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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Feminism to Blame for Whatever is “Wrong” with Men

lori and ken alexander

God didn’t give men high sex drives so they could watch porn and masturbate, commit fornication with multiple women, or delve into homosexuality and pedophilia. No, God gave men high sex drives so they would want to marry and be fruitful and multiply. Many women will bemoan the fact that there are no good men left because they have all gone astray, therefore, there isn’t anyone for them to marry. The problem stems from feminism. When women stopped being feminine and doing what God calls them to do, men stopped being masculine and doing what God calls them to do.


Feminism taught women to hold off getting married and pursue higher education and careers instead. Essentially, they were told to become men. In order to do this, they were taught that they must become liberated with your bodies and enjoy sex outside of marriage (fornication) by using birth control. THIS was and is the feminist message that young women hear! What happens when most of the young women decide to delay marriage, sleep around, and use birth control? Men no longer have a healthy sexual outlet in marriage and instead find sexually available women to meet their sexual needs or resort to porn or other sinful activities.

When women left their God ordained role, men left theirs. When women because immodest and promiscuous, men stopped having the goal of getting married and having children. And culture is being destroyed while everyone suffers. Women weren’t created for men’s roles and men weren’t created for women’s roles. It’s as simple as that. When women want to become men, chaos ensues. Chaos will always ensue when God’s will is ignored.

— Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, When Women Leave Their God Ordained Role, September 15, 2020


Bruce Gerencser, 65, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 44 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar
    dale m

    Oh good grief …. strip these women of their jewelry, nice cloths, make-up and put them into modest burlap hejab sacks (Muslim style), take away their rights to go out alone, stay home with the children, get beaten once in a while and they’ll join the first feminist group they see. This gal reminds me of a spoiled brat who wonders why soldiers and feminists ever sacrificed themselves for such a spoiled evangelical generation! Disgusting!

  2. Avatar
    Michael Mock

    Lori Alexander needs to practice what she’s been preaching: specifically, be silent and let the men do the teaching.

    Or else admit that what she’s saying is bullshit.

    • Avatar

      Michael, I know right? All these Christian women who are somewhat prominent to their followers, telling women to be submissive and quiet and stay home. If they did that we wouldn’t have to hear their idiocy.

  3. Avatar

    So that’s it… no hope for me. I guess my “choice” to be non-binary, which was actually foisted on me by feminists, is the reason I can’t be masculine enough to do what god expects. Never mind that I have always been this way, before and during my Christian indoctrination.

    “ Women weren’t created for men’s roles and men weren’t created for women’s roles. It’s as simple as that.” I am the person who makes this not so simple. If she encountered me, she would be the one who stares in disgust as she covers her grandsons eyes then drags him off while saying ‘don’t look at that. Don’t ever be like that, you should be a masculine real man like your grandfather.’

    This seems so odd to me. If god made man in his own image, and made them male and female, then doesn’t that mean god is at least both genders? So maybe I am more god-like than she is with her narrow minded definition of gender?

    It doesn’t really matter. I will just go on being a godless, non-binary ‘whatever’. I just hope her family can overcome her horrible opinions, which in my opinion are abusive to the children in her life.

  4. Avatar
    Brian Vanderlip

    The point that Lori is making is very important. Christianity Virus, once it takes hold and gets into your cells, demands that one lose ownership of all areas of human life, give-up-and-let-God. That means your heart and brain are no longer yours. They belong to the Virus.
    While it is more than evident to a balanced observer that men and women are a sliding scale of being and roles, the Christwian Virus wants all nuance and variation to be wiped out, taken over and crushed. The local preacher will tell you just what it means to be a man-servant of God or a woman-servant of the man, God of the human home.
    All spark of brilliance in creative thinking must be warped to the cell level and managed by a ‘faith’, a preacher, a book that one must not seriously read, just memorize.
    Lori and the Christian Virus are pretty much one entity now. It is not pretty to watch a personal pandemic, even if it it is confined to a Borg blog.

  5. Avatar

    There are so many incorrect assumptions upon which she bases her arguments that when you take those away, her arguments are meaningless. I mean, if that’s how she chooses to live her life, fine, but when she tries to foist her beliefs onto others and force us to live in proscribed roles, we have a problem. Many of us don’t fit nearly into her boxes, nor do we want to. And we are happy!!!

  6. Avatar

    And why does anyone give this hateful person an audience. Why should anyone care what Lori Alexander, a nobody, says. My life, my way. I don’t answer to Lori Alexander and don’t believe in her God.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Well, this blog focuses on critiquing and exposing Christianity — giving light to what is done in secret. Alexander and her husband promote patriarchal beliefs and practices. Exposing them is part of what I do on this site.

    • Avatar

      In my opinion her posts are full of micro-aggression and can be considered hateful toward LGBTQ people. Men must be masculine, women must be feminine, and you should get married to someone of the opposite sex and fulfill your proper role. People not living this way are wrong and sinful and should be corrected so they can live properly. A non-binary person like me must therefor change. In some cases, they will try to make laws to force this change. She is no different than the retired man I encountered last week who thinks my very existence is disgusting. He felt it was important to tell me so in a very loud, angry, aggressive manner. At least he was “masculine.” We can’t ignores,these things. The only way to stop them is to expose them and stand up against them.

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Bruce Gerencser