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“Dr.” David Tee Continues to Obsess Over My Writing

dr david tee

“Dr.” David Tee, an elderly Evangelical preacher who lives in a basement somewhere in the Philippines, continues on an almost daily (hyperbole, David] basis to obsess over my writing and that of my friend Ben Berwick (Meerkat Musings). Also known around these parts as TEWSNBN (The Evangelical Which Shall Not Be Named), Tee sees himself as some sort of Evangelical pope, a man with a perfect understanding of the Bible. Tee is, to quote an old Bud-Light Commerical, a “Real Man of Genius.”

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Believing his peculiar interpretations of the Bible are inerrant and infallible, Tee pontificates on anything and everything that runs afoul of his narrow Fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible.

Over the past two months, Tee — who has an oversized picture of me swinging naked from a stripper pole on his bedroom ceiling — has written the following posts about me:

Tee will likely point out that he has recently written several favorable posts about me:

On October 24, 2021, a man named Johann James, left the following comment on Tee’s blog:

I know Bruce Gerencser. I attended his church in Texas in the 90s. He’s a con-artist with lots of secrets.

Thank you for exposing this false prophet.

Tee replied:

We verified that he preached n Texas before approving this comment. If you have more things to say and want to keep it private, use our contact e-mail address.

James replied:

I dare not say more lest he come after me. His rainbow suspenders tell you all you need to know.

Some day, this false prophet will stand before God and then the truth will be known.

James added later:

I will tell you this much,…. the name of Christ.

I am not going to publish that information. It would need a lot of verifiable evidence to do that- theologyarchaeology

The part deleted by Tee said that Bruce Gerencser had been excommunicated from the church because he had an affair with a man. I hope Tee realizes by now that Johann James is not a real person. 🙂 The reasons for my excommunication from Community Baptist Church in Elemendorf, Texas are clearly articulated in the six-part series I Am a Publican and a Heathen.

Over the past week, Tee has even gone after MJ Lisbeth, a Transgender guest writer for this site, and my wife, Polly.

Tee’s post about MJ is titled, I am a Transgender Woman. When I first saw the title, I thought maybe the real David Tee (TheologyArcheology) was coming out of the closet. Alas, any sort of honesty coming from Tee is not to be. While Tee does not mention MJ by name (or several other Transgender people who regularly comment on this blog), I have no doubt MJ is the target of his vile prose:

Not us but the title reflects the mentality of many people who think there was a mistake at birth. If you believe that a person can change their gender or that there are more than two, you would be in error.

This is a deception that many people have fallen for and have come under the spell of evil. Unhappy with their birth gender, evil has found a way to get people to follow and accept a lie.

Supporting such people and accepting their deception as normal is not right. It is as wrong as claiming to be a different gender than your birth gender. God made only two genders and you are one or the other.

Even science has found that out. Yet, science is often used to perpetuate the deception and its knowledge and abilities are used to alter the body of a man or a woman. That is the wrong use of science and scientific knowledge.

The wrong use of science also leads to a wrong use of political power as well. Hoping to get votes, politicians try to appease those who are deluded and create sinful laws to make sure those deceived people are accepted as normal.

Do not follow those scientists or politicians, etc., who side with the transgender community or support it. You would be siding with evil if you do.

The way to lead these people to the truth is by following God’s instruction. It will not be done through might, but by the power of God. We do not need to make laws to stop this trend.

We need the wisdom and understanding from God as well as his power to know how to proceed. Only God can release these people from the deception so rely on him to help you handle these situations when they arise.

If the transgender refuses to listen to you or let Christ change them, do not accept them. Just let them go on their merry way. Just do not let them into the church leadership or have a say in the church operation.

They have rejected the truth and have nothing to offer the church or the Christian.

In his post titled Do Not Listen to Unbelievers, Tee had this to say about Polly and her preacher husband (my short, pithy comments are in [ ]:

God cannot be more clear than that. it is said throughout the Bible that the unbeliever is lost, deceived, and blind. [Yet, we can see right through Tee’s bullshit.] Jesus also told us that the unbelieving world does not have the Spirit of Truth guiding them to the truth.

