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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Secularists, Atheists, and Liberals to Blame for Coronavirus Pandemic

There is only a small minority of individuals who are grossly disobedient to God.[Actually, we are a larger percentage than Evangelicals.] Unfortunately for the vast majority of faithful individuals in America, too many of the unfaithful have been allowed by the faithful to gain high positions of influence in our culture: high positions in our government, our educational system, our media and our entertainment industry. This is tragic, unfortunate, and costly.

What is a great encouragement to me, ministering here in our nation’s capital, is witnessing the groundswell of faithful individuals who have been voted into office. If my calculations are correct, and I believe they are, there are more believers in Congress and the executive branch now than at any other time in modern American history! at any other time in modern American history!

I think great days lie ahead for our country as more and more evangelicals rise in their influence – you godly public servants [like Baby Christian Donald Trump] – who are working so hard to deliver us from the consequential wrath we are undergoing as a nation due in large part to the misdirection of those [atheists, agnostics, secularists, humanists, pagans, liberals, progressives, non-Christians] who are rebuked by God’s forsaking wrath.

— Ralph Drollinger, Founder Capitol Ministries and Trump Spiritual Advisor, Deranged White House evangelical blames ‘faithless’ for COVID-19, March 26, 2020


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    Brian Vanderlip

    Well, I have been repeating ad nauseum my view that evangelical belief is based in harm to self and others and this Drollinger Draft-Brain simply makes my point once again. What a miserable wretch he is, flailing around about the difficult times being the result of halfway normal folks impinging on his world. What a Old Testament dildo! Take a flying leap, Ralph! Please please go straight to Glory and do not pass Go.

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    dale m

    It all comes down to a piss poor educational system and a failure to become part of the American Dream. My country, Canada, should show the way. We’re 10% of the American population and should be able to hone our abilities to laser sharpness. Even cut ties to the American military. Go our own way. We just need the confidence. Atheists here, 6 years ago, hit 32% of the pop. Municipal, Provincial and Federal census bureaus stopped taking religious census because the rapid rise in atheism here made religious immigrants feel very uncomfortable. I live in one of Canada’s 2 Bible Belts. In the West here, it’s Baptist evangelicalism. In the East, it’s Catholicism. Religion does not push us around. 1/3 of Canada (Quebec) does not allow religious symbols in any public schools or government offices. They’ve been taken down. They won’t allow the wearing of religious garbs on the streets. It’s against our Bill of Rights but, now the shoe’s on the other foot. No politician here wants to challenge us. They’re distinctly afraid. And they should be. If we make it here, the 49th Parallel is our next push.

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        I spent about 5 years, whilst a fundy children’s evangelist in the Uk, praying that word, that we’d be ‘relevant’ to an increasingly secular society before realising the futility of our projects. We could get a decent crowd of kids along to our clubs, events etc…and fundy ‘wisdom’ told us they’d go home and, bingo, bring their whole family along Sunday after Sunday. Never happened, 5 families maybe tried coming to services over that time, so the children could enjoy Sunday School, led by a lovely person…but left again..because services were boring and totally irrelevant to their lives. They were busy people, they had better things to do over their precious weekends than be in a totally irrelevant place of worship.

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    I hope that this is the last desperate power-grasping gasp of evangelicalism. Polls and surveys show it’s trending downward, shrinking in numbers, but it’s hard to believe with all these zealots currently in power.

    I wish I could move to Canada!

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    ... Zoe ~

    We have our evangelists here in Canada, trust me, I use to hob nob with them. They are just a little less obvious since the 80’s but they are still here. I agree though, I’d rather be here than there.

    I well remember this way of believing or trying to believe.

    The enormous effort put into the us vs. them picture. The arrogant anger just under the skin fuelled by the constant baptism of fear supported by the personality of the Almighty Himself. Death by drowning ring a bell.

    The yoke is not light. I well remember. 🙁

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    Brian Vanderlip

    I feel it is a bit premature to speak of Canada as more easygoing about religion. Once religion is defined as a for-profit enterprise and properly taxed, then perhaps we can talk about the eventual demise but until then, have a listen to the last Massy Lectures and in the conversation about gender equality, listen to how much religion is involved, still involved. Women were invented from a man’s rib and made to serve a man. The Bible is very clear about this and there are still many churches thriving all over the continent. The harm continues. Those of us brought up inside the bubble never lose sight of the perpetrator, as Zoe points out.

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    This guy is obviously a Christian Reconstructionist, Dominionist, Theonomist type of guy. I was wondering how many of these types had penetrated into Trump’s White House Prayer Circle. We now know that at least one of these guys is whispering “sweet Rushdoony nothings” into Trump’s ears.

    Oh. I forgot to say the most important thing—in my role as a professional scientist and mainline Christian. This Drollinger guy is obviously some kind of misguided idiot—just like the orange-pated golden calf (dare I say golden toilet?) he worships.

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      Brian Vanderlip

      “in my role as a professional scientist and mainline Christian”
      It is refreshing to hear about variations to the rule. I think there is a shrinking crowd of Christian scientists left in the world so it is good to know that there are exceptions to prove the rule, so to speak. I have long believed that scientific education is not at all close to ‘being saved’ and that belief is about a conviction in feelings, a deep-down ‘knowing’ that is far from Science. There is no argument that I see: I just feel rather strongly that God is not. I am happy to know that you are, though, dover1952. That’s the year of my birth, 1952, so if that is yours too we have two things in common, this blog and the day we arrived in the open air. No, Three things: Drollinger is most indeedy a misguided idiot.

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