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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Secularism is to Blame For Everything Rotten in the World

dennis prager

Anything that is divine and not chained to the affairs of this world is dear to secularism. There is an obsession with everything worldly, with living for itself, with the idea that this world is the only world worth living for. This is the basic idea that has mushroomed into a great number of ideas that are far more threatening and far more harmful than the core belief.

It began with the Renaissance, wherein a renewed interest in humanism called for a greater interest in human achievements—achievements in this world. Since then, this movement has gained traction and has always been evolving and growing—and not harmlessly either.

By calling for turning away from the sacred and the spiritual, secularism heralds a desolate time wherein humans will obsess over their mortal lives. Fending for oneself will become the code of life, and the complex mesh of humankind will be reduced to base survivalist living. Christian values will doubtless be lost, awash in the typhoon of secular urban “welfare.”

In short, everything that is rotten and pathetic about humanity will surface as part of a bigger problem in the near future, all because man decided to break ties with faith and break bread with secular.


Secularists seem so intoxicated on their own notion of “freedom” that they are blind to what unfolds in front of their very eyes: such as just like homosexuality, pedophilia is now being touted as a “sexual orientation.” How long before incest hits the road? How much longer before all concepts of decency and decorum are lost to the wild whims of secular ideas?


One of the basic ideas connected to secularism is that religion and religious doctrine is archaic and deserves to be no longer followed. Secular governments and a “freedom” to do as you please is presented as the alternative, and perhaps on paper everything is as unicorns and rainbows.

However, one should not forget that the loss of religion and religious values comes with the loss of moral values, and of shame. When a society loses its collective notion of shame, it loses the capacity to feel regret, guilt, or apprehension. Crimes become more fervent and widespread, more violent and aberrant.

— Search Berg, Reformation Charlotte, Secularism: A Dangerous Anti-Tradition Precedent, May 27, 2019


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    James M Priscu

    Of course, it’s always about the “deviant” sexual practice of homosexuality — again, it’s the evangelists being obsessed about what men are doing in their bedrooms.

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    “It began with the Renaissance” – because nothing threatens the willful ignorance of religion like curiosity and learning.

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    The theist’s lament here ultimately ends up with the theist’s worldly concerns: “homosexuality, pedophilia, incest, survivalist living, fending for oneself, loss of moral values, shame, society’s collective notion”. The theist’s solution to the worldly problems caused by secularists is of course forcing religion into the public sphere. But which religion? Why fundamentalist Christianity and social conservatism of course! Individuals charting their own spiritual (or non spiritual course) is modern enlightenment values poo poo!

    If there is a perfect eternal life at the pearly gates, why do theists continue to worry about the ephemeral drama on the third rock from the sun?

    Ultimately Prager has it backwards, isn’t it the theist the one that is “living for you”? To create a fantasy of an eternal life because we can’t and don’t want to wrap our head around personal extinction is the acme of narcissism.

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    This man doesn’t understand what secularism is. Secularism is the view that Church and State should be kept separate; that’s it. It is perfectly possible to be a believer (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, whatever) and to be a secularist.

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