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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Why Men Want Their Wives to Work

lori alexander

1. They’ve been brainwashed by decades of feminist social engineering into believing that a wife not working full time outside the home is a freeloader not contributing to the household.

2. Related to number 1, they realize that their own ability to adequately provide for a family on their income alone has been deliberately undermined and destroyed by the existing feminist order, which has saturated the workplace with women, thus driving wages downward to levels incapable of supporting a family. For this reason, they’re determined that their wives should “live the ‘feminist dream’” and work full time (“you and your feminist sisters have made your – and our – beds hard, now sleep in them!”).

3. They know how miserable, “unfulfilled,” and “oppressed” their wives will feel having to stay at home and raise the children they’ve spat out because they felt some vague societal obligation to do so (“I gave birth to them, isn’t that enough?! … What, you want me to RAISE them too??!! Are you nuts???!!!”). These men know that they’ll be in for nothing but misery, contentiousness, and marital strife if they “oppress” their wives by making them stay at home, so they make them go to work in the (vain and misplaced) hope of ensuring some domestic tranquility.

4. Sadly, most husbands today don’t seem to give significantly more thought or priority to their children’s long-term spiritual and emotional well-being than do their wives. Children, in the modern western world, and for both sexes, are a commodity, an abstraction, and ultimately a burden, not joys or treasures to be delighted in, cared for, and nurtured to grow up in God’s image. Making mom stay at home to raise them is just not an option for most dads, for all the reasons cited above.

— Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, Why Men Want Their Wives to Work, January 30, 2019


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    personally, i want my wife to work because:

    1) she consistently makes more money, more regularly, than i ever have, even prior to my injury. 🤕

    2) if she didn’t work, then we would have to rely on my disability payment for everything, which would mean that we would probably be homeless within a year.

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    Lori would hate my husband and me. He is a trained educator and is great with kids – I am not. He has the ability to own his own tutoring business and set his own hours – I am chained to a 9 to 5 job. I make more $ in my 9 to 5 job than my husband ever could make teaching. My husband appreciates that he married an intelligent woman who has a career, and he got to be home with the kids when they were young and gets to go to all of their after school sports events (while running his own business in the evening). So…..penises and vaginas do not always determine people’s strengths, weaknesses, or career choices.

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    That Other Jean

    Lori seems to have confused cause and effect. Women, at least those who would prefer to be home with their children, are in the workplace not because of feminism, but because it is increasingly difficult for a family to survive on a single paycheck. Certainly, there are women who work for their own satisfaction, in addition to increasing household income, but a great many women work to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads, provide their children with a better education, and afford medical care.

    Some families do find that the husband is a better caregiver for their children than the wife–but that sort of thing is anathema to Lori, who demands that all women follow her personal ideal of “womanhood.” She lives in a world where men can “make” women stay at home, raise the children, and keep house. That may have been true in the 19th Century–at least for the well-to-do–but it’s rarely applicable to the 21st. So Lori now insists that it’s men who force women into the workplace, because husbands believe that is what women want? She seems to be trying to have this both ways, but blame feminism for all of it. If she’s making sense, I don’t see it.

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    Bob Felton

    My wife has two engineering degrees, and manages the databases for a global manufacturing firm. Why would I want for all that intelligence and ability to be wasted and frustrated because of something said by some Bronze Age bonehead?

    There is just no nice way to say some things: The Abrahamic monotheisms degrade people, sustain themselves by degrading people, and the sooner they disappear into history the better off we all will be.

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    “… which has saturated the workplace with women, thus driving wages downward to levels incapable of supporting a family.”

    You’re blaming the women? Really? What about corporate greed? What about the technology and robotics? What about cheap oversea labor?

    Maybe you need to stop believing the myth of Eve and her consumption of the forbidden fruit, that when anything goes wrong, the blame gets placed squarely on the woman.

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    So, let’s get this right. Lori thinks that men encourage their wives to work because they (the men) despise feminism and want to see their wives exhausted and stressed so that they (the men) can then say, triumphantly, “This is all the fault of feminism!” ???

    She really has a very poor grasp of how other people think. Combined with an apparently absolute belief in her own rightness. Terrible combination.

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    You folks are so incredibly kind to Lori and her nonsense. Someone needs to boil all of this down to the lowest common denominator:

    “Lori has shit for brains.”

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