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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: The Ten Commandments of the Democratic Party

deana chadwell

Thou shalt have no other gods but human power.  Winning elections is the Democrat raison d’être because power is their god; the party is their church; and its manifestation is large, centralized government.

Thou shalt worship under the direction of these priests: Darwin, Alinsky, Spock, Marx, Dewey, and Sanger – to say nothing of Baal.  Child sacrifice is their sacrament.  All ideas counter to the thinking of these apostles must be mocked, blocked, and twisted.

Thou shalt bow down to nothing wholesome or productive.  Kindness, genuine caring, duty, and honor are attributes to fake in order to win elections – see the First Commandment – but are never indulged with sincerity.

Thou shalt demonstrate no respect for the universe as God’s creation.  Good Democrats must see the Earth as fragile, purposeless, and a god itself.

Thou shalt destroy all vestiges of family.  Democrats believe in taxing citizens so intensely that both parents have to earn a wage.  Their public school curricula train children to revere government rather than parents.  Democrats champion sexual deviance and prepare children to indulge their sexuality from a young age.

Thou shalt attack, provoke, ridicule, and kill whoever gets in your way.  Even when they don’t physically kill their political opponents, they kill their livelihoods, their reputations, their families.  This commandment gives modern Democrats an excuse to run conservatives out of restaurants, out of theaters, out of their homes.

Thou shalt have any kind of sex with whomever, whenever, and wherever.  Refer back to the fifth commandment.  Societal chaos and desperation open the door to government control – i.e., power.

Thou shalt legalize theft by authorizing the government to steal.  Big government requires big money to bribe voters, to keep them dependent, to be able to import new voters.

Thou shalt bear false witness against thine enemies.  They make up elaborate stories of sexual deviance and financial malfeasance, of drunken orgies and high school shenanigans.

Thou shalt envy, covet, and indulge all jealous attitudes, hating anyone who has accumulated more wealth, more power, or more fame than you have.  This is the engine the runs the whole thing.  Without envy, there is no discontent.

Deana Chadwell, Professor at Pacific Bible College, The American Thinker, October 7, 2018


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    That’s some world class projection.

    It shows that people in her part of the political and religious spectrum, don’t even try and understand what the other side stands for, much less even trying to understand.

    “Thou shalt demonstrate no respect for the universe as God’s creation. Good Democrats must see the Earth as fragile, purposeless, and a god itself.” Totally misses the point. Clean air and water don’t happen by accident, they need to be worked at and taken care of. There is a reason people are not flocking to the countries of the former Soviet Union, part of Asia to live, it’s due to the life damaging pollution. The Earth is fragile, just look at the conditions of the oceans. There are remote lakes in parts of the country that have traces of human medications in them. If we destroy the environment in the name of profits, we only end up killing our selves.

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    A WOMAN teaching at a Bible “College”? No doubt teaching MEN? OH NOES!!!!

    Correct me if I’m worint, but isn’t she supposed to be at home cooking, cleaning, raising children, and sexually servicing her husband whenever and however he wants it, with no complaint, while hubby goes out and makes the money, like a good and holy little Christian doormat woman is supposed to do?!?!?!

    What a mean, nasty, hypocritical little bint…

  3. Avatar

    All I can do is shake my head in wonder. What’s bad is that these people are impossible to reason with. You could show them all the proof in the world that they’re wrong and they will just throw God and a couple of “fucking pervert murderer snowflakes” at you.

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