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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Satan Uses Birth Control to Kill Babies


I am sure your heart yearns to stop the holocaust of abortion, the dismembering and burning alive of living babies in the womb.

However, I think that the devil, who is the mastermind behind abortion, has hoodwinked those of us who say we are prolife. The devil, who comes to “rob, kill, and destroy,” hates life. His plan goes beyond abortion. The trio he uses to rob, kill, and destroy are contraception, sterilization, and abortion. His first aim is to eradicate life before it is born. Abortion is his back-up plan.

Statistics tells us that clinic abortions are decreasing, but the aborting and stopping of life is increasing. Americans are now being introduced to “mail-to-your-home abortion pills” so mothers can freely annihilate their babies.

The American Life League states that “Using formulas based on the way the birth control pill works, pharmacy experts project that about 14 million chemical abortions occur in the United States each year.” That’s more babies killed through the Pill, and its various associated methods, than through abortion!


The devil does not have the power to give life. He cannot give conception. And therefore, He seeks to undermine God’s power to give life. We, as God’s people of life must be truly pro-life. We must think pro-life. We must have God’s mind about pro-life. If we have the mindset to stop life by our own decision, or the pill, or other contraceptive devices, that’s not pro-life. It’s pro-choice.

— Nancy Campbell, Above Rubies, The Heart of the Matter, June 10, 2019


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    Karen the rock whisperer

    Oh, but keeping children in border cages with inhumane conditions is perfectly fine, right? Those are post-born babies, they don’t matter.

    Sorry if this is OT, but it’s burning me up right now. The proto-individual terminated by “abortion pills”is an embryo. It can’t think or feel. There is no way in hell it’s a baby. And yet, these forced-birthers would save it at all costs, while the US government carries on torturing post-born children, and folks like this don’t seem to care.

    I may be an atheist, but at least *I* have some morals.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      If Campbell had her way, birth control would be illegal and the average woman would have ten children.

      My wife was a woman who seemingly got pregnant every time I looked at her. 🙂 I have no doubt that had we not come to our senses, we would have had a dozen children and Polly would be dead. Fortunately, when the doctor told her she shouldn’t have any more children, we listened.

      Yes, we were hypocrites. We failed to practice what I preached. Better to be a hypocrite than possibly lose the love of my life.

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    Honestly does she not know that almost half of all zygotes dont even implant in the uterus, they just go down the toilet with most women never knowing any better. God is a pretty crappy designer because that number does not even include automatic terminations caused by genetic anomolies, complications and possible blood incompatibility between the mother and embryo. Not to mention the fact that childbirth and pregnancy is one of the most dangerous things any woman can go through. Yet these forced birthers (I refuse to call them pro life because after birth they are anything but) are insistent that women are murdering live infants on the operating table. I call bullshit. All the states with conservative policies in regards to sex education and access to reproductive care and abortion all suffer from higher rates of maternal and infant mortality, teen pregnancy and shocker more abortions per capita than the bluer pro choice states. If conservatives actually educated themselves(and more importantly their children) about sex and related matters they might actually achieve their goal.

    Ps they also need to read Numbers 5:11-30. I’m pretty sure that God is not pro life (or pro woman for that matter) according to the bible, but cherry picking has always been their favorite sport.

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    Um, this lady is truly ignorant about how birth control works. She is mixing up contraceptive pills which prevent ovulation and pills like “the morning after pill” that prevent implantation occurring in the couple of days after unprotected sex. She probably doesn’t even know about IUD’s or other types of birth control, and she certainly doesn’t mention condoms.

    Just for argument’s sake, if Satan prevented any humans from being born, wouldn’t he be bored and have nothing to do? And why do fundies want all these kids born when by their own theology over 90% are going to hell anyway? Are they just vicious sadists?

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      ObstacleChick, from what I understand, the morning after pill is actually contraceptive, it prevents fertilization although a bit less effectively than BC pills taken in the usual manner. The thing that some forced birthers like to trot out about the BC pill being “abortifacient” comes from an very early hypothesis about one possible mechanism of how oral contraceptives work -that they might also thin the lining so that the egg is less likely to successfully implant. We know now that isn’t the case at all. IUDs are not abotifacient at all either. I would not care if they were, of course. Malcolm Gladwell has an essay about this in one of his books.

      As the late, great black feminist attorney Flo Kennedy said “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament”.

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        Karen the rock whisperer

        I attended Catholic schools through 12th grade. Like most high school students, I took the bus home from school. One intersection where the bus invariably stopped for a long red light had a feminist bookstore on the corner with the Flo Kennedy quote prominently featured in the window. (Think 1972 to 1976, for reference.)

        The school could preach all it wanted to about the sinfulness of birth control and abortion, and of course like a good Catholic I almost believed it…except for that sign I saw every afternoon in the bookstore window. To this day I’m grateful that a bookstore–one I never actually visited–had that sign. It prompted me to make some un-Catholic but very good reproductive choices, long before I walked away from religion.

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        The morning after pill works different than the birth control pill. The birth control pill actually forces a woman’s cycle into the rest period. If the placebo schedule of birth control pills aren’t taken, a woman could potentially avoid menstruation completely (“Seasonale “).
        Ironically some in the Catholic hierarchy thought this would be an acceptable form of birth control, since it just extenuates the rhythm of the famous Catholic rhythm method (aka “parents”).

        Morning after pill (when it works) does prevent a zygote from implanting. Since some consider a zygote a person, it could be considered a type of abortion.

        RU486 is different still (though they are all using various hormones present to regulate menstruation and gestation) As this eliminates an already implanted embryo.

        It is important to note that all these things are acceptable to some religions.

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    Brian Vanderlip

    Ah, but what the abortion of the heart and mind required by Jesus-zealots in order that you are allowed to live eternally? Abort your brain and let God take the helm. Abort your heart and call it evil and fallen. Christianite virus destroys basic human love of self and follows it by insisting believers propogate the ‘faith’ and spread the hateful abortion of natural life n every possible fashin. Going after women and their own care of their bodies is just an outcome of the more basic hatred of self and others.

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    it seems strange that most of the fundie cultural enforcers are women. when growing up in the Pentecostal movement, the judgement and shaming of women came mostly from other women. the things my mother and other women would say to and about other women were horrible. it took me years to stop habitually judging others immediately. why do other women want to perpetrate abuse on other women? I guess it may be they feel that others should suffer just like they have and maybe makes them feel better?

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    Brian Vanderlip

    maryg, not so sure that most of the cultural enforcers are women but I sure get the message about the caustic mentality of holy-rollers and like you, it took me a good long time to not immediately judge others. It wasn’t until I stopped attending church and had some time away that I realized what a prick I was as a believer.
    Regarding the ‘why’ in it all, I feel like we are trained to hate and fear and yes, that others should suffer too… In serving my dear saviour, I bring pain to the lost so that they will fall helpless before the one true God. (gag, gag…)
    After I left the church and got the virus treated in therapy, I began to notice that every time a preacher/believer used the word ‘love’, they were often really meaning ‘hate’. When you own the language, anything goes. Listen to Steven Anderson preach true Christianity and you can see the starved underbelly of belief in the Lord. Watch the beady-eyed Jimmy Bakker flog his tribulation-tubs of goopy food and be amazed. It is humbling to realize that I was once in the grip of such sickness and somehow survived, was vomited out the other side into natural life again. (Well, not entirely! I still preach too much, still find myself growling at the harm the church does all over the world.)

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