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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Unlike Liberals, Conservatives Are Careful in What They Say

Rick [Green], it’s really a question because there are so many issues that keep popping up in culture and we want to present information the right way. One of the things that oftentimes you see is people who just start talking before they have all the facts and information don’t always do a good job.

In fact, the reason the hashtag fake news became a thing is because people started saying things before they knew what they were talking about. This is something, dad, you and I have talked about many times. [Tim Barton is the son of David Barton — a certified liar for Jesus]

Conservatives are very cautious in what they say [I’m rolling on the floor laughing hysterically] and when they say it’s because statistically, and this is just statistically: there’s gonna be people that are progressive, liberal, conservative, constitutional. However, you identify libertarian whatever. 

There’s gonna be people that fall in different camps. But statistically the majority of people on the conservative side don’t want to speak to an issue unless they have, Rick is you have mentioned, the apologetics. Whereas, statistically on the other side, you see liberals who are free to say whatever they feel or think or want whether or not it’s backed up by actual factual information [I’m still rolling on the floor laughing hysterically].

— Tim Barton, WallBuilders, Specific Things You Can Say To People Who Disagree With You Politically, August 12, 2019


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    Karen the rock whisperer

    Move over, Bruce, you’re hogging the floor. There’s room for several us to roll, laughing hysterically.

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    That boy’s a chip off the old block, isn’t he? If fundamentalist Christians meant half the things they say, Hell would be so full of liberals, agnostics, and atheists that the Devil would come to them, begging them to shut up because Hell was running out of room. Tim Barton must be comparing Fundamentalists to their Chosen Leader, Donald Trump. What’s he up to now, 12,000+ lies since he was elected? Compared to that, most of them are rank amateurs in the “lying for Jesus” (or for fun) business.

    I think I’ll avoid rolling on the floor, since I’d have a terrible time getting up–but I’ll be laughing with you.

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    Where are the statistics to back up his statement? Even if he did have those statistics, Trump alone would have negated everyone else. Talk about irony.

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    Steve Ruis

    We should call this the Donald Trump Syndrome. If you like something, then you are free to say whatever in praise of it. If you dislike something, you are free to makeup any negative thing that comes to mind. Yuge!

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    Who was it invented the term ‘alternative facts’, as sounding better than ‘lies’?

    And who was it coined the term ‘fake news’ then turned it into an art form?

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    Brunetto Latini

    J Michael Straczynski used the terms “real facts” and “good facts” in the Babylon 5 episode “The Deconstruction of Falling Stars”. Meaning is the same. Long before Trump decided to make reality as unbelievable as a space opera.

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    Sigh…I am in the hell of South Carolina politics at the moment. I so want and am campaigning for Jamie Harrison to get Lindsey Graham Out!! “Pray” for us in the south.

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      I’m there with you, oldbroad1. I’ve donated numerous times to Jaime’s campaign against Leningrad Lyndsay, but I’ve not been out canvassing yet. I do love canvassing though. You get to meet some great people, you get some great exercise, and get some reinforcement of why this is so important. (I’ve canvassed in some of Greenville’s poorest neighborhoods.) You just don’t want to met at the door by a white guy with a gun and you don’t want to lose your glasses.

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    Melissa A Montana

    It still amazes me how willfully blind conservatives are to themselves. Will they ever understand why no rational person takes them seriously anymore?

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    I take it he never listens to right wing radio or even ten minutes of “Muslims, Gays, Commies and Occasio-Cortez Is Going to Get US Radio”, oops “Christian Radio”. There shear amount of ill thought out stupidity that come from there is enough to make one despair for human beings.

    Obviously he’s missed the stories about James O’Keefe and Jacob Wohl.

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