milo Yiannopoulos. Two peas in a pod.

      1. Rebecca (Becky)

        If it’s ok to comment, if not please delete my remark, no offense. Have to just say…

        I think Dave Rubin is awesome and outstanding. He’s a classic liberal, more libertarian these days, I think, Also, he is an atheist and a partnered gay man. My husband and I have been listening to some of his commentary, and especially some interviews with Dennis Prager of Prager University, beyond interesting. I’ve been really struck just by the openness and respect that he extends to all his guests, whether they agree with his viewpoints or not.

    2. Matilda

      I’m genuinely and completely puzzled, Steve. Why did you feel the need to write that gratuitous rude comment? Do you think it will draw readers away from this blog to glorious salvation through the precious blood of Jesus? Two words, completely delusional, if that was your intent.

  4. steve

    oh, so you guys can have your satirical blogspot against christianity and bruce can invite all of you to post in your favourite anti God comedy videos bla bla bla. but oooh, the minute the tables are turned, the atheists throw all their toys out of the pram and take offence. talk about double standards and hypocrisy. and dont give me your haughty ‘draw me to salvation’ nonsense matilda. you and i both know you wont be drawn to anything concerning christianity. you’ve made your mind up already. as if it is my responsibility to be nice to you in order to get you to behave a certain way. grow up. youre supposed to be an adult. you make your own decisions. to you Jesus would say i would rather you were hot or cold rather than luke warm (spineless). you just dont get it do you. if you dont believe there’s a God, then me being reasonable with you makes no difference. there is no God in hour world. so I might as well cut to the chase. for years you lot think you can just scoff away, club together in your imagined atheist ‘safe house’ and deliver your fancy vitriol but oh no, you cant have it served back at you. once again matilda, grow a pair

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Well, there is such a thing as common decency and respect. This had nothing to do with atheism/Christianity. It has everything to do with your boorish behavior. In what world is it appropriate to tell a woman to grow a pair of testicles, Steve. I stand by my previous comment. Christian or not, you are a first rate obnoxious asshole.

    2. Jada

      Tl;dr wah wah wah atheists are so meeeaaaan to me. **sob sob sniff sniff**
      You don’t care so much that you just have to keep whining about it, lol! Get off the tit already, ya big baybeee! Comedy gold right there. 😀

    3. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Steve has been permanently banned. After realizing he can no longer access this site, he sent me the following:

      “oh is that right mt pr double standards bruce? then maybe for you to remain consistent to your lofty ideals of decency and respect, you should now perhaps delete all those disrespectful videos taking the piss out of the Bible etc etc.. but actually bruce, you dont need to remove any videos. its your freedom of choice. youre responsible for your website. but you do know of course that God cannot be mocked. He doesnt need defending. least of all from your feeble attacks. leave your anaemic digital attempts at dethroning Him up online for all your fans. weyhey! bruce’s gallery of the absurd gets another 3 hits tonight! but do you really think your pathetic collection of godless comedians is going to make a jot of difference in the long run? fleeting titters from the occasional visitor but time marches on, you’ll get sicker and die and then all your protesting will be over. and then what? waaaaaahhhhh Bill Maher said you were a figment of imagination. no-ones laughing now bruce, least of all you. and finally, now that i see you e blocked me, as if i would say grow a pair of actiual testicles to matilda. ever heard of the metaphoric phrase before? youre pathetic bruce, and this latest move by you just emphasizes the point, youre losing the plot.”

      1. Jada

        If god *doesnt* (sic) ‘need defending,’ then why is steve-o hanging around being a long-winded, slow-witted ‘defender?’ Poor little narcissist; negative attention is better than no attention at all to that sort of, well . . . loser.

        Steve-o, switch to decaf. It might improve your unfortunate tendency for histrionics. Oh, and the only ‘guys’ who tell women to ‘grow a pair’ often are lacking any at all. Angry and impotent; no wonder he’s so miserable! That’s no way to go through life, dude! 😀

    4. Matilda

      Steve, Your description of me is so far-off-the-scale-inaccurate it’s hilarious, I repeat, are you so delusional that you believe gratuitous insults, rudeness and failure to speak decently and respectfully, will ATTRACT folk to the christian faith? Would you speak to, say, a neighbour like that face to face and think they will come to Jesus from that childish and abusive tantrum?

  5. Appalachian Agnostic

    “Matilda, grow a pair” Hmmmm, I thought most Christians were against gender reassignment.

    1. Matilda

      Made me laugh for days that one, and my family of 3 DDs with grandkids!

  6. Geoff

    Steve shows such anger. I can only assume he’s frustrated on many levels, including perhaps the dawning realisation that the god he believes in really doesn’t exist, combined with an inability clearly to articulate in writing what he’s trying to say. Too much homeschooling methinks!

    His final comments overlook the fact that non-belief is the fastest growing sector in the US and that agnosticism, and atheism, in fifty years will be the norm.

