Bruce, You Suck, Jesus Loves You, and the Devil Has Deceived You

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Email From the Peanut Gallery

Just today, I received three emails from God’s chosen ones. I thought readers might find these emails entertaining, so I have posted them below. All grammar in the originals. Enjoy!

Mike wrote:

bruce why are you pansy pasty white fags so enamored in blocking people of faith? i mean the religious structure on camp pendleton targeted by retarded atheists wasnt enough? funny how muslims arent prejudiced against you psychos.

Dar wrote:

Jesus loves you sir

and included a link to the Chick tract titled, The Empty Tomb.

Kenyetta wrote:

Baptist, Cogic, Methodist, Pentecostal, Catholic, 7th Day Adventists, Jehovah Witness, Presbyterian, AOG, Lutheran, (literally the list goes on & on) < God. I just finished reading your article about the controversy of speaking in tongues between the Pentecostals & the Baptists. As a follower of Christ, I have to agree with you. Like you said, according to the Word of God, believers are supposed to have one Lord, one faith, one baptism. But they’re so many different beliefs for one belief, who can distinguish what’s right & what’s wrong? Who can differentiate the confusion?

God claims to not be the author of confusion, even though his name is in the midst of the confusion. Quite naturally, that would lead one to believe or wonder is faith in Christ what God says it is or is it really just a bunch of confusion like it’s being “portrayed,” ultimately causing one to doubt God & his existence & truth. However, we do have another suspect. The one who’s been known to bring confusion, lies & deception since the beginning of time. But isn’t it ironic how God is subconsciously framed? Like since there’s so much confusion in this world & even beliefs with his name involved, you would think he’s the author of it right? But what if that’s just what satan wants you to think? I mean it is what he did to Eve. Confusing her mind with what he was saying vs what God had already stated to her. Why would there be any difference today?

I believe God’s Word is true. Not because my church does or because my family does. Yea, I’m a woman of faith, but I do love facts & evidence. So with that being said, I believe God’s Word is true because it’s the one literal thing that has never lied to me. Like different aspects of my life & just life period, can be traced back to what God says in his word & I just don’t understand how one can believe that’s just a coincidence. It’s always been religion that has brought confusion & lies against Gods truth, not him. If you scratch out religions, & denominations, you have nothing to lean on but God..which I believe was his plan all alone. No matter what any Baptist or Pentecostal or any other denomination has to say, Jesus holds the truth because that’s his very nature. His word can’t return void. It can’t lie on itself & so far it’s proven to be all it has said & more. Try Jesus aside from everything else. I guarantee you’ll get a different answer than the last time. God bless.



  1. Caroline

    Do you think Mike’s first language is English?


    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      His IP address places him in the US. Sadly, many Americans skipped English class when they were in school. 😀

  2. przxqgl

    whenever people send me links to chick tracts, i send back a link to a Tinite tract that was modeled on a chick tract.

  3. Emersonian

    “Four words and a Chick tract” is the name of my next metal band.

  4. Brian Vanderlip

    These ‘faithful’ people exhibit the illness of Christ-o-virus in full bloom. They have no interest in Bruce Gerencser, no interest at all. They would toss you to the sharks if God winked it. Very sad, their sickness….

  5. oldbroad1

    Kenyetta, TL:DR.good lord, sweetie, get to the point, such as it was.

    1. Matilda

      Bruce, love the peanut gallery. Love the ‘I believe god’s word is true/I believe he has a plan.’ In an exchange with a fundy troll telling me I just needed to read the bible and my eyes would be opened, he said ‘I know the bible is true because I’ve walked with god for 40yrs’. Ms Kenyetta implies you don’t need denominations which are all misguided or dodgy, you just need jesus. Which is what my troll said, so I told him of Screwtape’s advice to Wormwood to nitpick with the x-tian about doctrine so that he moves further and further away from fellow believers and becomes a church of one person because he alone has true purity of doctrine.

  6. Zoe

    Kenyetta: “Like since there’s so much confusion in this world & even beliefs with his name involved, you would think he’s the author of it right?”

    Zoe: Your God according to your beloved word is the author of the confusion. He set it all into motion.

    Kenyetta: “But what if that’s just what satan wants you to think? I mean it is what he did to Eve. ”

    Zoe: According to your beloved word, who put satan in the garden Kenyetta?

  7. ObstacleChick

    Kenyatta is probably a nice person, but I had trouble of getting through that word salad. And yes, the Bible has lied to you, Kenyetta, on multiple occasions, like Jesus coming back in the lifetimes of some of his listeners, the promise that anything asked in Jesus’ name would be granted, not to mention all the OT tales like Exodus that aren’t supported by archaeology, just to name a few.

  8. Jeremy

    “I guarantee you’ll get a different answer than the last time. ”

    I had to laugh at this! That’s quite the bold claim. I wonder what exactly this “guarantee” entails?


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