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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: What Satan Wants by Lori Alexander

lori alexander

Satan wants abortion to murder those babies.

Satan wants those babies in daycares being given bottles by strangers.

Satan wants mothers to have careers and the children to be raised in public schools where God is not allowed to be mentioned.

Satan wants children to be brought up in the ways of the world.

Satan wants to destroy the home by having it sit empty all day long and where strife reigns between the couples at night.

Satan hates marriage and wants perpetually singleness for young adults.

Satan wants the wife to rule her husband.

Satan wants foolish women who tear their homes down.

Satan celebrates divorce.

Satan hates the family and wants to destroy it.


Satan wants children to be raised without a father.

Satan convinces couples that children are a burden and an inconvenience, and they need to use birth control to prevent having many, if any, children.

Satan wants a mother’s career to take top priority.

Satan wants mothers’ hearts to be turned toward what society has to offer.

God’s will is good, and acceptable, and perfect. Satan’s goal is to kill, steal, and destroy.

— Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, Satan is Doing Everything to Destroy the Home, January 5, 2019

Simply put, in Lori Alexander’s world, any belief different from hers is Satanic; and lifestyle different from hers is Satanic; and family structure different from hers is Satanic.


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    I still fail to see what the heck business it is of Lori Alexander what other women on the planet do. Did she appoint herself the pope of women’s (lack of) rights?

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    Satan is the justification that believers give to everything they don’t like, and especially when they rape or steal; ‘it wasn’t my fault, Satan made me do it’. Well how about dear Lori were to put ‘god’ in front of all her dislikes, then ask herself what he’s trying to say.

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    I don’t believe Satan exists but agree with a lot of what she has to say even as a non-Christian.

    The nuclear family (Breadwinning father, housewife mother, and 1-2 kids) is the most stable model and the building block of a healthy society. Break that, and society’s foundations are shaken.
    Every child, especially sons, need a father or some kind of male role model.
    Little kids don’t need daycare. They need a mother and a grandmother at home. At least 1 parent should be home
    I’m against abortion with the possible exceptions of rape, when the mother’s life is in danger, or when the child has permanent disabilities that will prevent him from having a normal life.
    Public Schools are dangerous places for a teenage mind to be exposed to. I’d steer any hypothetical child of mine clear from them.
    I’m against divorce except in cases of adultery, financial, or sexual abuse from one partner. If your spouse is stealing from you or threatening you or your children’s lives, for instance.
    However I see nothing wrong with not having kids. It’s best not to have kids if you aren’t financially or emotionally ready to take up the challenge of adding kids to the equation. Frankly, most people are better off unmarried!

    Actually, f8ck it! If more than 90% of all humans are going to hell according to the Bible, then you are contributing to the problem by upping the number of people on God’s no-fly list! Don’t have kids and stay single!

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