IFB Man and Supporter of Steven Anderson Says I Am a Sexual Pervert

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A man using the moniker Phaggot Destroyer (PD) sent me the following email:

Does your “wife of 40 years” know that you are on the internet promoting the filthy perversion of the LGBTP?

You also seem to push the fag nonsense that anyone rebuking faggotry in our land must be secretly repressing their own desires for faggotsim. Yeah. That makes sense, idiot.

Only a reprobate mind of a faggot would say such a thing so YOU are therefore the one who needs to come out of your homo closet and admit to your wife and family that you are a sexual pervert so they can start watching the young grandchildren closely when they are around you.


PD says his email address is associated with the God Guns Guts and Glory blog. I have no way of knowing whether this is true, but I do know that my post The Sounds of Fundamentalism: Anonymous Fundamentalist Spends Eight Minutes Talking About Sodomite Sex is getting extra traffic of late. I wrote this post in February, but evidently this man was not aware of it until today. The post featured the following video:

Video Link

It should come as no surprise that PD and the God Guns Guts and Glory blog are big fans of Steven Anderson, pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. Evidently, PD is outraged over my opinion about men such as Anderson and the producer of the aforementioned video: that IFB preachers who rage against LGBTQ people are often repressed, deeply-closeted homosexuals. Pay attention to what IFB preachers most often preach against. Their outrage is often their tell. What they scream and rail against is often their secret “sin.”

Where does the vitriol expressed by the letter writer come from? Where does Steven Anderson’s hatred of LGBTQ people come from? Such people believe their behavior is consistent with Christianity; that if Jesus were alive today, he too would be anti-LGBTQ and would use vile, abusive language to attack non-heterosexuals. In their minds, they are the true remnant; True Christians® called by God to stand against the faggot horde.

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  1. That Other Jean

    I admire your calmness and fortitude in dealing with unbalanced, abusive people, Bruce. I don’t think I could resist the urge to administer an epic smackdown or two.

  2. ObstacleChick

    These folks are afraid of LBGTQ people, and their fear and ignorance are expressed as hatred. It’s sad. It’s really sad that PD took time out of his day to write his hateful missive to you. Yet again, another follower of the religion that supposedly promotes love is a hateful bigot.

  3. DJ

    Dear PD,
    You never look good trying to make someone else look bad.

  4. Randy

    I got into it with one of the God, Guns, Guts & Glory guys on Anderson’s Facebook page a few years ago. Back when Anderson was making the headlines for instigating some border patrol agents and ended up getting tazed for it. You should search up the video on YouTube. Hearing Anderson’s screams of pain is quite cathartic.

    Even in my deepest evangelical fervor I despised Anderson and his crew. I hated their continuous use of the term “faggot” to refer to those in the LGBT community. Because that’s what Jesus would do? Then he went even further and told people to pray for President Obama to die! Oh man, no help for this level of crazy. I keep anxiously awaiting to see him featured in Black Collar Crimes for finally being exposed as some kind of sexual predator of young boys. Something is not right about this guy. He takes the term “homophobic” to new stratospheric heights.

  5. maura

    be so cool if after they go through the pearly gates there’s zombie jeebus with a printout of all their hatred that he makes them read aloud to sky daddy and the rest of the angel zombies and regular zombies

  6. Brian

    Ohhhh, that is rich! To be accused of being a pervert by Steven Anderson. Anderson has never been able to tell the difference between someone with homoerotic feelings and someone who victimizes children. I suspect that if Steven was not so far buried in his hatred-love, he would begin to have some insight into why a person would melt these two very disparate states together….. such as if a little boy was victimized by a man? Then perhaps that little boy would see homosexuality and child abuse as exactly the same thing?
    There is a very good reason that people in denial are sucked into Christianity, washed in the blood and refuse to face the reality of their lives, say none of it matters after Jesus saves. It’s a clever ruse, giving folks a garbage can for all they have dragged around, offering them soft denial to sink into… Phaggot Destroyer is a delightful example of Steven Anderson’s spiritual sculpture. It’s grotesque and generic at the same time!

  7. John Arthur

    Hi Bruce,

    Wow! This Fundamentalist bigot ought to take a good, long, hard look at himself. He seems to have no ability to show compassion, kindness and understanding of same-sex oriented persons. He mistakes your kindness towards persons with a homosexual orientation as a closet desire to be one yourself. He is so deluded.

    The problem is his fundamentalist view of the bible which helps promote his bigotry. He won’t give it up and this will keep him blind to the need to treat other human beings with dignity and respect, no matter what their sexual orientation is.

    Peace and well being to you.


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