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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: There’s a Special Place in Hell for Dr. Tony Fauci

FAUCI: AMERICANS Will ‘Just Have to DEAL With’ Yearly Boosters, if They Become ‘Necessary’- FAUCI Will Just Have to DEAL With a LAKE OF FIRE for ETERNITY if he Does Not Repent.

And I do believe that there is a special place reserved for him in hell – a much hotter place indeed.

— Geri Ungurean, Absolute Truth From The Word of God, December 12, 2021

Ungurean added the following comment to her post:

I would agree that Fauci is full of hot air, but not senile. I believe that he is demon possessed and knows exactly what to do to expand this mass genocide and Fear. I call him Mengele 2.0.


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    What an asshole.
    “And they’ll know we are Christians by our _______”
    Hm. Fill in the blank.
    Hatred? Ugliness? Bigotry?

    Isn’t it amazing how their god hates everyone they hate?

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    Yulya Sevelova

    The first time I saw the photo of this Jeri Ungurean, I could tell by her eyes,that she’s a mental case. And while I’m not a Fauci fan, it was offensive to see her eagerness to see Fauci go to ” his special place in Hell.”. She has a mean streak,to enjoy the idea of anyone going to Hell at all !!

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    Darcy Walker

    I don’t see a problem with getting yearly boosters for people who don’t want to impair their “natural,” God-given immunity. They just won’t.

    There’s a website for the names of people who have died of Covid, for just ministers only, who died of Covid, mostly pre-vaccine. God didn’t protect those ministers.

    Yes, this woman sounds like she proudly displays her mean streak among those who will praise her for it in a sign of solidarity.

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    So, not satisfied with inventing hell, for the eternal punishment of those with whom she disagrees, now she’s intent on taking it still further and creates an even worse hell for some people. Will there be even worse places for Hitler, or Charles Darwin, or Jerry Falwell? When non religious people say these types of thing they are accused of hate crime!

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      No “as though” about it. Ungurean is locked in a tiny little box, living a shadow of a normal human life, with a bogus hope of getting something better later. I wouldn’t trade places with her for anything, literally anything.

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    Davie from Glasgow

    Ungurean has stooped to referring to Fauci as Josef “Mengele 2.0” on her site today. I guess because he, er… has spent years of service trying to protect the health of the US public.

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    Yulya Sevelova

    I’m glad that there’s a new anti-viral pill available soon. Read the story in, and the New York Times regarding the successful trials, with no deaths among those who actually got the pill. Paxlovid is the name of the pill in the articles. It even has less side effects than Molnupravir, which is great news. My conservative doctor didn’t know about either medication. I’d be so up the creek without the Internet, lol.😁

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    There’s a frightening brand of populism that seems to get positively nutty when it comes to dealing with experts. In the UK our equivalent of Dr Fauci is Dr Chris Whitty, a massively qualified and experienced epidemiologist. Whitty has recently come into slight conflict with the government, Boris Johnson especially, in saying that people should be careful over Christmas, perhaps limit mixing, at odds with the government, which just says act as you would normally. This has led to some interesting politics. It’s recently come to light that our politicians were partying themselves silly at this time last year, just as we were going into another lockdown, when social gatherings were banned, and so on. So our populist press, and politicians have been taking a swing at Whitty, accusing him of interfering with democracy (as though the virus knows the difference), for suggesting something contrary to our politicians. Our more moderate press have revelled in this, pointing out that Whitty, at this time last year, was working up to 18 hours a day in hospital wards, despite the fact he is Chief Medical Officer for the whole of the UK, doing what he could to help overworked NHS staff, whilst our politicians were spending their times breaking rules by going to parties!

    The way in which Fauci has been demonised is typical of the type of stupidity that is becoming evermore commonplace in Trump supporting circles, where information, common sense, and reason have long been replaced by ignorance and propaganda.

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      The British government is ver tood at “nothing to worry about, go on as normal”. A few years back I was visiting the UK when the Russian government allegedly poisoned a former spy. I was in Salisbury to visit a friend who had in the hospital after a terrible accident.

      During the entire incident, the British government was declaring that there was nothing to worry about, even though the people had been poisoned and had been moving about the city before their death, They said there was no way you could be affected by this poison even if you came in contact with the victims.

      When we drove to the hospital, we passed through a traffic circle which had one exit closed, lots of police and military vehicles. In the cordoned off area were people in silver hazmat suits, loading an ambulance that had been wrapped in some type of hazmat protective plastic, onto the back of a military truck. The police guarding the scene were across the street, along with the news media, as far away as they could get, while crowds were gathered by the police tape to watch the loading.

      When we got to the hospital just up the road, we learned that a police office and perhaps others were being “treated” in the hospital. These first responders had been in proximity to the victims.

      SO, hazmat teams taking away a plastic wrapped ambulance, first responders getting “treated”, park benches where they victims sat removed, and police officers putting as much distance as possible between them and the hazmat scene. BUT, the government way saying there was no reason to worry, and if you did come in contact, all you have to do is wash your clothes and take a shower. Hmm…..

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