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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Atheism is Impossible

atheists dont exist

A scam, yep! That’s a nice way of putting it. A swindle! A bamboozle! A flimflam rook! An irrational squawking farce!

By this time, you have heard about the overexcited anti-Christian campaign that is New Atheism. At the present, the New Atheists have maliciously attacked the Bible, God, and Jesus Christ. It is the nastiest anti-theistic movement in recent history with a lot of putrid attacks against the most sacred truths of Christianity; the New Atheists have presented no proof but rely on anger, invectives, and worn-out insults.

It is really hard to win public opinion merely with unhinged anger and odium. Case in point: The charge made with rage, preferably screamed with intense shrill: “There is no proof for the existence of God!!” Now, look through a microscope or a telescope and see the amazing design of God’s creation. Or open the Bible and note all the hundreds of prophecies that predicted the birth, life, ministry, and death of Christ and the odds tell you that those fulfilled events would take a divine hand to prearrange. Then gaze into the dancing eyes of your youngest child or feel the warmth of your beloved’s hand while walking on the soft sands of your favorite beach. I am fairly sure you will see that evidence for God is found everywhere.

Actually: I know that atheists will have a tough time guarding their eyes from all the proof, but some of them are very talented at overlooking the obvious, the intuitive, and prima facie evidence. Moreover, atheism is logically impossible.

Indeed: It is hard to beckon even a twinge of sympathy for the failure of the New Atheists. Atheism is, by design and principle, full of deceit and malignity. It places autonomous man at the center of the universe; they talk like humans evolved from savage apes; they behave as if life is merely about insuring one’s own genes survive into the future. Their dominant ideology is fueled rancor and self-interest, followed by a disregard of true truth, moral absolutes, and anything transcendent.


Logically, there cannot be any true atheists. For one to propose that God does not exist, anywhere at any time, one would have to know all things, and be omnipresent, eternal, and infinite. That would make you God.

So, the only person in the universe who could possibly not believe in God, everywhere, and always, would be God. One would have to be God to be a true atheist and that is theoretically, logically, and rationally absurd.

— Mike Robinson, God Exists: Proof and Evidence, Atheism is Impossible, August 28, 2018


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    I detest the way that the word ‘proof’ has become interchangeable with the word ‘evidence’, this appearing to be especially rife in the US. Proof is either absolute, based on axioms such as in pure mathematics, or an accepted level of accumulated evidence, where the term ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ is an accepted benchmark. In real life there is nothing that can be established beyond a level of reasonable doubt; science understands this, but religion doesn’t.

    On the article in question, ignoring the misuse of the word proof, what the writer doesn’t get, and nor does anybody who believes in any religion, is that looking at the world around us is not evidence of God’s creation, but simply an observation. Trying to understand why the world is the way it is is a challenge, and I don’t pretend to understand any part of it in any meaningful way. Trying to solve that by attributing to a creator God (for whom there actually is NO evidence) is, however, just lazy, it’s simply superstition dressed up.

    As for biblical prophecies; don’t make me laugh!

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    It is funny to me that some Christians equate atheism or secular humanism with putting “man” on a pedestal, exalting man, or trying to make man a God. They seem to be unable to grasp the idea that there are some of us who don’t believe in a God or gods and don’t operate in that sort of paradigm.

    As GeoffT said, looking at nature doesn’t prove the existence of any gods. If anything, scientists have literally dug up lots of supporting evidence for evolution.

    Dude is just angry that his religion is losing relevance with each new scientific discovery and each new sex scandal in religious organizations.

    The bible as proof…give me a break! He needs to read some books by some legitimate scholars of the bible to see how it was written and compiled into canon. Also read some other mythology of the era in comparison.

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    If you take a look at Mike Robinson’s other (ahem ahem) works (I just threw up a little in my mouth), he has a whole bunch of books he writes. One of them is on the “Faith of Donald Trump” (which I went to Amazon and wrote a comment on the book).

    His blog doesn’t get much traction!

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