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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Fundamentalist Man Lets Bruce Gerencser Know What He Thinks of Him

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What follows is a comment received today on the post Why I Hate Jesus. The man who left this comment read the following posts before he began his rant against me. These posts are listed in the order the commenter accessed them.

From these five posts, Bill, the Fundamentalist — the son of a pastor — concluded:

Bruce, I scorn you. For over 25 years, you were a Christian leader. You loved your Rolexes, Lear Jets, and expensive suits. By your own definition of yourself, you either enjoyed these things or joined in the pursuit of them and weren’t clever enough to attain them. SHAME on you! My own father, a humble pastor, has NEVER owned a new car in his life. He gave up his career in early life to pursue what you NEVER did–the Jesus of the Bible. The jesus you described is not the American Jesus. Nope. He was the Bruce-Gerencse-Jesus. And, unarguably, there are many of your type out there to be sure. In fact, the pastors that I’ve sat under have continually warned me all my life about your type of pastor that you were. Now you’ve made your pile of money and decided to get out of the American-Bruce-Gerencse-Jesus business, and mock those still in it.

By your own admission, you spent at least 25 years as a horrible fiend. You served a personal version of jesus that a normal, decent Christian would have abhorred. You claim that you saw the multitudes and turned your back on them, and you were only concerned with those who said and believed “the right things.” Buddy, you are to be scorned.

You looked at Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics, Deists, Universalists, Secularists, Humanists, and Skeptics, and believed that they would burn forever in the Lake of Fire, yet you settled yourself down in cushy Ohio, Texas, Michigan–places where you could enjoy the praise of your fellow Gerencserites who, according to your own testimony, subjugated women, told widows it was their fault, and ignored the cries of orphans. You were one sick man.

You never left your comfy home and go to Africa or Asia or South America where you truly believed people had no access to what you believed was the only remedy that could spare them from eternal damnation. You and other “Christians” of your type disgust me. You were so heartless. Of course, you would one day cash out of enjoy your hard earned payoff and walk away from you “jesus,” now you gloat in the life you lived and lump everyone else in with you nasty old self. Your guilt and self-loathing has filled you with hate for the jesus got you your car

How could you repeatedly threaten to abandon your wife and children if they didn’t kowtow to you and your jesus? What an awful life you shoved their faces into! I couldn’t image my dad doing something to us like you did to your family. You were a monster!

Many of the ways you describe the jesus you served for over 25 years–TWENTY-FIVE YEARS!–is worthy of derision, mockery, and hate.

At your request, I shower on you the DERISION and MOCKERY you so richly deserve. Be a man, pal, and return all that money your bilked from all those widows and poor families.

Who am I? I am a little man who has spent the past decade living in a third-world country spreading the message that you refused to spread while claiming to believe that your negligence was damning precious souls to eternal fire. While you admittedly made a full career of lusting after fancy cars, palaces and cathedrals and of oppressing women, immigrants, orphans, homosexuals, and atheists, I have made a simple career of reading my Bible and trying–quite poorly–to emulate the Jesus who I found there. I have never asked anyone or any church for a penny. I work an honest job. More importantly, I am acquainted with many, many more folks who are the opposite of what you described yourself to have shamefully been for over a quarter of a century.

I hate the Gerencser jesus far more than you now claim to. Now your lifelong disingenuousness has morphed into a sly insistence that the Gerencser jesus represents all of us. You. Are. A. Liar.

I have no comment. I must go now. My Lear Jet is idling on the tarmac, ready to take me to the island where I have deposited the millions I made while in the ministry.


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    Christians who visit exotic places to preach the gospel are the true jet setters. In a flourish of halo polishing your visitor describes a life of jet setting off to exotic destinations, to implore to strangers that his book for tales is true. In many cases westerners who go on do gooder tasks are either wasting their time and possibly disrupting the local economy. But make no mistake it is a vanity project. If they want atheists to convert, there are plenty to be found state side, if you want to help people there is plenty to do here as well.
    Reminds me of the movie “Soul Surfer” about the teen that had her arm bit off by a shark. The evangelism of her family was likely fairly accurately depicted, with the youth leader using guilt trip tactics to take her out of a surfing competition so she could go on a far off “mission” rather than a competition. (Of course you need to pay your own way, duh!)
    My sources say that unless you have a rare useful skill such as medicine you’re better off sending them money. Oh and Bible thumpin’ isn’t a rare skill. (But of course this is ignored and off they go for vanity, adventure, and halo polishing.)

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    Has he really read this site? I am so thankful for this place because it is where I go to find a haven of sanity. I am tired of perfect Christians trying to tell other people how to live and who to blame.