That means you cannot get to the truth through the unbelievers’ words. [Sure you can. Tee does it all the time. He came to the “truth” about Bruce and Polly” by reading the words of an unbeliever — me. 🙂 Damn, skippy. Sure stepped in that one.] Yet many people who were once Christian have done the opposite of God’s directive and the end result was, they lost their faith.

One prime example is BG and his wife. We have spent some time reading his website trying to understand how he went from a believer to an unbeliever [This is a lie. Tee reads my blog to provide fodder for his site.]. One of the clearest pieces of evidence that we found was his own admission that they read and listened to those who did not have the truth nor knew Jesus:

[quote from my post] “For most of 2008, I had been doing quite a bit of reading about the history of Christianity and the Bible.  From Bart Ehrman to Robert M. Price to Elaine Pagels, I read dozens of books that challenged and attacked my Christian beliefs.”

Except for Mr. Price, we have read those same authors, including similar ones that BG did not mention. Yet we asked God [instead of truth, reason, and skepticism.] to guide us through those words and we came to the exact opposite conclusion that BG did. [Tee allegedly read all of these authors, but never mentions them on his site. Why is that?]

We saw where those authors erred and ignored their conclusions, with God’s help. They are all unbelievers who do not accept the Bible nor accept Christ as their savior. They are classified as scholars and some people get confused when the word scholar is used. [Tee believes there is no truth outside of the Bible. Everything must be strained through the sieve of his peculiar interpreation of the Protestant Christian Bible.]

They think those educators, speakers, and authors have an inside track to the Christian faith. They do not. [We follow truth wherever it leads.] and they spend a lot of their time, like Mark Goodacre does, and ignore the truth.

[quote from my post] “I often read large passages of this or that book to her and we would compare what we had been taught with what these books said. While Polly was never one to read nonfiction, she did read several of Bart Ehrman’s books. Over time, both of us came to the conclusion that what we had been taught wasn’t true.”

Comparison is not wrong as it can help you sort out who is a false teacher and who is not. The question is who are you listening to? [Truth, reason, skepticism, common sense.] Bart Ehrman started out as an unbeliever like the rest of us, became saved when he was young, and then lost his faith over some off-hand remark made by the late Dr. Metzger  (that story of his changes in Dr. Ehrman’s many retellings). [Ehrman’s deconversion is more complex than Tee suggests. I have actually read almost all of his books.I wonder how many of Ehrman’s books Tee actually has on his three shelf Sauder bookshelf.]

The question for BG, his wife, and other unbelievers is why would you take a human’s word over God’s words? Especially when those authors do not believe in God and write against the Bible and its truth. [The Bible is human words, not God’s. Why would I treat the Bible as anything other than a human book. Asserting that the Bible is God’s Words doesn’t make it so.]

[quote from my post] “After we decided in 2005 we no longer wanted to be Pastor and Mrs. Bruce Gerencser, we spent a few years trying to find a church that took seriously the teaching of Jesus. Not finding such a church frustrated us and led us to conclude that the Christianity of Jesus no longer existed, and most churches were just different flavors of ice cream; same base ingredients with different added flavors.”

This is a controversial method to try. BG did not give us the criteria that he used to come to the conclusion that many churches did not practice or follow Jesus’ teaching.

It was very unfair of him to do this as he was standing in judgment of others, something that God said not to do. [Yet, Tee daily passes judgment on people he disagrees with. Judging others is fine. We all do it. To suggest otherwise is a denial of how humans think and behave.] it is also very subjective. Who says that every church practicing the true teachings of Jesus will do it in the same manner as BG and his wife demand? [Tee is straining at gnats and swallowing camels. He knows what criteria we used to judge these churches. Besides, doesn’t the Bible say that there is one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism? Sure seems like there’s an objective (and practical) standard by which to judge churches.]

