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Donald Trump, God’s Man for Such a Time as This — Or So Evangelicals Think Anyway Part Two

Last Saturday, Polly and I drove to Ontario, Ohio (near Mansfield) to meet her parents for a late lunch. While driving to Texas Roadhouse, we came upon a Donald Trump rally. The pictures that follow will clearly show that there is a symbiotic connection between Evangelical Christianity and the Trump presidency. These Evangelicals are certain that Donald Trump is God’s man, and only he can lead America to the Promised Land.


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    Melissa Montana

    Some rally. Compare that to the thousands marching in the streets at the various protests. Small number, like his inaugural crowd, his popularity poll…

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    Evangelicalism is a bunch of paradoxes. They preach love and tolerance, hate homosexuals and transgenders, would take away women’s rights regarding abortion, have no compunction about executing a grown person who maybe should have been aborted, and glorify one of the most gruesome killing machines ever invented, the gun.

    I get the feeling that fundamentalism is pretty consistent with low educational and intellectual development. Not an absolute, of course, but statistically I’d bet on it.

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      “… would take away women’s rights regarding abortion…” I would add “and anything related to reproductive choices.”

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        I second that. Not only are they continuing to do TRAP laws, but they are continuing to find ways to deny access to birth control, see the “Hobby Lobby” and “Little Sisters” and the rumors of a policy allowing any company to use the “conscience” excuse to not cover birth control and abortion in health care plans. Idiots.

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    More than any other demographic Trump is the man for evangelicals. The reason, clearly, is they are mostly one issue voters for the pro-life lobby. While Trump is the Christian poser, Pence is the real McCoy.
    I recall that when Prince Harry was born, citizens of the U.K. trumpeted about the “heir and the spare”. With Pence waiting in the wings, evangelicals have their “error (Trump) and the sperror (Pence the spare error)”. Amen.

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    J.D. Matthews

    Did I miss something? Did Trump not win the election already? What’s the friggin’ point of having a rally at this point?

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