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    Greg Beck

    Can someone tell me what the American Jesus is. This guy is one of the reasons I’ m walking away from “True Religion”. Can’t help the people in your own country, you have to go over seas, only adopt foreign orphans, let the children in your own country suffer. I just don’t understand it anymore.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      I think there are American Christians who love God, love their fellow man, and who try to be a help to “the least of these.” Sadly, they are as rare as an ivory-billed woodpecker. Someone saw one, somewhere, years ago… Regardless of my view on religion, I recognize religious people and their churches could be a great force for good. They could, but they won’t.

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    hmmm, i think this might be an example of poe’s law:


    Poe’s law is an Internet adage which states that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, parodies of extreme views will be mistaken by some readers or viewers as sincere expressions of the parodied views.


    personally, i thought it was intentional satire, but perhaps the author really does believe what he wrote. as satire, it’s pretty good; as actual belief — not so much.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      I thought that too. That said, having received hundreds and hundreds of hateful email from Evangelicals, I’m inclined to think the email author is stating what he feels. Of course, having been notified of this post, he is free to set the record straight.

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    That Other Jean

    Rolex? Lear jet? Palaces? Piles of money? I’ve been reading here for quite a while, but, damn, I must have missed some interesting posts.

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    As a pastor’s son, I must commend Bill for his frank apprasial That he has taken his drama to another country for covert display is a blessing, no doubt, and I am thankful. That being said, Bill, it is time to fess up and tell your real story. Why are you in a foreign land serving your pappa? What happened to you? Tell me five sins you commit on a regular basis, thereby putting Christ on the Cross again! This might be your last opportunity to share the truth, dear believer, so don’t fuck it up.

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    Laughing so hard right now, Bruce… he neglected to mention your yacht, your best selling come to Jesus book, your string of polo ponies, your diamond encrusted hot tub, fleet of nekkid supermodels and pile of blow bigger than Bermuda! He just does NOT know how former pastors live! /sarcasm!

    Tell the truth now Bruce…. those photos of the beat up old trailers were hiding gold leafed rooms and priceless antiques weren’t they! 😉

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    J.D. Matthews

    Well that was a WTF sandwich with a side order of huh?

    Also, I live in a developing country that missionaries LOVE to try to sneak into. (They’re not legally allowed, so these good Christian brothers and sisters actually lie to get in.) Here’s a hint: We don’t want you. We don’t need you. You do nothing but fuck up cultures and lives. Go away.

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    “Who am I? a little man spreading the message in a third world country…..” sounds like Bill is a JESUIT MISSIONARY.

    If only Christians, would study these Jesuits. The Company(soldiers) of Loyola, on a military mission. Conquistodors, terrorising the natives, destroying their culture and pagan beliefs, burning texts and dissenters,(once heretic burnings, now the image of hell), turning the locals into plantation slaves, raping their resources, raping the children, and scarring their minds with the wrath of god, and to corrupt the local elders/leaders, and hence influence the whole people……(now you must go to church on sunday). Once converted, they estabilish the University(once Jesuit Theological Collegiums), to brainwash/indoctrinate the young, who then become the politicians of their new freedom and democracy……media used to keep them in line.(originally assassinations, revolutions,civil wars and military/political coups). Trade sanctions, tarriffs…..the new economic control.
    Not today, surely?
    Trump> IHS Fordham(a Jesuit bastion)……Clinton >IHS Georgetown……trudeau, Theresa may, Emmanuel Macron, Tony Abbott,Merkel, ……..ALL western leaders have been Jesuit trained/indoctrinated, and its at these “Secret Societys” on campuss where they swear the Jesuit Oath. Oxford, Cambridge, Yale & Harvard, were all once Jesuit Collegiums……and this is how they control/suppress science, archaeology, or anything else that may oppose the Faith.
    Think! What is the life of a Catholic?
    Born then Baptized> Catholic schooling> Jesuit Uni> Married> Divorced >Collection plates> then the Funeral.
    How much money ends up in Vatican coffers over this lifetime? A church that is tax free?

    Please Christians, re-read Bruce’s “Box” . Although you may believe you are a true “Christian”, a PROTESTant faith that isnt Catholic aligned, you are a CHRISTIAN = Faith in Christ. And it is the Catholic Church that gave you their Bible and hence belief. There will come a day, when they will say, “Come back to the Mother Church, the ONE TRUE FAITH”……and unfortuneately……..many will. Think a fake alien invasion, heralding Jesus, or a CGI Hologram , transmitted globally, the message in our native tongues over mobile phones.(cell towers)
    Are they capable?…….Weapons of Mass Destruction (there was none) should verify how easily led we can be……..

