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Overheard in the Break Room: How Some Local Evangelicals View the Josh Duggar Story

josh duggar
Josh, I Barely Touched My Sisters Genitals, Duggar

Overheard at work by Polly, two God fearing Christians discussing Nineteen and Counting and the Josh Duggar scandal:

  1. Josh Duggar was set up
  2. Someone is out to destroy this w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l Christian family
  3. The cops leaked the story
  4. He was ONLY fourteen

Yep, pretty well sums things up. *sigh*


  1. Avatar

    He was only 14 *when he got caught*.

    I’m sure he had quite a bit of practice before then.
    It’s so sad how he’s being persecuted.
    Everyone knows child molesters are just making a mistake. A little oopsie.

    Makes me want to puke.

  2. Avatar
    April G

    If this would have happened to an unwashed “heathen”….they’d be lynching him. But because he is a xian….well….we see the supposed “christian persecution” malarky. 🙁 poor blinded people…

  3. Avatar

    As always, this is a stark reminder of why I’m soooo glad I left the faith. I’m sorry, but I have a brain and I plan to use it…something the church discourages.

  4. Avatar

    In Canada, we have just completed a long look at mostly religiously run residential schools and the cultural genocide that was underway for generations here. Our native people were physically wrenched from parents if the parents did not willingly let them go under threat of reprisal, job loss etc. and dumped in residential schools for years….the horror of those places is now being accounted for….
    I believe a time will come for gulag religious homeschoolers too, those who hit their children with rods and paddles, who punish, blame, shame and otherwise destroy the spirits of children who came into the world free and clear. This destruction of human life will be shown to be a sick and sad reality of intended harm under the guise of a ‘perfect love’,
    Religions that support this kind of extreme harm and call it love are demonstrating the sick legacy of ‘love’ that is passed down through generations. One day, there will be widespread Truth and Reconciliation for survivors of the holy hatred of practiced Christianity in this world.

    • Avatar

      I agree with April. I wish there was an “upvote” button on this blog that would allow me to upvote this comment thousands of times.

      I have been following the Canadian residential school investigation a bit; the U.S. had a similar system, and I personally know some Native Americans whose families were very negatively affected by it. Unfortunately there has never been a similar Truth And Reconciliation process for residential school victims here the U.S., or for any of the other genocidal atrocities that were committed against the Native American population for that matter, and I don’t think that will change in my lifetime. Most (white) people I know in the U.S. seem to have the same sort of attitude toward Native Americans as they do toward African-Americans and their grievances: “It’s in the past, we can’t change it, we can’t hold people responsible for what their ancestors did. So shut up, stop playing the victim, move off the reservation and get a job instead of leeching off the government.”

      I think we might be seeing the the tide starting to turn on homeschooling, however. Blogs like Homeschoolers Anonymous are giving a voice to adults who were raised (and abused) in Christian homeschooling families. They are starting to stand up to homescholing advocates, and demanding that their stories be heard. The Duggar scandal may also feed into this. No one but the most die-hard Duggar groupies believes the pile of horseshit the Duggar parents tried to peddle as truth on Fox. Sooner or later, one (or more) of the Duggar children will break away from their parents and will tell what really happened and what really goes on behind the closed doors of families that are raising their children according to ATI principles. And it will be very, very ugly. And when that happens, pressure will mount to tightly regulate (or even better, end) the practice of homeschooling.

  5. Avatar

    “Christians” are the biggest reason that I now believe there is no god, or at least no “christian god”. If there was a “father god”, then so much stuff that happens wouldn’t happen, and people who say they love god could not be so hateful to the victims when the perpetrator is a “christian”.

  6. Avatar
    Kate Bartlett

    He may have been only 14 when caught and was confused, curious and sexually repressed. Where is their concern for the girls whose only crime, as such, was living in this world with female bodies and the impact on them of their brothers behaviour. Has there been any real concern expressed about the victims.

    • Avatar

      A Christian woman on another blog said it was none of my business to be angry at Josh and the Duggar way. The girls have forgiven him, you see and all is well with woo-woo. Poor Josh. The girls are just fine! The person who spoke with me feels that if the Law decides to punish Josh, well that is okay but I should not be angry with him or the family for what they are doing. She quotes out-of context scriptures in order to shame and put me in my lowly place. As usual, the victims are the least of their worries because GOD etc. And why would we expect anything other than that from a family that lives the woo-woo dream. The kids have never known respect and freedom. They have been crushed under the weight of invasive religion from birth, from before they left the womb.

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    I just realized this list is missing the most obvious excuse: The sisters must have tempted him! They didn’t cover the keyhole when they were showering (are there still keyholes?)!!

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