Then, their response to this lack of discovery was for them to give up Jesus and salvation. [Yes, we followed truth wherever it led.] Where was their commitment to Jesus? [There was no Jesus to commit to. He’s dead.] There is a song that every believer has sung at least once in their lives and one of the verses goes like this: ‘if no one joins me, still I will follow…’

So, no one joined BG and his wife and their response is to give up and join those churches that did not practice the true teachings of Jesus.[This sentence makes no sense.] There was something wrong in their thought processes as they did not even give Jesus a chance and they fled the moment they found themselves alone. [Uh, we were Christians for almost fifty years. We gave Jesus more than a “fair” chance. In fact, even now, if Jesus showed up at our door we would listen. So far, the only people who show up are the David Tees of the world. Jesus definitely has a PR problem.]

Much like the disciples fled when Jesus was arrested by unbelievers. Also, BG and his wife were very unfair to those churches as they placed the responsibility of their decision on those churches, not themselves. [Are you not making a judgment, the very practice you decry above? Hypocrite.]

Those churches did not force or encourage BG and his wife to give up their faith. That decision is the complete responsibility of BG & his wife. [And I have never said otherwise.] There is one more important point to make here.[Did you make an important point to start with?]

BG and his wife still had the opportunity to follow Jesus, start their own church, and lead their new members in following the true teachings of Christ. Yet, they decided to give up their faith instead. That is not a smart move to make. [Sure it is. We are happy, and that, my friend, is the only thing that matters.]


The Bible tells us that the way to salvation is straight and narrow, and FEW FIND IT. Do not be one of the majority and flee to the broad way just because you want company.

Jesus should be enough for everyone [Bruce and Polly] even when other humans are not helping out. God and Jesus are real [no evidence provided], they alone have the truth and have given it to us through the Bible.

Do not listen to unbelievers[Bruce and Polly] for many [Bruce and Polly] have given up and rather live their lives out as best as they can. That is not a good life to live. For humans can abandon you [Bruce and Polly] in that situation as well.

Tee’s post is littered with lies, half-truths, and mischaracterizations. In other words, a typical response by TEWSNBM. I have no problem with people interacting with and critiquing my writing. In fact, I encourage such responses. I just wish Evangelical interlocutors would at least “try” to be honest and represent me accurately. Surely, that would be the Christian thing to do, right?

I am sure this post will provoke a response from TEWSNBM. And thus the circle of life shall continue. 🙂 As you can see, I have pretty much ignored Tee’s recent posts about me. And I will continue to so do. I will occasionally respond to him, sending a few readers to his site (99% of his few commenters are readers from this site). I will not, however, allow his screeds to distract me from my calling: to advance my stripper Santa image. 🙂

Previous Posts About “Dr.” David Tee:

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar

    Yeah, you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his suspenders.
    Seems like Tee has a Bruce obsession.
    Kinda weird, but that repressed sexuality they all have probably manifests in a lot of weird ways.

    I bet when you post about him he, uh, rubs himself.

    • Avatar
      MJ Lisbeth

      The funny thing is that this Tee character has about as much understanding of transgenderism (or gender and sexuality in general), let alone our motives, as most Trump supporters have of Critical Race Theory. That, of course, is why he feels such a need to rant about us. And, in doing so, he makes us into threats that we aren’t, just as folks are worried about a theory they don’t understand and isn’t taught in their kids’ schools.

      Yeah, we’re gathering at church doors just like the revolutionaries at the Bastille! We’re gonna take all of those graven images, I mean statues and give them the Roy G. Biv treatment.

      And then I’ll sell him my bridge. It has the best views the skyline in a major world metropolis.

      (Do Tee or any of his ilk realize that, according to their beliefs, their God created—gasp!—the rainbow? It didn’t become the LGBT flag until 1978.)