    Dont forget that other “Box” , preaching in your home. The TV(Tell-Lies & Visions). You , like Bill, will label me a “Lunatic Conspiracy Theorist” if you dont like my message………what does the “Conspiracy Box” tell us?

    “33 CONSPIRACYS PROVEN TRUE” should prove my point. 911? Look at “Operation Northwoods” Sec 8a & b. Using hijacked by terrorist civillian airliners was planned in the 1960s. “Operation Mockingbird” is how they have infiltrated all media to control the narrative. FOX, Rupert Murdoch, is a Knight of St Gregory….a papal knight, a crusader, the “armor of god”, defender of the faith,…….who now owns and controls nearly ALL western media.
    Old middle-east saying….
    “When the city has no watchdogs, the FOX rules the city”……..this is why Assange is in assylum, a silenced watchdog.

    IHS = JESUITS = Society of Jesus. The most evil organization on earth, hiding behind the good name of Jesus.

    outwardly helping the poor via charitys, and preaching faith……..but secretly , the means justify the ends.

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    deano, I don’t know whether the world leaders you mentioned had ever sworn a “Jesuit oath” (the only oath that tRump has ever sworn is to himself) or not, but I do know that Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale were NEVER Jesuit institutions. Oxford and Cambridge both predate the founding of the Jesuits in 1541 by five centuries in the case of Oxford and three and a half in the case of Cambridge. The founding of the Society of Jesus and the Protestant Reformation in England were basically simultaneous so any spiritual connection for the universities would have been Church of England. Harvard and Yale were established for the education of Congregational and Unitarian clergymen.

  11. Avatar

    Gday Carol. I dont want to argue, but “NEVER” Jesuit institutions, may be the official decleration…..but since 1541, its been filled with “Jesuit Emeritus”…….English/Angles trained in France or Rome, as the new teachers.
    Yes, because of the Reformation, they infiltraited the “Church of England,>Anglican”………and pushed an Episcopal /heigherarchy. “Titus Oates”…….an Anglican priest,exposed as a Jesuit…..causing trouble and rumours.
    The ANGLICAN church,was HOW they got back into power, and since Emeritus Proff of History write our history books, control thier version of what actually happened too.
    @ IHESUS COLLEGIUM ,Oxford………….my point , is Jesus was called ‘ihesus’ before 1632. IHS~ Society of iesus.

    Yale, was originally a “Collegium” too. But CATHOLICISM was Banned in the colonys because of Jesuit Popery. Eli Yahu , was a spy with the BEIC (mercantile trade)…….his money set up Yale. Just like their ships WAS the Boston “Tea Party”. These Independance wars were Royal Navy…V…French, and Brit East Ind Co. ships.
    The USA Flag… merely the BEIC Naval ensign, with the St George cross in the ‘jack’ changed to the colony stars.
    Jesuit “John Carroll”, is the true founding father……..Jesuits being “Freemasons”, like tobacco plantation owner Washington….or Madison and French connections.

    Yes…..Anglican is meant to be PROTESTant. But iesuits, infiltraited from their inception, its even all described in that OATH. Today at Oxford, its at that “Rhodes House”…..Rhodes Scholarships, can swear this Oath.
    *Knights of Colombus…… the big group in the USA today. ZBT (the Zionist faculty) at Colombia “collegium”.

    Freedom of Religion was to make Catholic worship in public legal. Do our ‘University Trained teachers’ ever tell us of this HUGE FACT ?
    *they also never mention the assassination of Spencer Percival in the House of Commons (Uk PM 1812), how they drugged King George with Opium( last PROTESTants), set up a “Regency”. and brought in the
    1829 Catholic Emancipation Act.
    * 1611 king iames, also wrote “Daemonolgie” (witch hunts). His latin name was ‘iacobus”, this became the later code word for Catholic/French “Scots”…….the Jacobites. They failed in 1700s, but 1820s…..back in power.

    its how they control the Narrative. Omit a key event or fact, and twist to suit. We all think independance was about taxes without self rule…………it was FREEDOM for CATHOLICS…….now look at the mess.

    Yes ,Henry and Elizabeth got rid of the Cardinals and Popery…..and set up ANGLICAN church. The iesuits went back into it, as young ministers( playing staunch Protest-ors)… become “Lords Spiritual” in House of Lords and controll Parliment…….a few generations later.

    there was no “J” till at least 1632. iesuits,IHS,society of iesus……also changed the name….iesus > Jesus.
    but they also changed “Dieu Pater” (god-father) to Jupiter. and greek Heiroshalym > Jerusalem.

    this “J” is not just a Translation of ‘i’. It has hidden “D” and a “H” to. We CAN NOT TRUST Jesuits at all, and sadly, these Emeritus train the next generation……indoctrination….Doctors of Theology.

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