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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Homosexuals are Vermin Scum, Says Baptist Dave 1611

baptist dave 1611

The sodomites, the homos, they do all their filthy acts in the dark of night where no one can see them. When you get these perverts on their own, they flee like cockroaches, like the roaches they are, the vermin scum, the pedophiles that they are.


If you’re making your son, for example, dress up as a woman and go dance at a sodomite bar, that’s hip, that’s cool, that’s trendy. But if you just believe the Bible, and you take your kid to church, that’s child abuse, right?

— Baptist Dave 1611, an unnamed Air Force Airman on his YouTube videos

This unnamed airman sure sounds like a follower of IFB homophobe Steven Anderson.  For those who don’t speak IFB, 1611 stands for the 1611 King James Bible — the preferred translation of homophobes everywhere.

Air Force Times article on Baptist Dave 1611


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    So they do their filthy acts in the dark of night so nobody can see them? Hell, I’m hetero and I do too. I don’t want anyone watching me and my wife! Maybe Mr. 1611 is saying he would like to see them doing the horizontal bop, or whatever filthy act, in broad daylight.

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    Bruce, this guy really is only a couple of steps beyond where many of us were on the hatred spectrum when we were fundies. We were taught to abhor homosexuals and people of other religions as “false religions of Satan”. Maybe we didn’t actually use the word “hate” or were as in your face about it, but it was how we felt. Am I right? For all its talk about love, at its core about fear and abhorrence of the “others” with the ultimate desire and goal to change/convert them.

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      Someone might consider informing this service member that his comments do not make him any more heterosexual than he currently is or any more christian than he claims to be.

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    Brian Vanderlip

    Raving is raving and Steve Anderson style raving is a cloak worn by very sick, harmed people. Baptist Dave 1611 reveals the love of God through fundamentalist, evangelical fervor. The more you can hate yourself and others, the more you have gotten the real message of salvation. I agree with ObstacleChick that those of us who were sick with that virus were not far astray from sick Baptist Dave. It’s a scary place and humbling to remember how haunted we have been.

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      I don’t exactly disagree. But when I was a Christian, there just wasn’t all the hate rhetoric against homosexuals and others. It was denounced, but I just never heard raving like this. If I had, I’m sure I would have bailed sooner than I did.

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    Those who wanted to exterminate Jewish people in Europe in the 30’s and 40’s started out by calling ‘undesirables’ vermin. Don’t these types teach that history in their superior home schools?

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    Karen the rock whisperer

    You know, I really wonder about straight people who obsess about gay sex. I’m straight. I don’t want to have gay sex personally. Therefore, when I think about sex, I think about straight sex. When I see a good-looking guy, my mind may wander a bit, Sex thoughts are pleasant thoughts.

    Then you get people like this. I just dunno.

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    I’d like to see him booted out of the air force but I’m not holding my breath.

    The Air Force has had an Evangelism issue for a while now.

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      I’m glad to see the Air Force does not seem to be trying to cover this up and claims to be investigating it. With all the PTSD vets are experiencing, they need to take threats, even if veiled, seriously.

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    Considering the bisexual orientation of King James I, this homophobe’s devotion to the King James Version of the Bible seems at least mildly amusing. James wasn’t exactly shy about his affection for his male “friends” despite his marriage and children.

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    John Arthur

    Why does this guy have so much hatred for same-sex oriented persons? If they get “married” what possible impact could it have upon any heterosexual marriage?

    He calls same-sex attracted persons vermin, but before he casts any more stones, perhaps he should take a good, long, hard look at himself and examine his views from the perspective of compassion, healing-mercy and loving-kindness.

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