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Donald Trump, God’s Man for Such a Time as This — Or So Evangelicals Think Anyway Part One

Last Saturday, Polly and I drove to Ontario, Ohio (near Mansfield) to meet her parents for a late lunch. While driving to Texas Roadhouse, we came upon a Donald Trump rally. The pictures that follow will clearly show that there is a symbiotic connection between Evangelical Christianity and the Trump presidency. These Evangelicals are certain that Donald Trump is God’s man, and only he can lead America to the Promised Land.

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    and he gives absolutely NO SHIT about them. omg. you see where Anthem is pulling out of the Ohio ACA exchange in Ohio and leavitng 20 rural counties without an ACA approved insurance provider? These counties were pro Trump in the election. How many do you think HATED Obamacare but LOVED the ACA. sigh.

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    Honestly, I want to believe he is simply dealing with narcissism, or, I should say, WE are dealing with a very spoiled toddler who is tall and wears expensive suits. I cannot tell you the devastation of undoing funding for alcohol and drug rehabilitation, as well as mental illness and intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Michigan just defended Medicaid expansion, which SAVED us $19,000,000 in the few years we had it, because people had doctor’s they could go see. ACA had awful bits to it too, and Pres. Obama, may he be somewhere where news doesn’t reach over and over asked for the other side of the aisle to help make it better. Who knew medical care would be this hard? Sigh. I have to actively just do what I can. Whacky world.

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