      Seriously—as Sage points out—not many of us are looking to join churches like Tee’s—or any religious institution at all. Sure, some of us believe in a higher being (I don’t) or identify as “spiritual,” but why would (let alone should) we join an organization that not only doesn’t want us, but denies our existence?

  2. Avatar

    Bruce, I’m thinking he has a crush on you to spend all this time thinking about you, writing about you, fixating on you! He could go on his merry way and point the people onto the “path” of goodness, but time and time again he has to focus on you. YUP, he probably thinks about you more than Polly does! (I’m sure you get my drift.)

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Tee produces very little original content. He primarily uses my writing and that of Ben Berwick for blog fodder. I’d love for Tee to write a first person series on his life: his upbringing, his education, his wife, his children, etc. He won’t do that, of course. He hides in an Asian basement, flinging poo 💩 at Ben, Bruce, and anyone else who runs afoul of his literalist interpretations of the Bible and view of the world.

  3. Avatar

    Ok, first of all, Bruce, you just had to mention stripper Santa. Just when I was getting over that and moving thanks Bruce. And I still want front row seating.

    Second, if your rainbow suspenders have that much power, then I will create a rainbow outfit that, with luck, will scare all Christian’s into never bothering Sage. Who needs infinity stones if rainbow clothing is so powerful?? Maybe I could become a new marvel superperson.

    Finally, I read Tee’s transphobic rant. Just for clarity, I doubt there are many trans people that would darken the door of a church that has any views like this guy. But I would while wearing my rainbow tutu since it’s power must be overwhelming. And I know a few of those good Christian men would be looking, and thinking not so Christian thoughts. They wouldn’t be the first god fearing, spirit filled, born again, faithful husband to flirt, or comment, or even offer a proposition, while their wife is not watching.

    I just wish people like him would take his advice and just move on and leave trans and non binary people to live their life, instead of first spewing hate before moving on. I would be happy to let Christian’s live their lives if they would be willing to leave me alone, and let me live my life publicly without the hate, vitriol, and laws designed to eradicate us.

  4. Avatar
    Brian Vanderlip

    “I’d love for Tee to write a first person series on his life: his upbringing, his education, his wife, his children, etc.”
    I have requested an autobiography on the site but can tell you in advance that Jesus will plug his heart with ‘teachings’ so the man is unable to share any jot of truthwith us. He is literally unable to approach that truth just as you were, Bruce and just as I was when inside the evangelical bubble. Your final comment about live-and-let-live just makes no sense to those bent on self-harm and hurting others.

  5. Avatar

    In my opinion, Dr. T’s worst attribute is that he is incredibly boring. At home I’m not allowed to watch televangelists for the nyuk nyuk nyuks, but invariably they would at least be good comedy. This guy is about as much fun as reading a dictionary. (I don’t even think Carolyn the legendary awesome editor could help him out.)

  6. Avatar

    Mr T really is obsessed with you, Bruce! Bless his little heart. I really wish he would leave Polly and MJ out of his rants – completely unnecessary to attack them.

  7. Avatar

    The more I hear about DDT, the more I pity him. What a sad sack of narcissistic shit he is. If he didn’t have Bruce’s blog to rail against, he’d have no life at all.

  8. Avatar
    Yulya Sevelova

    I’d like to reassure Old Tee Hee that ” BG”writing about his experience in the IFB churches, and events in Bruce’s own life had not caused Christians to go atheist. Someone inclined to go that route will do so on their own. I enjoy reading the blog,period. People who are Christian when reading these posts will still remain so. American Christianity is an unpleasant iteration of the Creed. And for those of us who are just sick of all that nonsense, it’s very comforting to check out the blog daily. Or tonight after bedtime,in my case,while having coffee at McDonald’s on a frosty night,lol.😁

  9. Avatar

    Another round of his self aggrandizing bs. Tewsnbn needs to take a chill pill and go sit on a beach, much more godly than anything he posts on the internet. Bruce enjoy the rent free space in his brain as there is precious little that is actually free in the world.😁

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