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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Feminists are Unhappy, Unmarried, Childless Servants of Satan

lori and ken alexander

God’s will for women is to marry, bear children, and guide the home (1 Timothy 5:14). This is God’s perfect path for us, yet feminism has steered women in the opposite direction so that they end up unhappy, unmarried, and childless. This is Satan’s goal, not God’s. God created us for the home and for children. He didn’t created us for the workforce and the stress that comes from this. He created men for this since they have ten times the testosterone as women, but women in their fight for “liberation” lost what was most valuable in their lives.


The sexual liberation movement wasn’t liberation at all. It was bondage for women. They give sex away for free without the commitment of marriage. They cohabitate without commitment for life. Their children, if they have any, have no father so they’re single mothers in the workforce. This isn’t liberation at all. It’s bondage and exactly what Satan gives. He loves people’s lives to be miserable and unhappy. Christ came to set us free and give us life abundant. Choose you this day whom you will serve, women. God or Satan?

— Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, Feminism Has Left Women Unhappy, Unmarried, and Childless, October 25, 2022


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    Yulya Sevelova

    Oh, Lori is mentally ill. That’s apparent in her descriptions of interactions with her own children and grandchildren. Holidays at the Alexander house must be strained,phony events. I’d see this kind of thing when I was still going to church. Such a stifling feel to it.

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    I’m completely with Ben, in detesting this woman. She doesn’t understand that fettering herself to a very narrow text, itself open to many interpretations, and which almost certainly has no basis in reality, is the ultimate form of submission. She lives her life a slave. And yes Yulya is also right. She’s mentally ill, though I’m not sure it’s one that would be widely recognised.

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    Lori says that this is God’s will, but didn’t Paul write that? Is Paul God? Even Paul seemed to distinguish between his pastoral/earthly advise and Jesus, example “1 Corinthians 7:12 But to the rest speak I, not the Lord…”
    This is one reason I think most “Christians” are actually Paulians.

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      “1 Corinthians 7:12 But to the rest speak I, not the Lord…”
      I questioned that once, was basically told God inspired Paul to write it that way. Okay. God inspired Paul to say he (Paul) wasn’t inspired……

      Drop back a few verses earlier in 1 Cor 7 for the context and we find that Paul is actually encouraging unmarried people (including women) not to get married and widows not to remarry, which seems like a contraction of Lori’s assumption of a woman’s purpose as a baby factory and domestic servant. So….how were those unmarried women of Paul’s time supposed to survive in a hand-to-mouth society without finding a job outside their home? Paul also said (paraphrased) ‘those who won’t work shouldn’t eat’.

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    I agree with Ben. My grandmother tried to mold herself into this box that Lori describes, and as I lived with her, I saw how miserable she was. She also suffered from severe depression. Certainly the self-loathing and perfectionism played into her depression, and vice versa. She ran into severe problems when her husband died and had to figure out things like pumping gas, paying bills, etc. , tasks that she had refused to do before (even though my grandfather tried to encourage her to do them). My aunt (her daughter-in-law) and my mom talked about how grandma would say negative things about the 2 of them working – both told her they had to work for financial reasons – my mom as a divorced single mom who got no child support and lived with her parents post-divorce, and my aunt because the economy was such that they needed 2 incomes to survive. I don’t hold it against my grandma too much because she was mentally ill, but she also didn’t have a blog where she was trying to tell women how to live. Ironically, my grandfather was the one who was quite vocal that I needed to have an education and career and be financially independent.

    I hope women aren’t following Lori’s horrible advice. If they are, they’re really harming themselves.

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    MJ Lisbeth

    When I first started my gender affirmation process, an important question to my therapist and social worker–and, of course, to myself–was the sort of woman I saw myself becoming.

    Even when the answer(s) was(weren’t) clear to me, I could say that I didn’t want to become like Lori.

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    Lori took over where Marabel Morgan left off in the 1970s with her book “The Total Woman.” A group of us as college freshmen looked at this book in a women’s studies class. Morgan advised married women to cover their naked bodies with Saran Wrap to greet their husbands when they got home from work. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it echoes.

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      Do you remember the scene in Fried Green Tomatoes where Evelyn Couch, played by Kathy Bates, wraps herself in Saran Wrap and greet him at the door. Her husband, Ed, thinks she’s totally flipped her lid.

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    This vile, brainwashed lunatic is the antithesis of modeling good human behavior. I hope young people find her ramblings just as disturbing as I do, for the sake of progress.

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    Christian men don’t want women to work outside the home because it gives them freedom to not be forced to have sex and marry men in order to survive.

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      Christian man here, though I don’t consider myself to be a fad right. I don’t want a full time housewife. There’s nothing appealing about being the sole breadwinner, only being able to see my kids asleep.

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    Has Lori ever had an independent thought or has she always just regurgitated the patriarchal nonsense? This is the first time I’ve heard and I certainly won’t be seeking her out.

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    John Arthur

    Fundamentalism and Conservative Evangelicalism are the last remaining bastions of patriarchalism over here, in Australia. Only about 10 % of Ausralians attend these churches.

    Lori would be considered by most Australians to be psychiatrically disturbed. She needs to visit a professional psychiatrist to have her mental well being assessed.

    She fails to notice the differences between the patterned social relationships of the ancient world of the bible and the modern world and to see that ancient world social structures cannot be possibly inspired by God in the bible. Otherwise, why doesn’t she support the slavery of the Ancient world that’s recorded in her holy book?

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    I’m sure my late mother in law would have loved to stay home with her children, but she faced two choices when her husband’s plane was shot down during the Korean War: go to work (and keep the house they bought with GI Bill benefits) or stay home, lose the house and live in poverty. Comments were closed; apparently so is her mind!

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