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No, Geri Ungurean, You Have Not Been Hacked


Geri Ungurean is an Fundamentalist Christian blogger. I have been following her blog since 2016. I have featured Ungurean thirteen times in the Christians Say the Darnedest Things Series:

In 2017, I mentioned Ungurean’s “plan of salvation” in a post titled Just Pray This Prayer and You Will be Saved!

Ungurean received a pingback notification every time I mention her on this site. In 2019, she left the following comment:

Hi there! Geri Ungurean here.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of the free advertising.

I do hope that you will change your mind about Jesus. He would take you right now and save you if your would repent of your God-hating ways, and admit that you’re a sinner and trust Christ’s work on the Cross as payment for your sins.

I have a feeling that you will be resistant to this, but I will keep on praying for you. No one is beyond God’s reach.

In Christ alone,
Geri Ungurean

Earlier this year, I wrote a post titled Poking Geri Ungurean, An Evangelical Conspiracy Theorist

Here’s what I had to say:

— Start of March 2021 post

Geri Ungurean is an Evangelical conspiracy theorist. You can read here rants at the Absolute Truth from the Word of God: Jesus Has Every Answer blog. Ungurean is a Trump-supporting, anti-vaxxer, anti-masker hater of George Soros — who is Satan personified. Ungurean believes that Facebook and WordPress are out to get her due to her “truth” telling. I will leave it to readers to peruse her site and determine how truthful she is. I am of the opinion that Ungurean is a liar and full of shit. And the other day, I told her so:

geri ungurean comment

As you can see, I used Ungurean’s name to comment. 🙂

In classic tinfoil hat fashion, Ungurean turned my comment into a conspiracy theory:

You see, this person created a gmail account using my name. My gmail is grandmageri422.

This morning I wrote an email to this imposter. I told him/her that I forgave them and that I only had one response:

(Lengthy Plan of Salvation deleted)

God knows who the person is who responded to my article on George Soros.

I am asking the readers to Pray for this person. Yes – let’s corporately send prayers up to heaven asking our Lord to reach this person for Him!

First, I did NOT create a Gmail account in Ungurean’s name. This is a lie, and she knows it. Second, if she actually sent an email to the fictitious address I used, it should have bounced back to her. She would then KNOW that I did NOT create a new account in her name. Third, Ungurean published her FULL Gmail address on a public blog. This is really a bad idea. I was able to leave several more snarky comments in Ungurean’s name. Just having a bit of fun while I slowly die. Might as well leave this life being a pain in Evangelical asses, right?

My main beef with Ungurean is that she is a liar, that she deliberately spreads things she knows are not true (or should know if she did a bit of legitimate research). Ungurean is not stupid, but she has so deeply immersed herself in Evangelical dogma and right-wing conspiracy theories that she has lost the ability to think critically. Her writing is a good example of the pernicious nature of Fundamentalist thinking.

I genuinely feel sorry for Ungurean. She’s my age, a grandmother, so I know it is unlikely that anyone can say anything to change her mind. That’s what Fundamentalist religious beliefs will do to your mind. I know that was the case for me. Your beliefs keep you from seeing any “truth” but yours. And when you are in the Evangelical bubble, it makes perfect sense. Your beliefs and practices perfectly align with the “truth” of the inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God, saying to you, Praise Jesus! I am right. To those outside of the bubble, however, you are viewed as a bat-shit crazy lunatic. That’s why many Evangelicals-turned-atheists can only shake their heads in disbelief and shame when they think about what they used to believe and how they lived their lives. I once was Geri Ungurean, so I understand where she is coming from. That said, I was a liar and full of shit then, as she is now. And that’s the truth.

Let me conclude this post with some of the comments on Ungurean’s blog about my comment. Funny stuff, to say the least:


Keep preachin’ it girl! Heap those loving truth burning coals on their heads. People like this live on hate not love. If they knew Christ they would know real love. It’s not “feelie” or “gimmie” type love but love based on true commitment. John 15:13 describes the commitment part of real love & He did that for us undeserving sinful jerks. He loved us first, He saves us from God’s wrath, He sanctifies us, He keeps us, He takes us with Him at death, He keep us forever with Himself, He cannot ever lose any of his sheep. An excellent deal, and its free. He paid the entire price & He guarantees it FOREVER! The clear Gospel msgs we send to people like this may go unheeded but the Lord will on “J” day present these msgs as evidence against them. They will be without excuse.

