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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Atheism is Befuddling and Absurd

atheism is a temporary condition

Atheism is impossible because it falls into absurdity inasmuch as it lacks an ontic base for its epistemic rights; it is self-befuddling. Non-theistic worldviews lead to conclusions that are incongruous with their knowledge claims. A vital question: What will supply the a priori truth conditions that make reality intelligible? The logical actuality is, without the Christian worldview, formally, nothing can make sense. The true and living God is the truth condition for the intelligibility of reality and the understanding of all human experience; He must be presupposed for one to have adequate explanatory power required for the obligatory universal operational features of human experience.

— Mike “Word Salad” Robinson, God Exists: Proof and Evidence, Truth Requires God: Atheism is not Possible, October 18, 2018


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    He makes statements without any arguments to back them up. Here’s a statement without supporting evidence. Here’s another statement without supporting evidence. Wait, here’s another statement without supporting evidence. Ok, now I am done. Truth.

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    Take a look at this footnote from his blog at the end of the article:

    “One would have to be omnipresent to disprove God, so only God could disprove Himself, which is incoherent and impossible. Claiming God doesn’t exist anywhere is a universal negative—a specific universal negative that is impossible to prove. A universal negative is a claim that asserts something does not exist anywhere. Some scholars claim one cannot prove a universal negative. The assertion that God doesn’t exist is a universal negative. The universal assertion that “God doesn’t exist” cannot be proven.”

    If I take the same logic and apply it to Leprechauns or Unicorns (mentioned in the KJV) or Dragons (mentioned in the KJV) or any other fantastical being then it means I cannot say they do not exist. I would have to be omnipresent to disprove ____________ (dragons, etc.). How can they not see that this argument is self-refuting? How can they not see it would work equally well for people of other faith systems? Even in my days as an apologist I saw this as an extremely flawed tactic.

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    You’re right about word salad. He’s looked up a few long words in a dictionary but not bothered to check their meaning. Then he’s strung them together to make himself sound impressive. Instead he sounds like an idiot.

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