  7. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

    Steve sent me the following:

    i can now sign off from this pretentious pompous site knowing the moderator is full of ess aitch 1 T

    fancy blocking me, because i told a fellow female atheist to grow a pair, awww diddums bwucie, haven’t you heard of colloquialism? do want me to expalin it for you?

    poor ikkle lady couldn’t get through the pain i caused her wivvout your heroic intervention? does she know youve protected her from me?

    well done bruce you gallant social justice warrior, you!

    actually, i know why you blocked me, because i called you out on your pathetic comedy central corner. can’t take your own medicine

    bruce your cronies think theyve seen through me, well ive certainly seen through you – you’re a pathetic hypocrite

  8. John Arthur

    Hi Steve,

    The nastiness of Fundamentalism shines through you by your demeaning attitude towards atheists. It doesn’t seem to matter to you that Jesus told his disciples to love their enemies. You obviously consider atheists “enemies” of your faith, but you treat Jesus (whom you profess to follow) so disrespectfully that you are doing a wonderful job of driving people away from your oppressive form of faith. The sooner people leave the better.

    John Arthur

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Here’s Steve’s response to you:

      No john arthur, basically, where Jesus says, ‘you brood of vipers and your father is the devil’, i am merely paraphrasing. your pathetic recourse as to how ‘i treat Jesus disrespectfully’ is almost vomit-inducing. He doesn’t exist in your eyes, so what does it matter to you? yuk! if you are going to bleat and moan, then at least make reference to something or somebody in whom you actually believe. but please do give yourself a gold star for double standards. mind you, your host has set quite a high bar in that regard,

      [Steve is unaware that John is not an atheist]

      1. John Arthur

        Hi Bruce,

        Jesus was speaking to the scribes and Pharisees, not to atheists. Steve seems unaware or unwilling to admit this (Mat:21:1-36). I find nowhere in the Gospels does Jesus have the attitude towards atheists that Steve has. Hey Steve, are you reading this!

        What Steve doesn’t seem to realise is that he is doing a good job at turning people away from the oppression of modern Fundamentalists. Their attitudes are similar to (including Steve’s) those ancient scribes and Pharisees that Jesus to whom referred.

        I wonder when Steve will degenerate even further and move towards the theology and praxis of Fred Phelps.


        John Arthur

        1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)


          Here is Steve’s response to you:

          err no john, as well you know, in saying these things, Jesus was actually talking to ALL those who deny His Sovereignty and Divinity ie gerenscer dot net et al. all those who oppose Jesus as vehemently as the gerenscer ‘family’ are not driven by the visible, physical nature but by the invisible spiritual nature. it is that invisible controlling nature Jesus addresses and that is what controls you. my vehemence against ‘family BG’ i admit spills out into a fleshly loathing at times and im not proud of that fact but it is your collective preening and intellectual strutting and double standards i find particularly loathsome. your guardian of the gate mr gerenscer no less has blocked my membership and all because he thought i was being mean to a fellow poster. so much for the number one rule of freedom of speech and aren’t you all big enough to look after yourselves? i send a link showing a young man accurately and comically taking the mickey out of atheists and ‘poor bruce’ is appalled and blocks me yet his own gallery of comedians making fun of christians and Jesus is held up in high esteem. and now, again, in another shining example of double standards, your own reference to Jesus and what He would do – typical fork tongue atheist bs – why reference a man you believe is a figment of my deluded imagination? why not reference spiderman, or the incredible hulk? they’re both imaginary heroes, are they not? your handy recourse to Him when it suits your arguments is typical saccharine centred gobbledygook. for the sake of your own intellectual integrity, don’t mention Jesus to draw any parallels of how one should behave because that makes you hypocrite numero uno. in my book, this is all just another way of saying ‘you brood of vipers’. if you do reference Him on how to behave, then that means you give credence to Him. so, was He only half right? did he set a good example behaviour-wise but was a liar when it came to His claim that He is God? so, He was a shining example of a good man whilst on earth? but a lying delusional also? make your mind up john, stop using His name in such a disingenuous way or give Him the full praise and worship He deserves which means repent and give Him your life.

          1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)


            You are actually banned because you are a first rate asshole. You have repeatedly shown that you lack the social skills necessary to play well with others. I make no apology for banning you. The regular commenters on this blog are my friends. Some of them are Christians. Just as I wouldn’t let you verbally assault my family, neither will I let you do it to my friends. If you feel the need to rail against atheists and Bruce Gerencser, start a blog. Then you can say whatever your little heart desires.

            I will post no further comments from you. Once I send this, I plan to remove your name from email comment updates. This way you won’t be tempted to sin.

            Bruce Gerencser

          2. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

            Steve’s parting words:

            “you bruce are a first rate fake and you know it. and i predict you will not be able to sleep soundly (if you do at all anyway) because of this intellectual/philosophical/moral failure on your part. your ‘friends’ are purely digital as is your view of yourself. goodbye bruce. it’s actually been fun pitting with you, youre probably used to people cowering and turning and at a loss for words. i certainly have the measure of you ”

  9. John Arthur

    Hi Bruce,

    The church website (where Steve Ransom serves) notes the church’s vision and values. Among these are “Servant-hearted- looking humbly to serve God …”. There is nothing humble about Steve. He boasts about having your measure.

    “Generous-hearted …” His use of words doesn’t indicate any generosity of spirit towards those with whom he disagrees.

    “Open-hearted …”. Steve gives no indication over on your site of being open hearted.

    Hey Steve! I bet your church members don’t know what kind of ungracious comments you make on Bruce’s site. They don’t really know the real you, do they? You speak of others as hypocrites, but maybe, just maybe, you should look in the mirror and ask yourself if this word might apply to you (I’m just suggesting). We are all fallible human beings, but you don’t seem to realise some of your failings.


    John Arthur

  10. Brian

    Trying to imagine this Steve man as a pastor counselling troubled people…. wait, I need to barf my guts out.


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