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Songs of Sacrilege: Hoo Ba Ba Kanda, A Mockery of Robert Tilton by Pogo

This is the fifty-ninth installment in the Songs of Sacrilege series. This is a series that I would like readers to help me with. If you know of a song that is irreverent towards religion, makes fun of religion, pokes fun at sincerely held religious beliefs, or challenges the firmly held religious beliefs of others, please send me an email.

Today’s Song of Sacrilege is Hoo Ba Ba Kanda, A Mockery of Robert Tilton by Pogo.

 Video Link

Here’s a bonus video, Robert Tilton, The Farting Preacher

Video Link

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  1. Avatar
    Eada Faddic

    These charlotans need to be put on blast. Fuck them all, stealing money from rubes in the name of God! They will all rot in hell.

  2. Avatar

    The thing is, Tilton is in there, mocking God with you. So mocking Tilton, in order to be mocking God, is sort of shooting at fish in a barrel, fish placed there, deliberately, by a smirking Robert Tilton, for just that purpose. Robert Tilton is one of you.

    I cannot seem to post this. Maybe you just intend to suppress the truth, and try to make people think that this snake represents faith in God. That would not be unusual.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      All first comments are moderated. Snap, girl, there goes your consipracy theory.

      As far as Tilton is concerned, he’s your crazxy uncle, not mine.

      You can apologize now for your false insinuations.

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