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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Don’t Mess With Donald Trump, The Great White Hope


He [Elijah Cumming] dead. That’s what happens when you mess with The Great White Hope. Don’t mess with God’s children.

Don’t mess with The Great White Hope. You see what happens.

If you notice, John McCain, he dead. Charles Krauthammer, he dead. And Elijah Cumming, now he dead. They all didn’t like The Great White Hope, they went against him, they talked about him, now they all dead. That’s amazin’.

— Jesse Lee Peterson, Right Wing Watch, Jesse Lee Peterson on the Passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings: ‘That’s What Happens When You Mess With The Great White Hope’, October 17, 2019


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    I’m reminded of Private Fraser in the wonderful BBC sitcom Dad’s Army, which was a comedy set during the First World War and based on the old men who formed the home guard. Fraser, a very characterful and gifted storyteller, describes a curse that was placed on one of his fighting colleagues in the previous war. He is asked if the curse came true and he replies “aye son (he was broad Scottish) it did, he died last year. He was 86!”

    I don’t know how old Elijah Cumming was, but I’m guessing he wasn’t a teenager!

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    Jesse, you idiot–have you looked in the mirror lately? Supporting Trump as ‘the Great White Hope” will not benefit you. His supporters won’t like you, no matter how much of an Uncle Tom you are.

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    Melissa A Montana

    When Trump’s grease-clogged arteries finally give out in old age, will it be God’s judgement? What about all those in nursing homes? I can hardly wait for the things they will say when Trump dies: “Oh, God loved him so much he wanted him to rule beside Jesus in heaven!”

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