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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Secularists Are Demonic

ch fisher

America’s secular populace is beyond mere secularism [proof for this claim?]. Over 40% are fully prepared to submit to Antichrist [proof for this statistic?]. A large percentage [again, proof for this claim?] are hedonistic [like John Piper with his Christian hedonism?], anarchist, licentious, have the mind of Satan, promote infanticide, promote or practice sexual perversion, image mutilation [I have no idea what this means. Messing up a photo in Photoshop?] and gender alteration, et cetera [proof for this assertion?]. In short—they are demonic. They have elected politicians that would destroy this nation in an instant [lie] and some are fully involved in that process [bigger lie]. Their hatred for anyone and anything Christian is flagrant, ominous, and explosive [Trump-sized lie].

— C.H. Fisher, Truthkeepers, There is only One I will Call My King—the Lord Jesus Christ, October 26, 2018

This quote is from C.H. Fisher is what is commonly known as Grade A bullshit. This is what people say when their minds have been taken captive by right-wing extremism and Fundamentalist Christianity. Fisher is so “pure” that he had to start a church in his home for like-minded zealots.


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    Those are bold statements that prove he has absolutely no idea what secular people actually believe.

    Back in the 1980s pastors ranted against secular humanism. It was evil beyond evil. I could never get an answer about what it was or why it was bad beyond “it puts man at the center instead of God”. Somehow as a teen I got my hands on the Humanist Manifesto (pre-internet days so I must have gone to the library). I read it and thought, that’s……it? I couldn’t figure out what was so wrong about it.

    Bruce, as an IFB pastor, did you rant against secular humanism and if so, why?

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      Christians believe that good deeds must be done for the correct reasons, and that humanism fails to achieve this. Jesus himself condemned the Pharisees for following the Law of Moses but for the wrong reasons.

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    This guy: I can’t scare people enough using my imaginary god, so let me whip out an imaginary enemy for maximum scare tactics. As an added bonus, the liar-in-chief has taught me the most effective way to sway people is with outright lies and non existent data. As long as I state it with enough enthusiasm, ignorant people will fall for it.

    ::extreme eye roll::

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