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Monica Cole Equates Fighting Liberals with Americans Fighting the Nazis

one million moms

Monica Cole is the outrage director for One Millions Moms (OMM), a ministry of the American Family Association (AFA). Several times a week, Cole sends out emails that are meant to stir the passions of God’s mighty army of soccer moms. In today’s email, Cole equates the work of OMM with that of American soldiers fighting the Axis powers, Germany and Japan, in WWII. Cole writes:

I sometimes fear that I fail to express to you the vital and crucial role you play in the battle to promote biblical values in our nation, as well as to preserve, protect, and defend religious liberty.

Your efforts today and in 2016 are absolutely crucial in this struggle. In fact, they are more important now than ever before.


I sometimes think of what it must have been like to celebrate Christmas during World War II. Today I want to remind you how those on the Homefront helped our soldiers overseas defeat the Axis powers.

They did so through the many personal sacrifices, often including their own sons and daughters. In addition, they purchased war bonds, used ration coupons for everyday items like gasoline and sugar, and wrote encouraging letters to soldiers. They took part in rubber and scrap metal drives and saved cooking fat. Women took difficult manufacturing jobs traditionally held by men. They couldn’t go overseas and fight the enemy on the front-lines, so they did their part on the Homefront.

This is the role you and your fellow 1MM supporters play. You have a family to care for, a church to support, and a job to keep. I appreciate that, and I fully understand those responsibilities.

However, your sacrifice on the Homefront – through your partnership with 1MM and AFA – is essential to the outcome of our struggle. Just as our parents and grandparents scrimped and saved and sacrificed to support the troops overseas, so is your sacrifice crucial in making possible everything we do here at 1MM and AFA.

And never was your support more necessary than it is today.

Like those who came before us, we have the challenge and privilege to “remain in action throughout the war” we’re fighting …

Just as our parents and grandparents fought and died in order to pass on to us the freedoms they enjoyed, so we are fighting for our children and grandchildren. This is our mission. We’re giving of ourselves so that they can live in a nation where they are free to live by and promote Christian principles and values in every area of culture – government, public policy, the courts, education, family, business, community, and more.

And when you consider all that’s at stake in the 2016 elections, our efforts are particularly critical in 2016 because …

… Religious liberty – our first freedom – hangs by a thread.

So, please, let’s do what the “Greatest Generation” did and – putting all of our trust and faith in God – do whatever it takes to win victory over the enemies of freedom. Meanwhile we continue the fight …

Cole believes that American religious liberty “hangs by a thread.” Evangelicals, mistaking a loss of preference for the loss of freedom, have convinced themselves that they are under attack. The women of OMM think that secularists, liberals and atheists, all of whom are the servants of Satan, are concertedly working to destroy Christianity and criminalize the worship of Jesus.  Why, if Cole’s email is to be believed, Christians are being attacked just like America in the 1940s when German submarines prowled the Atlantic and Japanese planes dropped bombs on Pearl Harbor.

Reminding readers of the sacrifices the Greatest Generation made on behalf of the American war effort, Cole pleads with supporters to scrimp and sacrifice so OMM can continue to battle the evil forces of darkness. In other words, OMM needs money and they want their supporters to cut back on lattes and Redbox rentals so that the money saved can then be sent to the OMM war effort.

At the end of her fundraising appeal, Cole uses a bit of Biblical imagery in the hope that doing so will move OMM supporters to cough up more money. Cole writes:

In addition to your active participation in our projects, the two ways in which you can help 1MM and AFA most right now are through your prayers and your financial gifts. Think of Aaron and Hur holding up Moses’ arms as he prayed for victory over the Amalekites. Your prayers and your donations hold up 1MM and AFA so we can fight the enemies of Christianity and freedom.

In Exodus 17, Amalek and Israel are fighting one another. Moses tells Joshua that he plans to stand on a hill overseeing the battlefield with the rod of God in his hand, hoping to spur Israel on to victory. Like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, when Moses raises the rod, Israel prevails in battle. When Moses’ arms weaken and he can no longer hold the rod high, Amalek prevails. Concerned that the battle might be lost, Aaron and Hur have Moses sit on a rock and they, one man on each side, hold Moses’ arms high. And sure enough, thanks to the work of Aaron and Hur, Israel defeats Amalek.

Cole uses this story to portray the American culture war. Amalek, in the guise of secularists, liberals, and atheists, is waging war against Evangelical Christianity, and OMM  is Moses, with rod held high, standing on a hill. As the battle continues, the arms of OMM become weak. If OMM doesn’t find someone to hold up their arms, the battle will be lost. Well, not really someone, but something. Something as in cash, checks and credit card donations.

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  1. Avatar
    Joey Tranchina

    This woman is psychotic. Everything she said was a lie:
    “Religious liberty – our first freedom – hangs by a thread.” in America?
    How close do you have to dredge toward the bottom
    to muck up people dumb enough to believe that?

    Send money to “1MM and AFA so we can fight the enemies of Christianity and freedom.”

    In this case, her delusional subset of crack-pot fringe Christianity
    threatens the liberty of other citizens then claims victimhood
    for not being able to persecute others. Hardly new techniques but profoundly ugly ones
    much like those used by the actual Nazis she invokes. I guess, if Putin can get away with it,
    why can’t America’s domestic religious fascists?

  2. Avatar

    Putin hates/fears same sex boom-boom and so he makes laws to protect the sanctity of bigotry and fear, much as God does via the Church. As one of the 2016 AA nominated films, Spotlight, portrays quite openly, the Roman Catholic Church has long used children for their personal, sexual needs. God did not condemn it but arranged it all sometime in distant past and if it is good enough for God, then I guess it is good enough for America. Oh but wait: It wasn’t God? It was the bad guys in robes? And it was the parents, offering their children to serve God? Yep, true. It was the bad guys and the parents and Religion is one of the tools used by people who are unable to face their own damage and must instead pass it on to the next generations. The Church puts robes on it but it is an old illness, an old damage we pass along. I specify the RC Church because I am recommending the film but all churches are implicated, all systems of woo-woo belief that undermine human freedom. Children, obey your parents and perform sexual acts with the preacher because the Bible says _______.
    Bruce has mentioned on several occasions that there is a political movement to keep the United States freely delusional. Monica Cole is a good example of that delusional system in action. Holy smoke.

  3. Avatar

    Just a couple of observations.

    Why are these people such champions of “religious liberty” but want to suppress all other religions from freely expressing their faith. How can you insist on Christian prayer in school and then forbid Muslim prayer or Buddhist meditation? Is that how the church is defining the 1st Amendment right of religious freedom? I don’t buy the whole war on Christianity and persecution of Christians in America. Nobody has ever kicked down the door when I was preaching and drug me off to the dungeon. Nobody has ever prevented me from praying anywhere. What Christians fail to understand is that every religious right they insist on in the public arena must be guaranteed to atheists, Wiccans, Muslims, Satanists, etc.

    Second, why is it always about money? Money, money, money! One thing I’ve learned over the dozen years I’ve been in the church is that it is obsessed with two things: sex and money. But inevitably it always comes back to money. Love God. Love your neighbor. Fight the good fight. Eschew sexual immorality. SEND MORE MONEY!

  4. Avatar
    John Arthur

    Hi Bruce,

    So these right wing extremists think that “liberals” are servants of Satan. Political and religious liberals are usually far more sane than these ultra right wing crazies. Their hatred of secularists, atheists and liberals is just as deluded as their belief in the literal existence of the mythical Satan. They cannot see that their views about them being persecuted by secularists, atheists and liberals are false and do not have empirical support.


    John Arthur

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