Oh yeah keep the correspondence simple, its obvious this person’s vocabulary is very limited.


Geri, whoever wrote you was a sick person. Keep preaching it. God/Jesus loves you. You are a very brave woman that you wrote many articles that were proven FACTS!!! Satan and demons hate the truth. The world are getting darker and darker. Time is short. I truly believe the rapture is very near. I pray this year, 2021!!!!!!

You will getting a crown in the Heaven.


I am praying also for this person now.


Take all of this as a ‘back-handed compliment’ from the “father of lies.” You have SO rattled his cage, so to speak, that he has resorted to plain old simple forgery and abuse. Then you’ve responded with Love and concern for the poor soul who satan has manipulated to attack you – it’;s pathetic really. As i often say to he enemy-of-our-souls “Is THAT really the best you can do?” (with as much contempt as i can muster.) If THIS is satan’s “master plan” to shut you up, then you have absolutely NOTHING to worry about!

I agree with my brother “Keep heaping on the burning coals” of Love, Compassion and concern, plus relentless resistance of the devil’s doomed strategies, then watch him FLEE!

— End of March 2021 post

As you can see, Ungurean is a conspiracy theorist. She hasn’t met a COVID-19, facemask, vaccine conspiracy she doesn’t like. Ungurean, a science denier, promotes all sorts of harmful ideas about COVID. Dangerous stuff. When Ungurean was just churning out bat-shit crazy Fundamentalist paranoia, I found her writing good examples of the beliefs that lurk on the far-right extreme of Evangelical Christianity. With COVID, however, Ungurean is promoting ideas and treatments that are materially harmful to others. As is often the case with people prone to believing conspiracy theories, Ungurean’s have become more extreme over time. The fact that she has a following of loyal followers is troubling.

As I mentioned above, I have left several comments on her blog using her name — five, to be exact. I told her that making your email address public is a bad idea, especially when your blog is not properly secure.

Just yesterday, Ungurean told a reader that I hacked her site:

I did not block you but I’ve been hacked. Trying to get things in order again.

At no time did I hack her site or do anything to affect the security or data on her site. All I did was leave five snarky, curmudgeonly comments.

Ungurean has turned my comments into a full-blown conspiracy theory. In a post titled (yes, this is the title) I Have Been Emotionally Tortured by This Man for YEARS. He has Written Lies About me on His Website: But Now He Has Secretly Come Onto Absolute Truth and “Ghosted” me Attempting to make People Believe That I am Saying Vile Things That I Have Never and Would NEVER Say! Ungurean stated:

When this man would slander me and say all manner of wicked things about me on his site – I figured that there was nothing I could do. I didn’t like it, but I dropped it.

But yesterday, as I was reading the comments to the articles, I was shocked. I saw my name and my picture followed by vile, racist and blasphemous words. My heart jumped inside of my chest. I kept looking and looking to find out how one of Satan’s minions had done this.

I finally figured out how he did it, and once again I blocked him from the site. Brethren, I don’t know how long that will work. This man, who HATES Jesus Christ, and in his biography says that he left his job as a pastor and then he left Christianity, has such a hatred for me.

But I must tell you that he angered me yesterday to a point where I was seeking legal help. I believe that him coming onto Absolute Truth and posing as me and making it seem that I was saying the vile and hateful words that he wrote; that he had crossed a line and perhaps it was time for me to get legal counsel.

Here is his hateful website.

Part of his biography from his site:

Bruce Gerencser

Bruce Gerencser, 64, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 43 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

During the years of repeated slander and emotional torture, I wrote an article asking for prayer for this man. He taunted me for that. He may be one who has been given over to his reprobate mind by our Lord. And if that is the case, then it’s time for prayer to our Lord for protection for me and for this WordPress.

Brethren, I need prayer from the readership. I need prayer to withstand these attacks from the enemy.

I am considering closing comments for at least a while, in case this man learns a new way from his master to get onto Absolute Truth and wreak havoc.

Thank you for coming to Absolute Truth. Please know that if you ever see comments that seem like they are from me, but are totally out of character – just know that this man has slithered back onto the site.

In a comment she has since deleted, Ungurean posted my IP address. This is akin to publishing someone’s email address. I plan to contact Spectrum tomorrow to have it changed.

EVERYTHING I have written about Ungurean is found in the links posted above. As you can see, I have not, in any way, “emotionally tortured her.” As far as the five comments I left on her site, three were left in March 2021 and two were left on Saturday. Ungurean believes I have slandered her. I have done no such thing. For the most part, I have posted excerpts from her articles with no commentary from me. On three occasions (counting this post) I shared my opinions about her writing. She can get her panties in a bunch over my opinions all she wants, but that’s the nature of the Internet. I have had followers of Jesus threaten to murder me and rape my daughter with Down Syndrome. I have received thousands of emails, social media messages, and comments from Evangelical Christians threatening me with all sorts of divine judgment — often with graphic details. Ugly stuff. Some have written blog posts about me, deconstructing my life in minute detail. Do I like it? Nope. But, thanks to ten years of therapy, I have learned to accept that such treatment is what I must endure to continue providing help to those who have doubts and questions about Christianity or who have recently lost their faith. I must embrace Evangelicalism’s sickness so that good may come from it. Ungurean must also live with the fact that some people (like me) are going to respond negatively to her writing. As long as Ungurean attacks liberals, Democrats, atheists, scientists, etc., she should not be surprised when they take her to task.

After talking with several people close to Ungurean, it is possible that she has internalized my five comments and blog posts to such a degree that they are causing her psychological harm. I certainly don’t want to harm her, so I will refrain from commenting on her site going forward. I will, however, continue to feature her writing in the Christians Say the Darnedest Things Series.

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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    dale m.

    You take the atheist stick and really stir up the hornets nest of evangelicals. These must be the fun days !! You were in the lions den of Christian fundamentalists and they just don’t know what to do with you since your escape. But it’s good to see them naked in their lies ! Most people would have just gone. But not you. You returned to poke a stick into that den of demons. Why do some people get to have all the fun ?!?

  3. Avatar

    I’ve been following #lawtwitter and I can tell you, what you said is protected as it is opinion. It’s funny how people think they can sue if they get their fee fees hurt!

  4. Avatar

    Man, her site design is a hot mess. Possible it’s not displaying well in my browser, but looks like a massive jumble of font sizes and styles. But seriously, she needs to get a grip. Comments that make you unhappy don’t count as “hacking,” lady.

    Also, can I just say it makes me a little sad to see the self-loathing that seems to draw so many people to Evangelical belief? All of us are “undeserving, sinful jerks” in the mind of people like Dale. No wonder they cling to a system that tells them if you say the right words and pray the right prayers you’ll be accepted and loved for eternity even though you’re still basically a piece of shit. What an awful thing to believe about yourself, or humanity in general.

    But to end on a positive note, WHO DEYYYYYYY! Bengals utterly destroyed the Steelers, hope you got to watch some of the game, Bruce! Not on in my area so I didn’t witness it real time.

  5. Avatar
    Brian Vanderlip

    Yeah, yeah, she is tortured all right but she does not realize who is doing the torturing and like all fundy wackos decides it’s people who tell her the truth instead of quote scripture at her. If these people had one tiny clue about their coat of many colors, they would stop by a place like this to read and learn what happened to them, to listen to others who have survived evangelical extremes. But not Geri. Her faculties have been blended in the fundy blender.

  6. Avatar

    Geri is broken in a way that all the Jesusing in the world won’t be able to fix. She’s stuck head-first in the rabbit hole of us-versus-them thinking with her mendacious, homophobic, Trump-loving, anti-vax butt in the air and she’s upset that people laugh at her.

    I hope Bruce’s latest post causes her to lose a lot of sleep.

  7. Avatar

    “Brethren, I need prayer from the readership. I need prayer to withstand these attacks from the enemy.”

    poor dear, thanks for showing that prayer is utterly worthless or that you aren’t doing it right. So which is it, Geri? Does the bible lie or does this god not consider you a proper christian since you can’t do what the bible promises?

  8. Avatar

    IMO, a plea for others’ prayers is an admission of moribund faith. Geri seems to lack confidence that her own prayers will induce her imaginary friend to intercede on her behalf.

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